Can An X Ray Show Intestines

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They’ll make it fizz, like those tablets you dissolve in water when you have heartburn. Barium small-bowel follow through: Doctors usually do this test after an upper GI series to show details of your small intestine.

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This means a radiologist or technologist will slide a small tube inside your bottom to get the liquid into your colon. Doctors do this test in one of two ways: Single contrast image: Your entire large intestine is filled with the barium liquid.

This helps the doctor see large masses or major problems with the intestine. Double contrast image: You’ll get a smaller amount of barium in the enema, followed by air.

This creates a thin film of barium on your intestinal wall and makes it easier for the doctor to spot problem areas. You’ll take the baking soda crystals, if you’re having that test, then drink the barium.

Although the barium solution doesn’t taste good, there’s no pain and little discomfort during the procedure. If you’re on an adjustable table, it usually starts in a vertical position, with you standing.

Some places may have an adjustable table, but they’ll probably start with it in the horizontal position. During the test, the radiologist may put pressure on your abdomen to get a clearer image.

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The test may cause some discomfort, including cramps and a strong urge to have a bowel movement. After the first set of X -rays, someone will help you to the bathroom (or give you a bedpan) so you can move your bowels to get rid of as much of the barium as possible.

Then you’ll go back to the exam room for more X -rays of the barium solution that remains on your intestinal wall. Continued You should be able to go back to your usual activities and normal diet immediately after your GI tests.

Unless your doctor tells you to restrict fluids for another medical condition, drink plenty of water or juice -- eight to 10 glasses each day for 3 days -- to get the barium out of your colon. It’s normal to have a white or light stool for up to 3 days after the test The barium enema you get during a lower GI test could leave you feeling weak or dizzy.

Talk to your doctor about other tests that can be more safely performed to diagnose your problem during pregnancy. It’s normal for your poop to be white or light colored for up to 3 days after the test.

It can sometimes detect kidney stones, an obstruction (blockage), a perforation (hole) in the intestines, or an abdominal mass such as a tumor. Abdominal X -rays also can help confirm that medical tubes have been placed in the right locations in organs such as the stomach or intestines.

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Portable X -rays are sometimes used in emergency departments, intensive care units (ICUs), and operating rooms. The technician will position your child, then step behind a wall or into an adjoining room to operate the machine.

There will be both thick and thin mixtures of the barium solution you'll be asked to drink (usually totaling 12 to 14 ounces). As the barium passes through the digestive tract, it provides an outline of the swallowing process as well as the esophagus, stomach and part of the small intestine.

The fluoroscope is held over the part of the body being examined and transmits continuous images to the video monitor. This test is used to diagnose hiatal hernias, ulcers, tumors, diverticulitis, esophageal varices, obstruction, narrowing, or enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine lining).

It may also be used to determine the causes of swallowing problems, reflux, abdominal pain, diarrhea, unexplained vomiting or weight loss or bleeding. The lower GI test is used to examine the large intestine and the rectum.

For this test, barium is introduced gradually into the colon through a tube inserted into the rectum. The fluoroscope is held over the part of the body being examined and transmits continuous images to the video monitor.

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This test is used to detect polyps, tumors, diverticulitis, gastroenteritis, irritable colon, ulcerative colitis or other causes of abdominal pain, or blood, mucus or pus in the stool. Your doctor may perform this procedure to help detect a particular condition such as kidney stones or gallstones.

An abdominal film can also help your doctor locate the precise position of an object you’ve swallowed. Alternatively, your doctor might use this test to make sure that a tube or catheter is in the correct location.

Unless your doctor informs you otherwise, you won’t need to fast, change your diet, or do anything major to prepare for an abdominal film. Abdominal films involve low levels of radiation and are typically not recommended for pregnant women.

The film also allows your doctor to identify whether certain organs are enlarged or out of their proper position. Your doctor will discuss the implications of any issues detected in the abdominal film.

Depending on the reason for the abdominal film, you may feel pain or discomfort from lying on your back or side for the procedure.

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