Can Power Surge Turn On Lights

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 8 min read

09-21-2012, 10:53 AM # 1 Rewards Points: 10 View grace's Album Hi, My housemate and I went out at about 8.30pm last night and are 100% sure we turned all the lights in the apartment off.

power surge
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When we got back to the apartment at about 11.45pm the same evening the ceiling lights in the corridor and kitchen area were on. Both sets of lights are powered by dimmer switches and were on full blast when we got back.

09-21-2012, 11:07 AM # 3 Rewards Points: 10 View grace's Album In some cases you would always want the device to power up “off” like with an electronic controlled kitchen range.

For lighting in some cases you might always want the devices to power up “on” (maybe when used in a building with no windows). And lately cheaply manufactured electronic devices are not designed and tested to work as they should.

See Billy Bob's post above, happens all the time here with electronic dimmers and touch lights. Thankfully enough all but the oldest digital clocks don't need to be reset anymore.

The Surge, being an action RPG with plenty of Dark Souls influences, has its share of difficult sections. Luckily, players have found a way to turn on the Power Plant lights and make it at least somewhat easier to explore.

surge power protector lightning lights 380v days est
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However, to make it even easier, there’s a way to turn on the lights in the Power Plant, as some players have discovered. Your first order of business is to descend all the way down the stairs from the entrance into the Power Plant and into the darkness.

After the battle, all that’s left is for you to head over to the green triangle on the wall and overcharge the electrical grid. The lights will go back on, and you’ll be free to explore the Power Plant with much less eye strain.

If a sci-fi Souls-like action RPG sounds like something up your alley, you can now get The Surge on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with.

After drinking coffee, I had a surge of energy. My parents were in the dining room last night when the overhead light went off.

They heard a click simultaneously and discovered that the switch itself was now in the off position. This is Jewish construction (about five years old), and according to my dad, the switch is tight.

podcast surge power ether plugin flash browser update
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Where could I find these forums on poltergeist I like ghost stories. I've just had the exact same thing happen here... No other lights went off in the house.

I found my sister in another room, who said she was about to tell me the house was feeling strange! I don’t feel like turning the power off to dismantle the switch at the moment (it's very dark).

If I had to choose exactly one, electrical problem or poltergeist, I will choose power surge /electrical problem 0% and poltergeist 100%. My parents were in the dining room last night when the overhead light went off.

They heard a click simultaneously and discovered that the switch itself was now in the off position. The switch guts are spring-loaded; so far, so good.

The guts heated up and flipped the handle; bad switch, or the handle wasn't fully on, or it can 't be put fully on (bad switch). I experienced the same exact thing with a light switch.

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Like you I also checked to see if the switch could rest ON in the halfway state and determined that it wasn't reasonable to think so. I tell my story in great detail here http://www.ghostgossip.com/2009/06/true-ghost-story-posted-by-ghost-gossip.html which is my own personal website.

I have my email address at the bottom of the main page to my site. :thumb sup:I had the same problem on a service call, tun light on and wait a few min. And the light would turn off on switch would be in the off position to. Put a new switch in, and they have never had the prob again.

Hey, Is it possible for power surges to turn a bedroom light on for a split second too? I've never heard of this ever happening before. I've only ever known of power surges that turn the lights off in a house but never on.

Welcome to the forums! It is possible for induced voltage to cause a lamp to light up. Get the roof repaired ASAP, rainwater coming inside will cause serious damage to all kinds of things in the home.

I have no idea what types of materials or wiring methods are used “Down Under”, but I think it is entirely possible for an induced high voltage to jump the contacts in a light switch and momentarily light things up. Hey guys thanks for replying. Just to answer a few of your questions... No it wasn't a touch lamp, it was the main bedroom light which was fitted with an energy saving globe like this...

flush mount light led bar putco luminix power
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Sorry about the huge link haha. I honestly don't recall there being an electrical storm or rain that night, but the wiring throughout that house was terrible. I also forgot to mention that a smart meter was installed in the house eventually.

There's a lot of conspiracy surrounding them and their effects on humans, such as sleep patterns and electron magnetic interferences. In both case the devices rely on a very small constant current through the bulb.

The fact that the light DID light up for a split second made me think that I got a surge. My memory sucks a little and therefore can 't remember exact details, like whether it was raining or not. Also, I can 't remember if there was a smart meter installed before the surge or after. All I know is that it was a power saving globe and the house had awful wiring. We also had a lot of mice and possums around the house and in the roof. Thanks for all the replies. I am not familiar with electrical wiring or systems in Australia, but rather than a surge I would guess possibly a faulty switch, faulty wiring or perhaps a switched neutral conductor that could have been bitten by a rodent allowing a split second short to ground that may have briefly flashed the light.

I agree w earlier post.get roof repaired to prevent more major problems electrically. Water and moisture always can cause more problems. Tighten connections too. Some power surges are internal and occur when motorized devices or large or small electronics start up or shut off and use more voltage than your circuits can handle.

External power surges stem from outside your home and can be caused by things such as lightning or a tree limb making contact with a power line. Whether internal or external, a power sure can wreak havoc on electronic devices and appliances.

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Power surges are very common and often don't cause any damage. However, a large power surge, such as a lightning strike, can destroy circuits and wiring in an instant.

Once you have unplugged your devices and appliances, reset the circuit breaker. Resetting your HVAC unit should be done according to the manufacturer's specifications.

This surge protection duplex receptacle has an LED signal and an audible alarm that alert you when it needs to be replaced. Insert each wire into the appropriate hole in the new receptacle and tighten the terminal screws securely.

Small internal power surges in your home’s electrical system occur every time you turn on or shut off devices with motors, such as power tools, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. These small voltage spikes can wreck the sensitive electronic circuitry in programmable appliances such as ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers.

Remove the cover plate and the screws that hold the receptacle in the box. Insert each wire into the appropriate hole in the new receptacle and tighten the terminal screws securely.

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Gently push the outlet back into the box and tighten the mounting screws. Replace the cover plate, restore the power and check to see that the green LED is lit.

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