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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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Coronavirus lockdown: Domestic flight passengers must not have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 months The Ministry of Civil Aviation issued a set of general guidelines for passengers from Monday onwards.


The guidelines advised “Vulnerable” persons, such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, passengers with health issues to avoid air travel. Besides, the Center advised the airlines to adhere to the lower and upper limits of fares prescribed by the Ministry during the period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever since the imposition of the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in the country on March 25, passenger air services were suspended for both scheduled domestic and international flights. In a press conference on Wednesday the civil aviation minister Harder Singh Pure said, that passengers who don't have Parody Set app can give self-declaration form, and they will not be stopped from boarding flights.

In an important announcement the Union minister said that private carriers will also join Vance Bharat Mission to repatriate Indians stranded abroad. Saying that the lockdown has been effective and India’s fatality rate has been one of the lowest in the world, the civil aviation minister said that they have decided to resume the domestic operation because all stakeholders like airlines and airports cooperated.

When contacted on Wednesday, many airline executives said they will now swiftly load new ticket bookings itineraries representing the new schedule from May 25 onward on online platforms. “This resumption will go a long way in lifting the overall economic sentiment in the country,” said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, Spices.

Under a lockdown, one is allowed to step outside the house to buy groceries, vegetables and for other essential services like visiting an ATM etc. Once the area you live in or your apartment falls under the containment zone, you will not be allowed to step out of your house for anything, which includes buying groceries and essentials as well.

In these zones, the police, including special response team of armed commandos, maintain around-the-clock watch, assisted with CCTV cameras and drones. Source: Shutterstock hotspot is a potential threat area that has been identified by the authorities after a comparatively higher number of cases emerge from the place.

The people detected positive might not be family members, increasing the possibility of community transmission. Once an area is declared a coronavirus hotspot, it will be sealed off, and no person will be permitted inside the localities or be allowed to leave them.

Image courtesy: Ramesh Hire State governments have issued a list of areas that were identified as containment zones. Also, the local administration is informing the residents of these areas using the public address systems and by approaching the RWA’s.

In all likelihood, if you see that the entry and exit points to your area are cordoned off and the deployment of police personnel, your house falls in a containment zone. Representational image In case you are within a declared containment cone, the local administration will ensure that all essential commodities are brought to your doorstep.

While in the lockdown phase, there was still some leeway being given to citizens, those areas that fall in the containment zone are following rigorous protocols to ensure that the curve is flattened. Media, which falls under the essential services bracket, will also not be allowed entry into these containment zones.

1970-01-01T05:30:00+0530People in containment zone not allowed air travel (LD) New Delhi, May 21 (FANS) As domestic flight services resume on May 25 with one-third of capacity, it will not allow people staying in containment zones to board a flight as they will not be eligible for travel. The passengers are expected to certify the status of their health through the Parody Set app or a self-declaration form,” it said.

The guidelines advised “Vulnerable” persons, such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, passengers with health issues to avoid air travel. Besides, the Center advised the airlines to adhere to the lower and upper limits of fares prescribed by the Ministry during the period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever since the imposition of the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in the country on March 25, passenger air services were suspended for both scheduled domestic and international flights. While people are trying to stay at home as a nationwide lockdown has been imposed, a lot of things are dependent on travel such as the delivery of goods, e-commerce giants and more.

However, in order to travel between separate areas, people will need to make sure they are not in the containment zone. While people can check this to ensure their travel is safe, this will also help them to better understand if courier services or e-commerce giants can make delivers or not.

A deserted view of World NASA, Mumbai after the country went into lockdown. The nationwide lockdown across India has now been extended for another two weeks from 4 May, i.e. till 18 May.

All places of worship or religious congregations All social, political, educational, cultural and such gatherings Private offices can operate with unto 33 percent strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.

All industrial and construction activities are permitted in rural areas. Manufacturing units of essential goods, including drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, their raw material and intermediates are permitted.

