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• Friday, 22 October, 2021
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The full sized Murphy bed in the living room is replaced with a queen sized-sofa bed The kitchen is simplified, losing two of the old four burners, and seeing the old separate oven and microwave converted into a single combined object that based on my tests largely works fine as an oven but can’t broil and won’t deliver oven heat greater than 450 degrees, and The old full bed in the back bedroom is changed to a queen. Since the return, the picnic table has been converted to an unsightly metal, and the hot water situation has been much improved.

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The first thing to note on approaching The Cabins at Disney’s FortWilderness Resort is that you can park right outside… The cabin includes an outdoor deck, quite large, with a picnic table that seats six.

When you enter your Cabin, the kitchen –which I’ll come back to later on this page–is dead ahead, and it shares space with the combined living and dining area at the right. I measured the cushion as 5 inches deep, and slept on this sofa bed just fine.

But compared to the old layout, it does come at the cost of a younger child sleeping on the couch, and as Julie notes here, these mattresses have compressed over the years. Note that in front of the couch there’s a padded object that can serve as either a footstool or a seat.

The conversion of the lower part of the old Murphy bed slot into six drawers of storage totally fixes that. The main door of the Cabins at FortWilderness opens directly into the kitchen.

Besides the exciting cleaning supplies we’ve already seen, there’s more, plus some hot pads, in a drawer. You can stock your fridge from one of the two stores at FortWilderness (this photo shows all the brands of my childhood), by calling in an order, and having the campsite staff deliver it; or, least expensively, by driving to one of the many grocery stores within 20-30 minutes or so of the Cabins.

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Counter space here is thin–you really need to use the dining table to prepare any substantive recipe. But overall it is a largely adequate kitchen, if you plan your meals to use at most two burners, and expect to be able to use a microwave, or an oven, but not both at the same time.

How to Order Groceries It’s easy to pre-order a full “larder” of delicious staples and goodies. Once you’ve made your selections, please send us your grocery order, along with your cabin reservation details.

Show Less Explore Disney’s FortWilderness Resort and Campground with ease when you rent an electric golf cart. Explore Disney’s FortWilderness Resort and Campground with ease when you rent an electric golf cart.

With a windshield, headlights and seating for 4 people, your golf cart is a great way to get around, day or night. Show Fewer Barrels of water-filled fun, Meadow Swimming’ Pool features a corkscrew waterslide and whirlpool spa.

Barrels of water-filled fun, Meadow Swimming’ Pool features a corkscrew waterslide and whirlpool spa. Young cowpokes can even cool off in the fort -themed water play area with tot-friendly slides.

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Use of any flag, banner, sign or other material for commercial purposes, or as part of a demonstration, is prohibited. As the interiors are consistent (basically a very well-equipped mobile home with a nifty log facade), the differences really come down to location.

It is closer than any other cabin to the Wilderness Pool, which also houses a laundry area. Right behind this cabin, as seen in the photo, is the Wilderness Pool area. When my children were smaller, I would have probably begged or bartered for this site.

Now, for those who don’t care about swimming or would prefer a lot of privacy, then this one’s not for you. What I love about this one is that it is quite unique in how it sits on a corner when one first enters this loop.

It’s actually turned at a different angle, which gives it a front and center view. Another unusual feature is the amount of foliage and landscaping in front of this one.

With its high visibility and abundance of greenery, it should be a top choice for those who enjoy Halloween or holiday decorating. I can completely imagine enjoying a love potion libation relaxing out here.

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Most cabins don’t have this kind of tropical getaway feel on their porches. So these days, you’re not really supposed to fish in the creeks except in designated areas.

With the waterway, naturally comes an abundance of deer, waterfowl, and other enchanted critters. I like the sunny, large area in the back while the cabin itself is well shaded.

But this cabin is the closest of all to the Meadows Trading Post and Pool and the main four-way stop is right in its backyard. That gold star marks the prime location of this cabin.

CABIN 2222: best backyard This one is Captain Bacon’s favorite because the large expanse of green grass reminds him of Augusta National. Not only could you host an entire soccer tournament in your backyard, but you can also clearly see all the comings and goings at the main entrance/exit of FortWilderness.

These are far away from all the other cabins, but a 30-second walk from the marina, Trail’s End, and the Settlement Trading Post. However, after making your reservation online (or through your travel agent), you can call and ask them to put a note about your specific requests (loops or actual cabin numbers).

