Camille Zombro

Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
• 1 min read

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The result comes just two weeks after Zombro’s key ally, Craig Needham, was placed on administrative leave. The removal of the two divisive, high-ranking officials comes at a crucial time for negotiations with the San Diego Unified School District.

Her challenger, elementary school teacher Lindsay Burning ham, received 381 votes to Zombro’s 279. Though those numbers are preliminary and represent a worst-case scenario, Superintendent Bill Korea has warned that at least 1,000 teachers will likely lose their jobs unless the district can make a deal with its labor unions.

During her tenure, the IDEA severed relations with a group representing retired teachers, dropped out of committees it once served on with other unions, canceled regular meetings with district leaders and barred its staff from meeting regularly and informally with district staff. Former IDEA officials decried that isolationist approach recently and chided Zombie and Needham for their divisive and often brusque or unprofessional attitude.

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