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Bubbles is very simple: it is a blue spherical creature with two large shiny eyes and a small mouth that always displays a smiling expression. In Kirby : Nightmare in Dream Land, Bubbles was slightly redesigned to have rosy cheeks and its body has been made a lighter blue.

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Bubble makes its only appearance in Kirby's Adventure and its remake. However, at times they appear to be trying to hit Kirby, and in these cases they can be hard to get rid of.

Copy Ability Kirby : Squeak Squad artwork Bubble was even considered for Kirby Battle Royale as a Copy Ability that could be voted into the game.

Bubble was originally conceptualized as a Copy Ability the character Sharon would give if Kirby inhaled him. The team eventually settled on the current design: a shower cap, specifically one used by Japanese children to prevent soap from running into their eyes.

This design was met with some resistance, as some team members pointed out that Kirby does not have hair (though other members would make the counterpoint that Kirby's eyes would still need protection against soap foam). In the E3 footage for the unreleased Kirby GUN, a Copy Ability (most likely Water) was shown.

It demonstrated only one attack: Kirby blows bubbles that spread around a fair distance, very similar to the Bubble ability's main attack. The Bubble ability debuted in Kirby : Squeak Squad one year after Kirby GCN’s trailer was shown; Bubble may have drawn inspiration from Water.

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Kirby of the Stars Copy Ability “Bubble” Introduction Video Jump to navigationJump to search Bubbles Details First game Kirby's Adventure The Latest game Kirby : Nightmare in Dream Land Copy Ability Ball This article is about an enemy from Kirby's Adventure.

In Nightmare in Dream Land, Bubbles also appear in the Bomb Rallysub-game. A Bubbles fill in for a Kirby opponent if it is hit by a bomb, which blasts it off-screen.

Bubbles is blue and has large eyes, rosy cheeks, and a perpetual smile. Their Kirby's Adventure sprite showed them as either pink or green, whereas their alternate Nightmare in Dream Land palette is purple.

Bubble is a Copy Ability that debuted in Kirby : Squeak Squad. When Kirby gains this ability, he obtains a blue hat similar to a shower cap, topped with many bubbles spewing out of it.

It allows Kirby to transform enemies into bubbles so that he can pick up their Copy Abilities and use them later. If the ability is used on a Gold Waddle Dee, the bubble will contain both a star and a chest, despite them not normally combining.

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Kirby stands on one foot, then launches a big bubble that flies in his front, curving up. Bubble Kirby makes a small cameo appearance in this game as one of the collectible Keychains that can be found throughout it.

Image Game Flavor text Kirby : Squeak Squad Mysterious bubbles can capture so much. They ultimately decided to base it of a shower cap, but they were worried if it was still used by people during the time the game released, so they went window shopping to see if they still existed.

Foam and bubbles obviously have no fixed shape and that caused all sorts of trouble for us. So we made Kirby wear a kind of ring-shaped shower cap .

Helper, Good Guy, Bounty Hunter and gem collector. Overall, Bubble's personality would be kind but very shy around people from different cities and planets.

Bubbles was born with a special power, The power to smell gems and other shiny things. One day at the age of 2 his parents dropped him off at daycare. He met emerald at daycare and they became friends. One day his parents could not pay the bills and if they didn't pay in 2 days they would have to move out. The day after that Bubbles was in the park with his parents and started sniffing something. He floated over to the smell and his parents chased after him. At a spot in the park he started picking at it. His parents dug into the spot and found a pile of treasure and gems. When they found out his power they had enough money to pay the bills and declared “Our son saved us” after that they celebrated and found out that bubbles tail can store objects. Then they said “Now we don't have to go to the bank to deposit! One day Again and Bubbles went to the park and found a teenager named Baruch.

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Bubbles said he can smell treasure too and can store it in his tail. Then Baruch said there was a hidden treasure chest in Beanstalk Valley. Bubbles doesn't know what to do. He sees that Baruch has a magic rod thingie. Doc has a U.F.O Story Spin has ninja stars and Again has a sword. Then Emerald and a new Bejewel comes out of nowhere and shoots rocks from their tails.

Bubbles then knows that he can shoot things and shoots gems out of his tail. Then everybody attacks and the sparklers are defeated. When they find the treasure chest It's locked. Spinni simply sticks one end of his ninja star in the keyhole and then turns. It works. When they find the treasure now one knows what it is. All Baruch knows about it is it's a part to a Spaceship. Then they let bubbles have the Strange-clear-ball with the gear in it. Emerald introduces the new boy in town Sapphire. Then bubbled goes home and starts a gem collection. He hopes one day he can give that Hairball thingie to someone who needs it. The next day Bubbles, Emerald and Sapphire formed a treasure finding squad called team gemstones. Bubbles saw that he was stealing gems from the jewelry store, and then he got team gemstones to help him. The reward was 10,000 Fizzes (Money on soda island). Then they saw Dark Doomed going into Diamond Tower where the Starlight crystal was (The crystal that makes Ruby City shiny and On top of things). Then team gemstones got out their nets and sneaked up on Dark Doomed. But just when they were about to strike a red genteel struck and bought him. Dark Doomed simply Sliced the net with his sword and then shot sword beams and the battle began. Then the red Gem jew and Team gemstones knew that they had to team up to defeat Dark Doomer, so they did. First Sapphire shot out sleep potion out of his tail but Dark doomed reflected it with his sailed sending Sapphire to sleep. Then Emerald did a powerful kick but Dark Doomed counter-attacked with a punch.

Bubbles then shot rocks out of his tail but then Dark Doomed pinned him on the wall and was about to stab him with his deathly blade when..... The red genteel and Again appeared out of nowhere. And blasted the robber with a bubble capture trap. Then they carried Dark Doomed (now in the bubble)To the police station. When they got the reward again int educed them to the red Gem jewel. Bubbles, Emerald, Sappire and Ruby bite each others tails very softly. Then Again grabs the tail at the end and uses the whole team as whip. It does do tons of damage but has a painful recoil on team gemstones. It is best used when a boss Has 35% health left.

Though, Bubbles is the leader of team gemstones, Yagapon seems to be it due to he picks most events and sometimes acts like the leader. However, Nobody ever notices it. Bubbles was supposed to be a puffball but 10 Brave Kirby's decided to make a new species.

With the touch of the stylus, the player can pop the bubble to get a Copy Ability, or spit them out. Sword mixed with Fire or Spark or Ice).

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The same thing is true with Bomb (without Fire, though). Also, one of the methods of getting the Ghost ability is by mixing two Sleep bubbles, but only if Kirby obtains all the Ghost Medal pieces.

If enemies without Copy Abilities are turned into bubbles, they will instead turn into Star Bubbles, which, with the touch of the stylus, Kirby can use as ammunition. When mixing bubbles by shaking the stylus, they change color, which signifies which abilities are obtained.

Simply tapping it will pop the bubble, causing Kirby to use the item. If the player swirls the bubbles around while they are being mixed, they can get items or Copy Abilities often more powerful than what they would normally get.

Bubble items can usually be found throughout the levels of Kirby : Squeak Squad according to when they are needed. The player can also occasionally find bubble items inside barrels.

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