Can A Mole Kill A Cat

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• Saturday, 23 January, 2021
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I thought about putting this in GQ, but I’ve been around here long enough to know how even seemingly innocent cat questions can devolve into a spectacular train wreck so here it goes. The cat would primarily be an indoor cat and I would spoil it rotten, but it must be able to kill or at least put the fear of the mole god into them so that they can move on, maybe into the neighbors' yard (it would be payment for their two happy dogs).

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The reason I haven’t had a cat in the past five years is that I live alone, and I’m kind of picky about my house also. So, I know cats are great hunters, and I’ve seen it myself growing up and remembering all the remnants of mice and other critters deposited on the doorstep, but I don’t remember mole remains specifically (there could have been though).

I have a large yard and the backyard is mostly wooded with squirrels and rabbits…it wouldn’t break my heart if the cat would get a few bunnies to, they like to munch on my hosts dammit. After rereading this post I sort of come across as a whiny bitch but gardening and landscaping is about the only hobby I really enjoy.

Any advice or funny stories with your cats venturing into the wild is welcome as are any other solutions to the great mole problem of 2009. Since moles live primarily underground, I would be surprised if a cat would be at all effective in reducing their numbers.

A cat has to be a pretty devoted hunter to go after moles, IME. You might consider adopting an adult cat who is a known hunter, rather than risking a kitten who may or may not develop an interest in hunting.

She leaves them on my doorstep for me to step on at night in the dark (EW!). I’ve been trying to keep her inside because she has killed birds, and I really hate that, but she is good at getting out when my kids are running in and out.

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Jack Russell Terriers and dachshunds are known to be very good mole hunters. Anastasia If moles can laugh then they are having a great time joking about those mechanical traps.

Actually I would prefer an adult cat with outdoor experience versus a kitten anyway. Tygre May 7, 2009, 2:18am #8My mom owned 4 different cats, all indoor/outdoor, all hunters, and only one caught moles.

(NH has both the largest shrews and smallest moles, so they’re sort of hard to tell apart, especially if they’ve been maimed) We used to find a lot more dead soricomorphas than birds. My indoor cat, who is allowed out in the yard on a leash under supervision, didn’t kill, but stunned, a mole a few weeks ago.

That was the high point of his boring life, and he’s been haunting that very spot ever since waiting for lightning to strike twice. Living at home with my mom, her outdoor cats were much better hunters and left plenty of moles on the front step.

I had a big fat lazy Maine Coon as a kid that, contrary to his otherwise sedate (read: comatose) habits, loved to kill moles. Don’t make the mistake of letting the cat go hungry, so he’ll be more eager to hunt; a distressed or needy kitty is more likely to harass you for food and attention than be an effective rodent rooter.

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Domesticated cats love to bring kills to their owners, but are usually met with a “yuck” for their trouble. My former neighbor borrowed our feline Great and Mighty Hunter for about a week to deal with a problem with rodents.

Really, the problem is that not every domestic cat is a hunter, and of the ones who are, my own experience is that they have preferences for certain kinds of prey. I once had a cat who was the most amazing snake killer ever but had no interest in moles or voles or mice.

(Toying consisted of putting his paw on the chipmunk, picking it up by the scruff of the neck, carrying it to the street or other location bare of vegetation, and letting it go, chasing it down again and lather, rinse, repeat). His companion was death on four paws to the local bird population, so much so that we ended up belling him.

They might be since they’re definitely rat and rabbit killers, but using a ferret for hunting sounds like a lot of work. From descriptions, I’ve read about it, they’ll hunt gamely enough, but then as often as not they’ll immediately curl up in the now dead prey’s burrow, and you have to wait around for hours to get them back.

We had a cat and the only thing she could catch was a baby bird, that is when the Robins and Blue Jays weren’t dive-bombing her. Moles are carnivorous creatures that feast on insects, but their hill- and tunnel-digging can quickly destroy your yard or vegetable garden.

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As moles dig tunnels, they scrape the soil away from the roots of plants, causing them to die. Voles, a close relative, often travel through mole tunnels to devour bulbs and plant roots.

Once a mole finds a yard that's well-stocked with grubs, worms and other insects, it's unlikely to leave until the food is gone. Look for the tunnels, which look like long, raised ridges across the lawn that resemble the veins on the back of your hand.

Sprinkle hot pepper flakes into the holes, if desired, to add another element of repellent power to the cat litter. If you've thoroughly covered your entire yard with cat litter, the moles will smell the urine and associate the odor with a hungry predator.

A couple of weeks ago I came home to find that one of the cats had brought in a mole, and it was running all over my living room, with that blind and funny walk they have. It was undamaged, though the cats were all playing with it, and I managed to catch it and release it outside.

She has never slept outside overnight but today I saw i her run by the door and I went outside to see if she wanted to come in. In her mouth was a vole (mouse like rodent) and then she put it in between her paws and I went inside to tell my family that my cat killed something.

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When she went back out, all that was left in front of my cat was some intestines. She (my cat) is always going into the woods and bringing back moles, baby mice, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc.

No, your cat will not get sick from it as long, and she gets her rabies shots and other vaccinations. Cats have natural enzymes that kill bacteria in their mouths, (think about when she licks her butt and then your hand, and you don't get sick, lol).

I just want to point out that IF you are going to answer a question, at least READ it correctly first. There is some evidence to support that the intestines and liver hold toxins that can be harmful to your cat when eaten.

HOWEVER, as Voles are a tremendously destructive force in the garden, please remember that people set out poisons for them, not considering that this sick animal may actually wander onto someone else's property. Worms and some diseases are easily avoidable by stopping this part of the hunt/ kill process.

Skin tags can be flesh colored or black and appear most frequently in areas of friction, according to the University of Utah Health. However, tags that appear around the eye can cause a reduction in the visual field.

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Unless a skin tag is bothering your cat, there's no cause for an immediate veterinary visit. Simply make note of the tag on your cat's home medical record, so you remember to mention it at your next vet visit.

Although medical sites such as the University of Utah Health advises that people can snip off their own skin tags with a sharp cuticle scissors or tie a thread tightly around it to make it fall off, it's not a good idea with cats. Even if you're successful, you could end up creating a bigger problem for your cat with the potential for infection or excess bleeding according to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority.

Moles generally are described as brown or black spots on the skin according to WebMD. Your veterinarian will perform diagnostic tests on your cat's suspicious growths to determine whether they are benign or malignant.

Removing a tag or mole is usually not worth the risk of surgery and anesthesia for your cat according to Mercia Healthy Pets. If the mole or skin tag is malignant, your veterinarian will help you choose an effective form of treatment.

The type of growth, location, and size will play a role in how your veterinarian decides to deal with it. In cases where the cancer may have spread or cannot be completely removed, chemotherapy or radiation treatments may be used according to Merck Veterinary Manual.

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