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Zombie Head (when killed by a charged creeper)Naturally-spawned equipment (8.5% chance) Zombies are melee, hostile mobs that spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or less.

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Zombies are sometimes considered the least dangerous hostile mob in the game because they are slow and can only use close-range melee attacks. However, it is possible for several zombies to collaborate and attack as a team (referred to as a siege or horde), making them more difficult to overcome.

Zombies come in many variations as well, each with their own unique attacking abilities, or inflict a certain effect. Zombies also occasionally spawn with the ability to equip dropped armor and weapons.

When the sun rises, they will burn to death above ground if they aren't under a solid block and don't have a helmet. As of 1.2.3, they also have a chance of spawning with a pumpkin or jack o' lantern on their head (during Halloween), wearing a random type of armor or wielding an iron sword or shovel.

However, zombie villagers can be healed by using a splash potion of weakness on them and then giving them a golden apple. They heal faster by making a makeshift jail cell for the villager with iron bars and a bed.

Rotten flesh can safely be used to heal and breed tamed wolves without any risk of the wolf being poisoned, as wolves are immune to rotten flesh poisoning. Because they also drop carrots and potatoes on occasion, a player can use a zombie mob spawner from a dungeon to potentially collect carrots and potatoes in order to start or supplement a vegetable garden.

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Zombies will rarely drop shovels, swords, carrots, potatoes, and armor (if equipped). Zombies are easily identified by their green skin and blue shirts.

They also wear dark blue/purple trousers and are the only mobs that are dressed like the default player (Steve). They make constant groaning noises when they are nearby, giving away their location and allowing a player to prepare to fight.

Following the moaning noises can assist a player in finding a cave, or dungeon. Baby zombies are a mini version of regular zombies which have a rare chance to spawn in either Creative Mode or Survival Mode, with cheats, or with a spawn egg.

As of 1.13, baby zombies now burn in sunlight (except for Zombie Pigment and Husks). Baby zombies have a higher pitched growl than their adult counterparts.

Just get a ladder in a building 4 blocks high with a roof, then make a door, and then attack a zombie, and then let him follow. This will have the benefit of collecting massive quantities of rotten flesh, as well as the possibility of harvesting carrots, potatoes, and the occasional iron ingot.

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The most basic way is to find a dungeon with a spawner in it, then make a 2 block high pit, which then you can safely kill them all. Extending pit depth to around 10 blocks will allow the player to kill zombies more easily after they're weakened by damage from falling.

The only hazard about zombies is their tendency to spawn in groups, which makes them a danger for unprepared or unskilled players. They also have a chance of spawning when a villager successfully gets killed by a zombie (0% on Easy, 50% on Normal, 100% on Hard).

They have an 80% chance to spawn under the desert sky in place of a regular zombie. Unlike regular zombies though, husks don't burn in sunlight, and can also inflict the hunger effect.

They will also spawn holding a gold sword and are immune to fire damage. Zombie horses are passive mobs and cannot be spawned in normal gameplay.

Drowned are hostile zombie-like mobs, that, similar to the Husk, spawn in exclusive biomes, but only in the ocean. Some zombies spawn wearing armor or holding tools (which may be enchanted).

Before the Beta 1.8 update, instead of rotten flesh, zombies would drop feathers on death, making them a difficult alternative to chickens. When they come into contact with sunlight, they will catch on fire unless they are wearing any headgear, in water, or under any block.

A baby zombie villager on a chicken wearing enchanted diamond armor is the rarest mob in the game. Since the 1.2 release, zombies are able to break down wooden doors on hard mode.

This makes them even more dangerous at night since a player or Villager cannot easily hide in their home. In 1.3.2, zombies can break down wooden doors on any difficulty except easy.

A group of 4-10 zombies are considered to be a horde, and it is quite rare to encounter one outside a zombie-spawning dungeon. The sound made by zombies can help players pinpoint the existence of a cave when digging underground.

It is very rare for zombies to spawn with dyed leather armor, but it is possible. Zombies will attempt to avoid dangerous things (lava, cliffs, cacti), but will intentionally walk out into the sunlight.

Farming a zombie spawner on higher difficulties is one of the few ways of legitimately obtaining chain armor. Zombies during the Minecraft Survival Test were stronger in comparison to the recent versions.

The damage will be dealt with, however, if the zombie is distracted in any way and attacks a player. The carrots and potatoes they rarely drop are possible because they picked up the items when they attack NPC villages.

This is a possible reference due to the villager's farms growing crops. The zombie has 2 armor points, which makes it harder to kill than skeletons and creepers, despite all three of them sharing the same health.

