Can Lh Surge Twice In One Cycle

David Lawrence
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Some of them lead to multiple positive ovulation test results for more than one day. We are all different and this gradual onset is NORMAL, in fact over half (57.1%) of studied women have it.


This is why Mira Fertility Tracker is better than over the counter ovulation tracking kits. Mira allows you to see your curve and recognize the highest peak based on the quantitative LH level.

If you see a similar pattern, continue to test until LH level becomes lower. There are many lifestyle reasons that influence us over time that may cause multiple peaks, such as stress, illness, or hormonal changes.

Additionally, having two LH surges can be correlated with multiple follicular simulations. Right before ovulation, your follicle swells up until it releases your maturing egg.

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan did an ultrasound study on 63 women with normal menstrual cycles. Dr Roger Pierson says, 40% of the study participants had the biological potential to produce more than one egg.

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But my hubby and I were delighted that I was having an LH surge at all, and we assumed this meant that I was ovulating soon, so we took full advantage of this “fertile” time window. Like expected, on days 11, 12 and 13 the OPK results were negative.

But then today, day 14, I received another positive OPK result. After a little research I found that this is common for women with PCs, which I have.

Ok, so I guess I'm answering my own question here, but I just found something interesting online... though I can 't vouch for its validity. A Canadian study concludes that many women ovulate more than once per menstrual cycle.

10% of the women studied released two eggs in the same month. A growth wave of 15 to 20 egg-carrying cells called follicles occurs before ovulation.

In some cases, follicle development didn't reach the point where the egg would normally be mature enough to release. I guess you're supposed to wait for a couple of days after your last pill before you start testing.

Before I begin, I know you can test positive for a lhsurgetwice during an ovulation period. However, the question I am asking is that I know when I ovulated, 12/23-12/25, and I did the BD (baby dance) way before that and during that time.

But after reading links on surge, I later concluded, lhsurgecan not be detected in pregnancy. So, the next day (technically) 13 DPO, which was still 12 DPO (basing it off the physical time I started on 12/10 at or around 11am), I got a neg OPK test, reading that women will have a surge right before AF, which is a bit confusing bc I had a surge on 12dpo, but neg on (technically) 13dpo.

My symptoms currently are nausea (now and then), cramping like AF is coming (nothing yet), tender sore boobs (hurts to wear a bra sometimes) frequent bathroom trips (roughly every 1-2 hours), a tad bit emotional (crying and somewhat irritated), moody and down right anxious. So I am gathering two things, either AF is on her way in or this could be implantation bleeding (I will know if my temps stay above cover line for 5 days as I am 13 DPO).

Wait a couple of days and if no aunt flow, test again. Before I begin, I know you can test positive for a LH surge twice during an ovulation period.

On CD 17 it was negative, so I stopped taking them because I had thought I already ovulated. On CD 23 (today) I was curious and took another test, and it was positive.

So how do I pinpoint ovulation if I have two LH Surges in one cycle ? Pregnancy test calculator Use this calculator to help you decide when to take your first home pregnancy test.

A positive OPK just tells you that your body is getting ready to ovulate. The only real way to confirm it happened is to chart your BBT.

Do you also have another patch of ECM today or in the last couple of days? I've noticed if I take my OPK when my urine is really concentrated I can get a positive.

I think your consecutive tests from 14-16 are the real deal. I remember the girl on peeonastick.com did a write-up about it with pictures.

It is all dependent on when your AF is due, after O a person's AF will arrive around 13-15 days after, so that gives you a reasonable amount of information to determine which date you OED on. The past 4 cycles I've O'd on CD 24, 20, 27 and 16.

You'll need to buy a digital basal body thermometer. Take it the same time every morning after getting at least 4 hours sleep.

Last month I had 4 positive ovulation tests, not consecutively...they were all 3-4 days apart. I had read of sweet potatoes/yams increasing fertility and have tried this the past 2 months...not sure if this has any effect, but it's definitely strange.

I will say that I've always quit testing after that first positive OPK as it states on the box. Makes me look back & wonder if I should've continued to test the whole time to not miss opportunity.

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