Can I Find Who Stole My Airpods

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 7 min read

If you roam around carelessly with expensive items in your possession, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. To avoid any mishaps of losing the entire setup, this case is a great idea.

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The easiest way to lose an Air pod is to forget that it’s in your ear in the first place. This means that you’ll shell out a pretty penny if you lose one.

Next, make a habit of putting your AirPods back in their case. Look into buying this type of backpack if you’re worried about your belongings being stolen.

If you’re carrying it on your back, make sure that you put your valuables in a hidden compartment of sorts. Sadly, in the world we live in today, AirPods and iPhones aren’t safe even in backpacks anymore.

The app’s name is Find my iPhone and hopefully, you already have it installed on your iOS device connected to your AirPods. Alternatively, you can use the iCloud.com website to find your lost Apple products.

If you don’t immediately see it, swipe all of your pages to the right, and you can access a search bar to type in Find iPhone.” This will bring up the application. You can also mute your left or right earpiece in case you only lost one since this sound is very loud.

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If you see a gray dot instead, this means that your AirPods are turned off, ran out of battery, or outside the Bluetooth radius. If your AirPods are offline, you’ll have to use intuition or try and jog your memory to find them.

Offline could mean that your AirPods are not charged, or that they aren’t connected to your Find iPhone anymore. When “Offline” appears next to your AirPods you can generally still click the option to play a sound which will help you locate them.

If they were in fact stolen, it’s not likely at this point you’ll ever get them back unfortunately. If you can ’t locate your AirPods using the Find my iPhone site or app, you can always contact Apple support and inform them about what has happened.

Are you wondering if it’s possible to track lost or stolen AirPods if they are connected to another device? If yes, ill be explaining all the hidden features and every other mighty thing you do not know about AirPods.

There’s a pairing button in the AirPods Case that allows others to reset and connect with their device. NOTE : the reset doesn’t modify the name of the Bluetooth module so that may have nothing to do with locating them, either.

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Firstly, initiate the Find My tool from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Unluckily, it is not possible to use the Find to track your lost or stolen AirPods if they were in the charging case when someone stole them.

This is because they don’t keep an effective connection to your device while in the case, to conserve battery life. However, if the lost AirPods is within your room, you can easily use the Apple Find to locate it.

Here is how it works, ‘ Find is a tool that helps you find your stolen AirPods. However, If the missing AirPods are out of range of all of your devices, ‘ Find can still assist by revealing the time and location where they were last connected.

Whenever you are away from home, endeavor to put your AirPods in their charging case in a safe place, such as a concealed pocket in your purse. I know it’s your expensive gadget but do not flaunt your AirPods, so that thieves won’t start looking for how to steal it.

It’s recommended for you to use a hook, or latch to attach your charging case to your belt loop or purse strap. Conclusion Now you have understood if it is possible to track lost or stolen AirPods if they are connected to another device.

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My major priority is to ensure you find value in every content we publish on this blog. AirPods have become something of a status symbol thanks to their premium price tag and recognizable design.

Your AirPods are more vulnerable to theft than other Apple devices because they don’t use iCloud Activation Lock. If a thief steals your AirPods, it’s painfully easy to connect them to a different iPhone.

All the thief needs to do is put both AirPods in a charging case and hold the Setup button for a few seconds. It’s the same process you’d follow if you reset your AirPods to fix a software problem.

When they are in the case, the connection to your phone is inactive to conserve the battery charge on the AirPods. The range of connectivity between the AirPods and your iPhone is only about 30-100 ft, depending on the model number.

If you dropped the charging case while shopping at the mall, a thief could pick them up and use them after walking out of the store. The Find app places your AirPods on a map and lets you play a sound to help locate them.

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If your AirPods are offline, Find only shows their last known location and doesn’t offer any other tracking options. This is because they don’t maintain an active connection to your device while in the case, to conserve battery life.

The Mate pairs with your smartphone, similar to how your AirPods be found through the Find my iPhone” App. Keeps your Mate and AirPods charging case together, so you can track your charging case if it’s lost or stolen The Mate can be tracked even if it’s out of range of your iPhone by activating “Community Find which uses other smartphones with the Tile Inc. App installed to find your device.

As wireless earbuds, they have great integration with all Apple products. Well, if the thief has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac they can easily reset the product and make it their own.

Apple knows how bad it is when you lose your AirPods, so they’ve worked out a solution. Hopefully, the Apple device you paired up with your AirPods had an iCloud account.

You’ll need this and the Find my iPhone app in order to locate your lost AirPods. Apple added the FindmyAirpods feature to the Find my iPhone app, and it tracks your AirPods automatically.

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Use your login credentials to log in to your account linked to your AirPods. The Find my iPhone feature will initiate the search process.

If the search is successful, you’ll see your AirPods pinpointed on the map. They’ll appear as a green dot if online, i.e. connected to your iPad or iPhone.

You can stop playing the sound, or mute either left or right Air pod. If your AirPods appeared as a gray dot on the Find my iPhone app, you’ve got a problem.

You need to have the Find iPhone app installed preemptively before you lose your AirPods. This is the best measure of precaution for losing your AirPods, so it’s best to set it up as soon as you make your purchase.

Your lost AirPods may be out of juice; if the battery is empty they can ’t be found. Unfortunately no, even though they’re incredibly expensive and Apple usually offers excellent device protection features.

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Fortunately if you lose one component (the charging case or one pod) you can visit your nearest Apple Store to have the missing piece replaced at a lower cost than buying a whole new set. You can visit the Apple Website for more information on replacing lost components.

Finding your AirPods depends on the proximity of your iOS device. You’ll need the serial number of your AirPods, to relay to Apple support.

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