Can Power Surge Damage Modem

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
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Perhaps more significant for insurance carriers is the fact that the average cost per residential lightning claim has risen over 40% since 2007 (III), which is indicative of the increase in the number of electronics susceptible to lightning- and surge -related damages per home. This figure is expected to continue to rise as a growing number of homeowners install connected smart home components.

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Depending on the level of integration, home automation equipment can quickly become expensive to repair or replace. A direct lightning strike will cause significant damage to electrical and nonelectrical items in the home.

Moreover, electronics plugged into an electrical system that receives a direct lightning strike typically cannot be protected by a surge protector. The energy from a nearby lightning strike can travel through communication wires (such as phone, internet, or cable wires), directly from a utility pole into the home’s electrical panel, or through conductive metal (such as plumbing or metal bars in the foundation) (NEWS).

The electrical system of a home or business is one of the most frequent points of entry of increased voltage from a lightning or surge event. Consumer electronics, such as computers, televisions, and gaming systems, all utilize an integrated circuit, which is extremely susceptible to damage from a voltage overload caused by a surge (show).

Fortunately, if these types of electronics are properly connected to a quality surge protector, they can be safeguarded against voltage fluctuations. However, if the strike is directly to the building or to a very close power pole, the event may still damage the appliance (NIST).

Pool and irrigation equipment are connected to a large surface area of pipes, which provide a direct path to the system’s electronic controls. Lightning- and surge -related events can severely damage a home’s electrical system and the electronics connected to it.

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As the number (and value) of the electrical contents of a home increases with newly developed technologies, we expect to see the average cost per residential lightning claim to continue to rise. Additionally, The Journal of Science predicts an increase in the number of lightning strikes as the earth’s temperature warms.

This illustrates the significance of insurance carriers developing a standardized method for handling lightning damage claims to better control their indemnity leakage exposure. In 2016, 13% of items claimed in lightning and surge losses were in proper working condition at the time of StrikeCheck’s assessment, further exemplifying the need for a thorough investigation.

If there is any lightning whatsoever, unplug your modem / router immediately! A nearby lightning strike can send a power surge through various materials: electrical wiring, copper phone lines, coax cable, plumbing pipes.

And if you are on NBN Fiber to the Node/Building, then from the node to your premises uses the copper line to which you have connected a modem /router. If it is not obvious that any equipment has been zapped and your internet has dropped out or is slow after a storm, then contact your ISP to check and trouble shoot your connection.

If a storm is coming, and you are at home, physically disconnect your modem, computer, printer, TV, and don’t forget your phone on charge from the mains' socket to protect them all from a power surge. ), grab your mobile (also not plugged in) and connect to a hotspot from your phone while the storm passes.

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So yesterday, my laptop sparked in my lap during a lightning storm and is now dead... I should’ve used a surge protector I know. Wi-Fi still works, but Ethernet seems to be dead.

I would hate to know that my Xbox and smart TV’s Ethernet ports are toast now all because my laptop got fried... When I exit a game, shortly after my screen will go gray (sometimes it's red or green or blue) and I can 't do anything but hold down the power button to restart.

GPU: ASUS DOG STRIP GeForce GTX 1080 TI 11 GB OC Edition EDIT: Thank you for all the comments, I will be able to go through them in a couple of hours and try everything I haven’t already.

My HDMI is plugged into my GPU, I know the reviews are bad, but my mom got it for me for Christmas, so yea. I have a very weird problem where if I press WAS at the same time it opens Calculator in Windows 10.

Update 3: I was finally able to borrow a laptop to test this keyboard, and the problem happens at the laptop too, so it seems like the problem is the keyboard. We hope that everyone's holidays were peaceful, or at least tolerable for those in the Nashville area.

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I really needed an El cheapo machine to get through school virtually, and I found one on eBay for a reasonable price. I'm unemployed and can 't afford something from a big box store like Best Buy.

So I contacted the seller, and they gave me a product key, but it didn't work. I can 't afford a copy of Windows 10 since I'm saving all the money I can for rent.

Edit: my god this post got popular, please stop PMing me about solutions, I can 't reply to all of them A quick rundown: 2 years ago I built my first desktop with all new components.

4 months ago, I left for college, and shut off the power supply, and unplugged it from the wall. When I came home for the holidays last week, after plugging it in and trying to turn it on, it wouldn’t post.

Here’s what I’ve done to try to fix it/see what was wrong: -tried a different wall outlet/ power source -tried a different monitor -reset CMOS with button on motherboard -plugged HDMI in to motherboard instead of GPU -took everything apart, plugged it back in one by one Nothing has made it post, so I’m suspecting my motherboard is dead.

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Edit I have now replaced the CMOS battery, and that made no difference. However, the motherboard started displaying an error code 53.

I have never overclocked this PC or changed the memory speed I accidentally dropped my phone on my laptop keyboard, and now it won't go past automatic repair.

I don't know any computer repair store nor do I have the money to afford one let alone another laptop. It took me a settlement check just to buy this one after my last laptop fell.

This is HP laptop, and it's sitting on a pillow instead of a desk because I don't have. Edit : To make it simple, my phone caused my laptop to go BSD after it just blacked out.

After looking at all the replies, my only option is to replace the hard drive . I was frightened because I've never gotten a computer repaired before and gotten too close minded of my options.

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Ask the tech support Reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well. When electrical power comes back after an outage, it goes through a surge condition.

This “tidal wave” of electricity can damage appliances left turned on. The AC line voltage is normal and stable, and the motors, heaters and electronics in an appliance behave the way they were designed.

The electrical system can suffer brownouts, or severe dips in voltage, particularly during hot weather, when air conditioning taxes the power grid. Damage to power lines, severe weather, and aging equipment can cause the electricity to go out in a wide area.

In such a case, electricity can 't travel from the power generating station to your home or office. When the utility restores power to an area, the wires, which were empty of electrical current, experience an inrush called a surge.

During the surge, electricity flows in rapidly to fill the empty wires. Severe voltage surges can damage or destroy most electrical equipment.

(Source: matrixelectricals.com)

If the power goes out for an extended time, switch off or unplug electric lights and any appliances, including computers, televisions and refrigerators. For computers and expensive electronics, invest in power strips with surge suppressors or similar protective equipment.

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