Mobs in MinecraftPassive MobsBatCatChickenCowFish (various)Follow SquidHorseMooshroomBrown MooshroomOcelotParrotPigRabbitSheepSnow GolemSquidStriderTurtleVillagerWandering TraderNeutral MobsAxolotlBeeDolphinEndermanGoatIron GolemLlamaPanda | PiglinPolar BearSpiderCave SpiderWolfZombified PiglinHostile MobsBlazeCreeperDrownedEnder DragonEndermiteEvokerEvoker FangGhastGuardianElder GuardianHoglinHuskMagma CubePhantomPiglin BrutePillagerRavagerShulkerSilverfishSkeletonSlimeSpider JockeyStrayVexVindicatorWardenWitchWitherWither SkeletonWither Skeleton JockeyZoglin Zombie Villager If the big one gets killed, then the baby zombie will start attacking the player.

There are also small chances that the zombie will wear armor or hold a tool too, making it more dangerous. Baby zombies have a small chance to spawn riding a Husk.

A Chicken Jockey spawns as a Baby Zombie or a Baby Zombie Pig man riding a Chicken. It moves very fast, making it very hard to outrun.

Before Update 0.14.0, the Zombie didn't control the Chicken. A Skeleton horse trap first spawns as a single Skeleton Horse during a thunderstorm.

When the Player gets close, lightning strikes it and three or four Skeleton Horses ridden by a Skeleton with an enchanted Iron Helmet and an enchanted Bow spawn. A Wolf Jockey spawns as a Baby Zombie riding a hostile Wolf.

At this time, the Baby Zombie didn't control the Cow. A Husk Jockey spawns as a Baby Zombie riding a Husk, making it one of the most dangerous Jockeys in the game.

Wither Skeletons also have a very small chance to spawn riding a Spider or a Cave Spider, creating a Wither Jockey. Since Update 0.14.0, the Baby Zombie controls the mob it is riding.

The Mushroom Jockey is one of the rarest to find, due to Mushrooms only spawning in Mushroom Biomes. All the Jockeys that were added in Update 0.14.0 and the Cave Spider Jockey are exclusive to Minecraft.

Baby combined violin versions of the chicken jockey always have a golden sword equipped, while baby drowned versions may have a trident. Although chickens take damage from magma blocks, baby combined violin jockeys still spawn on them, killing the chicken and leaving just the baby combined violin.

Any rideable or nameable mob can become unbridgeable or unnameable, respectively, after being mounted by a baby zombie. They drop 12 when killed by a player or tamed wolf, extra 1–3 is given if the zombie has equipment.

The baby drowned always drop their nautilus shell, but only when held in their offhand. Like baby zombies, they drop 12 when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Baby combined Higgins also have an 8.5% chance each of dropping their golden sword. Like baby zombies, they drop 12 when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

If a baby zombie or combined violin wearing a pumpkin or jack o'lantern is killed using a tool enchanted with Looting, there is a chance equivalent to the level of Looting used to drop the pumpkin or jack o' lantern, up to a maximum of a 3% chance of a drop. The baby zombie and the chicken can be separated by using a bucket of water on them.

Java Edition November 29, 2013 A two-image gallery was uploaded to Igor, and showed a baby zombie inside a chicken. 1.7.5Chickens that are part of chicken jockeys can now DeShawn when no longer ridden.

1.915w35aZombie villagers now retain their professions and clothes, which have a tattered appearance. This has caused zombie villager chicken jockeys to have a changed appearance, as well.

The texture of baby zombie pig man jockeys has been changed. 18w50aZombie villager jockeys now have different clothes in desert, jungle, plains, savanna, snowy, swamp and taiga biomes.

The model and texture of combined violin jockeys have been changed. 0.14.0build 1 Baby zombies now have 15% chance to mount a chicken to become a jockey.

0.15.0build 1 Baby husks now have 15% chance to mount a chicken to become a jockey. Baby zombie variants can now ride adult husks.

Bedrock Edition1.8.0beta Baby zombie variants can now ride pandas and adult stray cats. Zombie villager jockeys now have different clothes in desert, jungle, plains, savanna, snowy, swamp and taiga biomes. Zombie villager jockeys no longer have a profession.

Legacy Console EditionTU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3 Added chicken jockeys. The texture of baby zombie pig man jockeys has been changed.

Issues relating to “Chicken Jockey” are maintained on the bug tracker. Combined violin chicken jockeys can spawn from portals in the Over world.

The four variations of chicken jockeys using “Grimm” or “Dinner bone” name tags. (Note: Chicken jockeys no longer lay eggs).

A husk chicken jockey in a desert biome in the early morning. A rare variation of a zombie villager jockey, wearing full enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted iron sword in its left hand as of Village and Pillage.

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