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They also are the smallest compost worm on the market, but don't let that surprise you on how much they can eat per day. The Wiggler is definitely the most common composting worm choice due to its tolerance to wide range of temperatures and PH.

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The Wiggler grows to 1 1/2 to 4 inches making it a superb food choice for fish, chickens, pet turtles and lizards. Red Wigglers are very active on the hook, and last longer underwater than other fishing baits.

After the worms separate, the flagellum secrete albumin which forms a cocoon. These cocoons are round and change color during the development cycle, first white, then yellow and lastly brown.

Make sure not to over feed worms, by alternating locations of food within the bins. The use of eggshells sprinkled on top of bedding helps control PH level.

Manure from horses, cows and rabbits are good as long as they have been composted a little, so they don't heat up worm bin. Some notable exceptions: Citrus Fruits, meat dairy, human and pet feces, oils and oily food.

Sort byFeaturedPrice, low to high Price, high to alphabetically, Alphabetically, Oldest to NewestNewest to Oldest Best Selling Using worms for composting can be an easy way to deal with unused food waste, kitchen scraps, and many other products that would typically be thrown away.

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Vermicomposting has been a long used method for dealing with many forms of waste products, and creating what organic gardeners call black gold. Worm castings which some people refer to as “black gold” is a byproduct of vermicomposting.

The benefits for worm casting sin the garden are too numerous to list, but increased soil health, plant vigor, and much needed nutrients, are just the start of what worm castings can do for your organic garden. Buying worm castings and having them shipped can be a costly endeavor for some, but making them at home is a cheap alternative that can be done by almost anyone.

There are some basic design elements of worm farm that née to be followed, but there are no set rules and experimenting is always a good thing. Putting a layer of bedding in the bottom of your worm bin before you add your compostable material is always a good idea.

Bedding material can be scrap paper, newspaper, coco coir, or many other alternatives. With a multi-tote setup you can have one tote collecting the castings while below it, you can extract worm tea, and fill containers with a built-in tap.

If you aren't up to making a worm farm, there are many ready-made options n the market. They can be made from injection molded plastic, wood, and many other types of materials.

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Their function is very similar to the home plastic tote style worm farm that was described before. Red wigglers are prolific eaters, and multiply at a fast rate.

They work well in composting bins, and worm farms, but perform best in larger amounts of soil. They can run deeper in your soil, so they are a good option for using worms in a commercial indoor marijuana grow.

In a 30 gallon container a couple of hundred worms is a great place to start. If you start with say 100 worms, which will work, it may take you 3 to 6 months for that container to have adequate numbers for maximum benefits.

You’re obviously environmentally aware, economically savvy and eccentrically right on target. Okay, so you're not the average Work-A-Day, Head in the Clouds, Normal Sort of Person.

You've seen some kind of Earthly, Organic, Natural Potential in Red Worms ... Check this list of these Natures Wonder Workers' Uses and Benefits, and you'll see just how insightful you truly are.

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Please feel free to buy direct from us for your organic fertilizing needs, or visit our site to purchase your own personal worm farm for home. If you've got a hungry turtle or amphibian, Red Wigglers are a wonderful live food choice.

Also, many bird owners are discovering the benefits of feeding Red Wigglers. Another plus is that Red Wigglers are not as sensitive to temperature and sunlight as common nightcrawlers.

Customers are notified via email if orders are delayed due to extreme temperature and/or weather conditions. Orders must be received 1-2 business days in advance of shipping dates.

For example, orders shipped on Monday must be received by no later than 12:00 (noon) CST on Saturday. Our Red Wigglers are tested for nutritional value to assist the customer in providing a diverse and healthy diet.

Red Wigglers make a great staple food or treat for turtles and amphibians, too! Wiggler (Eugenia fetid) also called red worm and Karina warm is a compost worm that is great at turning your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich organic fertilizer.

Wiggler (Eugenia fetid) also called red worm and Karina warm is a compost worm that is great at turning your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich organic fertilizer. The worms thrive in soil that is rich in organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms.

Each comment began with a positive statement and ended with a well, thought out question! What a great way to make someone feel heard and an even better way to get a quick reply.

Some were thought-provoking, “Why did you start composting with worms ?” “How did you feel the first time you watched the Earth video?” During the Halloween season, thump coffee had a fun project for those who wanted to participate in the “Day of the Dead” art walk.

After about two or three batches of rinses, I called it quits and left the cups to soak for a few days. After the soaking, I introduced the red wigglers along with established compost into the bucket with the cups.

Worm composting recycles food scraps into a valuable fertilizer, known as vermicompost. The process reduces the amount of food waste sent to landfills and provides multiple benefits for your garden.

Worm composting connects the following concepts: sustainability, waste reduction, environmental stewardship, ecosystems, life cycles, habitats, food chains, decomposers, and responsibility. Monitor the bin regularly, providing food, water, and bedding as needed.

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