A district will be classified as Red Zone or a Hotspot based on total number of active coronavirus cases, the doubling rate of confirmed cases, the extent of testing and feedback based on surveillance by health and civic authorities. Based on the spread of coronavirus, the list of cities, towns or districts classified under these zones may change.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will share a list with the states and Union Territories on a weekly basis. A specific area within a Red Zone (Hotspot) or an Orange Zone can be classified as a containment zone.

A containmentzonecan be as small as a residential colony, or a ward, or a municipal zone or a police station area or even a town. The govt has asked local authorities to ensure 100% coverage of Parody Set app among residents of containment zones ”.

To receive more articles like this, sign up for the Condé Nast Traveler Newsletter NEW DELHI: Any employee residing in a COVID-19 containment zone should be allowed to work from home and not attend office till the time the area is identified and that period will not be counted as leave, the Union health ministry said on Thursday.

According to SOP issued by the ministry against the backdrop of the government's plans to open up the economy, an entire office building need not be closed if one or two cases of COVID-19 are reported there and work can resume after disinfection as per the laid down protocols. Offices in containment zones will remain closed except for medical and essential services and only those outside will be allowed to open up, the ministry said.

Hand hygiene (sanitizer dispenser) and thermal screening provisions should be put in place at the entrances mandatory and only asymptomatic staff/visitors should be allowed, it said. People above 65, those with co-morbidities and pregnant women are advised to stay at home, except for essential and health purposes, and the office management should facilitate the process, the SOP said.

It should be ensured by the service providers and officers that drivers residing in containment zones are not allowed to drive vehicles, the SOP stated. Listing the SOP, the ministry highlighted the need for maintaining effective and frequent sanitation within the premises, with a particular focus on lavatories, drinking and handwashing stations.

It underlined that frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, handrails, benches, washroom fixtures on office premises and common areas should be cleaned and regularly disinfected (using 1 PC sodium hypochlorite). Adequate crowd and queue management, along with social distancing norms, should be ensured in the cafeteria and canteen, and the staff and waiters should wear masks and hand gloves and take other required precautionary measures, it said.

The nearest medical facility or the state or the district helpline should be informed and a risk assessment undertaken by the designated public health authority. New Delhi | Jag ran News Desk: The Center has extended the lockdown in the country till June 30, but the restrictions have been kept limited to containment zones.

The new guidelines by the Home Ministry, which have been termed as Unlock 1, have allowed re-opening of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and religious places from June 8. The MA order said that the containment zones will be demarcated by the district authorities after taking into consideration the guidelines of the Health Ministry.

The containment zones will be demarcated by the state/ UT governments, after taking into consideration the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry. According to the Health Ministry, a containment zone refers to a specific geographical area where positive cases of coronavirus are found.

They are identified by the Rapid Response Team (RRT) based on the extent of cases listed and mapped by them. The perimeters of the containment zone are decided based on the number of positive cases in the area, contact tracing history and population density.

If required, based on the mapping of contacts and cases, the containment zone is refined, the release issued by the health ministry read. “The perimeter control will ensure that there is no unchecked outward movement of population from the containment zone except for maintaining essential services (including medical emergencies) and government business continuity.

Thermal screening, IEC shall be carried out at all entry and exit points,” read the ministry’s press release. For personnel and vehicles requiring regular movement, a pass/ID card may be issued with details recorded and communicated,” it added.

The government has drawn out a containment plan as clusters posing high risk of further spread of COVID-19 cases have emerged in several states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Karnataka, Telangana as also Delhi and Kazakh. The cluster containment strategy would “include geographic quarantine, social distancing measures, enhanced active surveillance, testing all suspected cases, isolation of cases, quarantine of contacts and risk communication to create awareness among public on preventive public health measures”, the document stated.

It will also include implementation of social distancing measures with strict perimeter control, providing chemoprophylaxis with Hydroxychloroquine to all asymptomatic healthcare workers and asymptomatic household contacts of laboratory confirmed cases and further intensification of risk communication through audio, social and visual media.

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