Can Chest X Ray Detect Lung Infection

David Lawrence
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Chest X-rays produce images of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, airways, and the bones of your chest and spine. The image helps your doctor determine whether you have heart problems, a collapsed lung, pneumonia, broken ribs, emphysema, cancer or any of several other conditions.

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Holding your breath after inhaling helps your heart and lungs show up more clearly on the image. During the side views, you turn and place one shoulder on the plate and raise your hands over your head.

You don't feel any sensation as the radiation passes through your body. If you have trouble standing, you may be able to have the exam while seated or lying down.

The most affected population groups are children under 59 months and adults over 50 years of age. Patients with chest infections often have a fever, cough, shortness of breath and phlegm production.

We focused on whether the use of chest X-rays compared to not using them led to improved outcomes such as a faster recovery rate, less time in hospital and fewer complications for the patient. We did not investigate the use of chest X-rays as a tool in the diagnosis of chest infections or the differences in the interpretation of X -rays between doctors.

In both adults and children, chest X-rays did not result in significant differences in recovery time. Although both studies suggest that chest X-rays do not improve patient outcomes, it is not clear if this finding can be applied to all populations and settings.

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Our conclusions are limited due to the lack of complete data available and by the risk of bias of the studies. This conclusion may be weakened by the risk of bias of the studies and the lack of complete data available.

Acute lower respiratory tract infections (Artist) (e.g. pneumonia) are a major cause of morbidity and mortality and management focuses on early treatment. The efficacy of chest radiographs as a tool in the management of acute Artist has not been determined.

Two review authors independently applied the inclusion criteria, extracted data and assessed risk of bias. Both included trials concluded that the use of chest radiographs did not result in a better clinical outcome (duration of illness and of symptoms) for patients with acute Artist.

The study in adults also reports that chest radiographs did not affect the frequencies with which clinicians ordered return visits or antibiotics. Hospitalization rates were only reported in the study involving children, and it was found that a higher proportion of patients in the radiograph group (4.7%) required hospitalization compared to the control group (2.3%) with the result not being statistically significant (P = 0.14).

The collaboration happened through an Open Innovation Challenge held by the National Healthcare Group’s Center for Medical Technologies and Innovation, Enterprise Singapore, and A×ccelerate, A×Star’s commercialization arm. Chest X-rays can detect some lung and heart abnormalities like tumors, as well as rib fractures.

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Occasionally, different angles are added in order for the radiologist to interpret certain specific areas of the chest. A radiologist is a physician specialist trained to interpret images of the body produced on films.

This usually consisted of a fluorescent light source placed in metal box and covered by a white plastic. More recently, newer technology has replaced this old reading technique in much health care facilities and radiology offices.

This advanced technology has eliminated the need for the actual physical films to be used and placed on a light box for interpretation. Additionally, this technology allows for ability to easily look at any previous images taken from the same patient.

It also essentially eliminates the possibility of lost X -rays and speeds up the interpretation of X -rays, and the communication between doctors about the results. Once they are ordered by a physician, they can be performed in hospitals, emergency rooms, outpatient radiology facilities, and some doctors offices.

The radiology technician is guided by technique standards which have been established by national and international guidelines. These guidelines are designed and reviewed by both the Department of Health and Human Services and national and international radiology protection councils.

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Women who are pregnant, especially in early pregnancy, should notify their physicians, as the fetus is at risk for harm with any radiology technique. Frequently, they are ordered for symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, or chest pain.

Sometimes chest X-rays are required before operations to see if there is any evidence of heart or lung disease that may need to be addressed before the procedure. These lung fields are seen on either side of the heart and the vertebrae located in the center of the film.

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