Can An X Ray Show Ligament Damage

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• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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See answer:Regular x -rays may show indirect evidence suggestive of a possible tendon or ligament injury (e.g. Fluid) but do not directly show ligaments or tendons and are best for evaluating the bones and for fractures.

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However, a fracture is the most dangerous thing in an injury as ligament damage can be repaired and then rehabilitated accordingly. I would ask to have an MRI if doctor even suspects any ligament damage inside the knee.

Source(s): I see tons of knee problems every day and have seen multiple x -rays and MRIs as a sports medicine major in college. No, you'd need to have an MRI or CT scan to show specific ligament damage.

The ray did not show ligament damage, but the physio therapist said I had it due to lack of movement MMM... I am a black belt in karate and have been breaking boards and bricks since my early 20s and have not had that problem.

Some are designed for it like the MRI and CT but a ray is not that is to see bones Image: © unpack /Think stock One of the most common reasons for a doctor's office visit is knee pain or injuries from osteoarthritis.

A torn ligament of tendon in the foot is an injury that can limit daily activity. The quick answer is yes, typically you can walk with a torn ligament or tendon in the foot.

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For example, the Posterior Tibialis Tendon runs down the back of the shin, behind the middle bump of the ankle (medial malleolus) and to the bottom of the foot. The arch of the foot may not be supported which may lead to increased pain.

There are several ways to identify that you may have a torn ligament or tendon in the foot. Dr. Hiram Barranquilla states that when a tendon tears, the sensation can vary.

A torn ligament or tendon in the foot will likely feel swollen and achy after the injury. If a tendon is completely torn, it will likely retract and the muscle it is attached to will shorten.

Once a tendon is completely torn, It must be surgically repaired quickly, or it may be difficult to stretch it to reach the other end. There is usually less pain if a tendon completely tears because there is no longer stress on the injured area.

An MRI is the best type of imaging to detect a tendon or ligament tear. MRIs are a costly test and are typically only used if conservative treatment, such as physical therapy does not help.

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MRIs may be ordered earlier if obvious defect of a tendon is observed or if there is difficulty establishing a diagnosis. The severity and number of ligaments involved will impact the swelling and recovery.

His residency was completed in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. He completed a post-graduate fellowship in foot and ankle surgery in Cincinnati, OH, under G. James San Marco, M.D.

Dr. Barranquilla specializes in the treatment of the foot & ankle, lower leg and general orthopedic surgery at the JOB San Marco office. To book an appointment with Dr. Barranquilla, please call JOI-2000, schedule online or click the link below.

Advanced digital imaging scans allow doctors, physicians, and surgeons a look inside your body to catch disease growth, determine the extent of your injuries, and recommend the right method of treatment. The most commonly used and readily available form of diagnostic imaging, x -rays (or radiographs) use harmless radiation to reveal the presence of dense tumors as well as any orthopedic issues such as bone breaks and fractures.

For additional detail, a dye or contrast can be injected into the affected areas to help illuminate tumors and make foreign bodies stand out from other organs. While most MRIs require you to lay still inside a tube, some offices now offer open upright MRI scanning for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

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During the physical exam, your doctor might press on your knee to feel for injury, looseness or fluid in the joint from bleeding. He or she may move your knee, leg or foot in different directions and ask you to stand and walk.

People with posterior cruciate ligament injuries sometimes have breaks in which a small chunk of bone, attached to the ligament, pulls away from the main bone (avulsion fracture). This painless procedure uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to create computer images of the soft tissues of your body.

A tiny video camera is inserted into your knee joint through a small incision. The doctor views images of the inside of the joint on a computer monitor or TV screen.

Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Alive), can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. A physical therapist can teach you exercises that will help make your knee stronger and improve its function and stability.

Apply ice packs to your knee for 20 to 30 minutes every three to four hours for two to three days. Lie down and place a pillow under your knee to help reduce swelling.

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If your knee injury is severe, you might need emergency medical care. He or she may refer you to a doctor who specializes in knee injuries or sports medicine.

The parts of the knee that may be injured include muscles; ligaments, which are tough cords of tissue that connect and support bones; tendons, which are fibrous cords of tissue that attach muscle to bone; and the meniscus, a firm, smooth layer of cartilage that cushions the knee. Symptoms of knee sprains and strains can include pain, bruising, swelling, or difficulty moving the joint.

Doctors use MRI scans to examine the ligaments and menisci and to determine the extent of a knee tear. If you have the symptoms of a sprain, strain, or tear but the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the knee seem healthy, your doctor may suspect another injury, such as a fracture.

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