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FortWilderness EntranceThese days many of us are not very comfortable with the idea of staying in a traditional hotel room with interior hallways and recirculated air. Staying the night at FortWilderness and spending time in the parks when they were empty during the initial reopening is a precious memory of this year.

There’s a separate bedroom, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen (albeit a little small), living area, and large porch. FortWilderness offers a truly splendid location that makes for a peaceful, tranquil setting, but is still in the middle of the magic.

The land on which FortWilderness stands is full of native Florida flowers, trees, and plants. FortWilderness Walkways guests want to feel the magic of Disney, but might not yet be comfortable heading into one of the theme parks.

The resort sits on the shore of Bay Lake and there is a marina, though motorized boat rental is temporarily suspended. Thankfully, the Electrical Water Pageant is back giving guests another fun thing to do at FortWilderness.

Currently, the playgrounds remain closed and the campfire sing along with Chip and Dale is temporarily not offered. FortWilderness Resort & Campground is Disney’s version of the original American Frontier.

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They have areas for tent setups, hookups for RVs, and they have cabins for the “glaciers” out there. It gives access to the parks, but it is also set up for outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoe rentals, fishing, and even has a ranch.

I’m a girl who loves comfy spaces, air conditioning, showers, and makeup vanities. My friend that I stayed with in the Fort Wildness Cabins is also not a camper.

There are a lot of pros and cons to the cabins that I think you would have to weigh and think about what is right for you and your family on your trip. When we checked in, we were greeted kindly by a Disney cast member and given a map of the campgrounds.

It has its own little settlement of restaurants, and the major thing that sets it apart is that it has its very own transportation system. The fried chicken tasted delicious, but I wasn’t a fan of the sides.

That particular restaurant had a buffet at night, but we went in the day when it was a carryout option only. We ended up having our food at the picnic tables in the front, which was just fine.

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You can buy tickets to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review that is held in this building. The only Disney marks I could find was a picture of Bambi on the wall and our Tinkerbell door hanger.

You can even have groceries delivered to the cabin and have it fully stocked when you arrive. The bus driver was very irritated with the lot of us because we couldn’t figure out where to go.

That night of peaceful sleep made the cabins so worth it to me. I was able to curl up in the chair and knit while my friend did a little work spread out on the couch.

The table could be a great set up for a board game for kids as well. When we ventured out to Magic Kingdom (MK), the only choice to get there directly was by boat.

It was actually a great little ride, and you get beautiful views of the lake, FortWilderness Lodge, and the Grand Floridian. We also got to see a bit of the electrical water pageant on the way back, which was fun.

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There are a lot of things we didn’t experience at the cabins that may have swayed my thoughts. You can also rent a golf cart to get around the resort without using the internal bus system, but we weren’t there long enough to feel that was necessary or cost-effective.

All in all, these are the pros and cons I found of staying at FortWilderness Campground: With the sound of the rain hitting the roof and a comfortable bed, I managed to get the best sleep of my life.

The cabin itself is spacious, and you won’t feel like you are right on top of one another. There is plenty of room for the kids to play games and for the adults to kick back.

If you were to have a character breakfast (or any meal) at another resort, it would be almost impossible to do it in a timely manner. However, you could use the Minnie van service for a bit of extra cost.

It might be worth it if you want to stay in the cabins and have a character breakfast at another resort. Again, it’s hard to call things con or pro when it may be exactly what someone else would want.

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However, if you aren’t the biggest Disney fan or don’t want it in your face all the time, I could see it being a pro for you. When we got to the cabins late from the parks, it was super dark and nothing is very lit up.

I understand you wouldn’t want a lot of lights, so you could keep the woodsy camping feel, however, it was really hard to find our way. We ended up using our cell phone flashlights, so I would recommend ensuring you have a good light/flashlight with you.

The sign welcoming us back to FortWilderness after we got off the boat late at night at the settlement from Magic Kingdom. I think Disney FortWilderness Resort is a great option for some families.

I think this resort depends on the type of family you are, what you desire in your Disney vacation and personal thoughts/feelings about the outdoors! This resort and how you enjoy it is solely dependent on your personality and style.

What my reservations are with this, however, is that we live in a rural area, and he has the ability to experience archery and campfires in our very own backyard. I’m not sure I want to pay a Disney price to do things we have access to.

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