Can I Run A Space Heater Off A Inverter

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 9 min read

At the end of January, my partner and I are making a long trek from Houston TX to Ironwood MI... from a hot part of the country to a very cold, Alaska-like, area of the country that is referred to as “the snow belt”. I bought an inverter so that we can still use the computer and charge our phones and whatnot while on the trip, but I was wondering... but as that extra nipple, Uber bridged weather looms ever closer, there may be nights when we have to stop and try to get a few winks at a rest stop/area, in the car.

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We will most definitely be outfitted with the proper attire as well as a mountain of pillows and blankets. Even small space heaters draw more power than most inverters can supply.

An electric heating pad, the kind you might use for a backache, might not overload your inverter. If the car heater doesn't make it warm enough, you are not dressed for the weather.

Backlogs Forums Member 199 posts Local time: 07:01 AM I have a friend that just purchased a pop-up camper on a Tundra that runs all of its electrical needs from a 12V DC to 110 AC converter.

The rig has the extra battery under the hood, so the 2nd battery charging problem that we Haitians experience due to the length of the charge wire is not a problem. What is a problem is that the cheap ceramic heater that he is using keeps popping the circuit breaker on the inverter when it cycles, even with the fridge off.

I know a Buddy catalytic propane heater is also an option, but in my experience, they throw off way too much moister for inside use. I have not used an inverter except for the one in the Capital (or is that a converter). However, I have read on threads in the forum that “starting up” an inverter takes a lot of current.

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Don in OK Capital Club Member 4,533 posts Local time: 08:01 AM .........something like a trip to Alaska and back, where you're driving every day, recharging the battery with the alternator (assuming it's a large capacity.....much more than the truck itself needs).

Probably the worst kind of devices to runoff a battery/ inverter source. Ceramic cube heaters are typically 700 on low or 1500 watts (per hour) on high.

Jerry & Joan Capital Club Member 720 posts Local time: 05:01 AM I’ll chime in here with my 2 cents worth to reiterate that running a refrigerator or space heater on 12VDC is highly impractical.

Crabeyes Capital Club Member 214 posts Local time: 06:01 AM Still not a solution. All is not lost:The extra battery would serve best powering the furnace fan while on propane.

I suppose the fridge on 12v while driving could take advantage of a hi amp or dual alternator. The extra battery and fast recharging would be a nice feature for extended boon docking.

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Don in OK Capital Club Member 4,533 posts Local time: 08:01 AM That will take care of the moisture (condensation) created by an unvented propane heater.

Location: Daylong, GA Interests: Fishing, Hiking, Boating, Amateur Radio, Computers Gender: Male If you consider you should not discharge your batteries more than 50%, and you believe the 90% efficiency ratings of the adds for some models, You are still loosing 20% of your available power. I have tried the Buddy heater, and it is not a solution me.

Bobinyelm Capital Club Member 4,466 posts Local time: 07:01 AM I often allow the stove to run for 15 or 20 minutes before extinguishing it, and I have noticed no condensation on the windows or any other cold surfaces.

Micasita_17 Capital Club Member 226 posts Local time: 06:01 AM I often allow the stove to run for 15 or 20 minutes before extinguishing it, and I have noticed no condensation on the windows or any other cold surfaces.

If you are actually doing this you are violating something that could even have the force of law, since you were made aware of the dangers involved. Suggesting this obviously unsafe procedure on a public forum is irresponsible and is clearly reckless.

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Someone might actually think it's a good idea and will wind up dead because gas stoves put out huge amounts of carbon monoxide. You can 't smell or taste it, and suddenly you are overcome and found dead at some later date.

Despite the fact we have installed a battery power carbon monoxide detector, I won't even use the propane furnace in our old Capital in daytime because I believe it is capable of leaking enough carbon monoxide to be lethal. I disconnected the thermostat wire, so it cannot possibly start or run, in fact.

We only camp using electric heaters since as a professional electrician, I know they produce perfectly clean heat. When not at a campsite that has electricity, I might consider using our new Honda generator with a 50 foot 10 gauge RV cord we purchased, placing the generator well down wind of Capital, though even then, winds can shift at night allowing deadly carbon monoxide to be sucked into our Capital.

Additionally, we’ll cover whether it makes sense to use generators to power space heaters, and I’ll show you some handy alternatives (that might work even better for your purposes). Generally, running a spaceheateroff a generator is energy inefficient though.

As already said in the quick answer, you canrunspace heaters safely using generators that deliver 2000W of power or more. By having this 500W safety-buffer, you make sure that fluctuations in power don’t blow your fuse.

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Fluctuations could be caused by using an extension cord or changing the temperature settings on your heater’s thermostat. Most generators can ’t handle a space heater and a fridge at the same time, for example when you’re in an RV.

In case you don’t have a generator at home yet, here’s one we recommend that can easily run a space heater : With 2000W power, it can handle all common 1500W space heaters, even the big oil-filled radiators.

It actually is a clone of a Yamaha generator, however, it performs just the same for less than half the price. Most space heaters run on 1500W but have a lower power 750W setting.

They should always be used outside, a good distance from windows, doors, vents or any other opening.” Or use an extension cord to run the generator outdoors while using your heater indoors.

Poor quality ones oftentimes caused fire accidents. Generally, you should never use an extension cord with a space heater when you plug it into your house power supply that is rated at 1500W.

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The more power your generator has, the smaller the chance of a fire or a blowing fuse gets. Even if we reduce the spaceheater’s power to only 750W (low heat), most generators will only last for 6-8 hours.

The heater will run 1+ week in snow/ice weather if I’m careful and willing to layer up a bit indoors.” Generator Reviewer But remember: Even with an indoor propane heater you should play safe and air your room regularly.

For additional safety, you can also install a carbon monoxide alarm in your house that will notify you when there’s too much CO in the air. Powering a space heater with a generator could make sense in the following case.

In most cases, the propane heater beats the space heater plus generator combo. He studied electrical engineering and information technology and decided to blog about heaters after working in the temperature sensing industry.

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