Can A Vet X Ray A Human

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Logic tells me the muscles will take time to strengthen back up since they haven't been used for a month. But just to be sure I took her back to the vet, and he suggested that I get her x-rayed just in case.

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The only vet in the area that does charge an arm and a leg to do a ray. So I am wondering....is the ray machine used at the clinic the same as the one at the vet.

I can get my cat x-rayed at the human clinic”...it was “I walked in and asked a doctor who i didn't know if he could do me a far...and he said sure”. You answered my question in a very clear and concise manner.

How much does that cost?” Vet : “It could be $75 to $125 generally, but it’s well worth it.” (Don’t quote me on the price. These dedicated veterinarians are also specialists in advanced imaging such as ultrasound, CT scans and MRIs.

There are subspecialties as well, just as in human medicine, where a veterinary radiologist might specialize in, for example, radiation oncology. All general practice veterinarians get training in reading X -rays in veterinary school.

The interpretation of X -rays and the subtleties in a radiograph require a highly trained eye and years of experience. Some radiographs and some cases are more challenging than others, so a consult can be incredibly helpful.

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The radiologist reads and interprets the films, writes an opinion and sends the report back to your referring doctor. That’s when we might ask for a radiology consult if the case is very complicated, the X -rays are puzzling or confusing, or we just need some guidance on what to do next.

Radiology consults are easy to do, and a radiologist’s interpretation is quick and very helpful. Vets are generally extremely cautious when it comes to taking X -rays with patients and humans in the room.

Lastly, most veterinary radiologists will look at additional films at no charge if they have questions about our X -rays, the positioning, the technique or the views. Honestly, in an ideal veterinary world, every film would be read by a radiologist.

If your vet is asking you to get a radiology consult, it’s important, necessary and well worth the money. This pet health content was written by a veterinarian, Dr. Debora Schoenberg, VM.

It was last reviewed Sept. 12, 2018. If you have questions or concerns, call your vet, who is best equipped to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) writes that “the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.” Research has shown this to be true especially with disabled persons, war veterans, and those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. They have related duties, such as performing routine tests, collecting blood samples, and giving vaccinations.

This has opened the door to new specializations in the industry, such as advanced diagnostic services, internal medicine, dentistry, cardiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and radiology. Despite these advancements, the specializations are still new, meaning that there is not yet precise data on job growth for radiology vet techs.

However, according to salary database PayScale, vet technicians with radiology skills earn on average $32,000 a year (about $14.30 an hour). As previously mentioned, vet techs have similar duties to nurses; they just perform medical tests on animals instead of humans.

These include high manual dexterity, an excellent ability to communicate, and a tendency to be a compassionate individual. As well, veterinary radiology techs will want to keep in mind that part of their job will be working with equipment that gives off radiation that can be dangerous to both animals and themselves.

The IDEA Learning Center provides additional information about radiation safety steps for vet technicians. Those who know they want to pursue a career in pet care are encouraged to take biology and other science classes in high school.

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If not, they will need to take prerequisite courses ahead of their postsecondary program as all vet tech schools require that students have a foundational understanding of biology and natural science. It may also be wise at this stage to volunteer or work in a veterinary clinic to learn more about the day-to-day operations in this setting.

The vet tech program available through Columbus State Community College in Ohio, for example, offers radiology coursework as part of its instruction. Leigh Carbon Community College in Pennsylvania also offers students in its vet tech program coursework in diagnostic radiology.

All graduates of vet tech programs, including those of veterinary radiology technician schools, need to follow a series of steps to obtain credentials or licensing. Most applicants need to have graduated from a vet tech program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Get work experience to prepare for veterinary technician specialist credential (at least five years, 10,000 hours). Once trained and certified, aspiring vet radiology techs can find opportunities at the American College of Veterinary Radiology website and look through its list of certified veterinarians to find which provide diagnostic services for animals in an area.

Additionally, the American Veterinary Medical Association hosts a job board featuring employment opportunities for vet techs as well as veterinarians and other trained specialists working in the field. Get specialized certification through the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Diagnostic Imaging (timeline varies).

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Have graduated from an AVMA-accredited program Passed the VINE exam Have five to seven years of work experience (at least 10,000 hours) with a minimum 75 percent of that in diagnostic imaging Have two letters of recommendation Complete the vet diagnostic imaging skills form Submit one year of case record logs (including at least 45 cases and six detailed case reports) Show proof of at least 40 hours of continuing education Offer five exam questions for future use It provides networking opportunities, information on continuing education, and news on upcoming conferences and events.

Members can benefit from networking opportunities, case-based learning materials, a subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, reduced registration fees to the annual CVR conference, and other perks.

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