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They are worms whose existence is dedicated to eating leftover food, such as discarded vegetables or fruit. If you’re concerned about starving your worms, you have a fair amount of room for error.

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You’ll see them disappearing around the third week either dying out or escaping their bin if they are left without a food source. Of course, putting fresh scraps of food into your worm’s home will extend the time that they can be left unattended.

This isn’t limited to just fruits and veggies but scraps of cardboard or coffee grounds too. Browns include things like the coffee beans, cardboard, paper, or dry leaves.

Worms need gritty brown food to help move their digestion along. But don’t add too many brown foods, or the soil will be too acidic for the worms.

Worms need a pH of 6.0-7.0; if you find yours is too high, crushed eggshells will help to bring that acid back down. (Check our recommended composting resources page to see a pH meter that you can use for monitoring).

When used on a large scale, it helps our world’s environment because they replace chemical fertilizers. I know it seems really like a simple answer, but these worms are alive just like you and me, and if they’re going to help your soil they aren’t working for free.

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They aren’t too picky, though, and feeding them is pretty easy when you’re preparing dinner and have some scraps of vegetable leftover. By regularly feeding your red wigglers, you are giving them the opportunity to not only survive but to thrive.

Red wigglers don’t need much attending to but when you know you are going to be leaving on a trip it can be helpful to make sure your worms are prepared too. The worms can drown and won’t be able to effectively work through the bedding if it becomes too saturated and compressed.

Use some common sense and provide ample amounts of fruits and vegetables, stay away from citrus, and make sure the bedding is carbon-rich with shredded cardboard and paper. If they aren’t, and they are getting slimy or starting to smell, lessen the amount added each time.

For this reason, composting indoors with a worm bin can work perfectly. As you add more fruit and vegetable scraps you will be increasing the nitrogen levels in the bin.

If you feed them too much, the worms won’t be able to eat it in time, and it will rot and mold and smell awful. Keep in mind, as you feed them your leftover fruits and food, that they are also eating their bedding, so don’t overdo it while trying to learn how much they can consume.

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If it’s dry and the worms aren’t eating, they can ball up to conserve their moisture in their bodies. Thriving Yard is an affiliate for companies including Amazon Associates and earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

Vermicomposting is a form of composting that involves the natural process of decomposition using various species. You can identify wigglers by their physical attributes, such as color and size, as well as their behavior.

Red Wigglers are two to five inches in length They are Reddish Brown In color Red Wigglers have Stripes or rings of different shades They have a bulging area on their body called the flagellum Red Wigglers can secrete a yellowish liquid with a foul smell to word off predators They often have a yellowish Tipped Tail The Red Wiggler stays close to the surface of the topsoil The Red Wiggler is one of the few earthworms that produces the exact chemical makeup that the soil needs.

The Worm Castings contain abundant amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Since people often confuse traditional nightcrawler earthworms with red wigglers, we needed a better way to identify these compost worms at all stages, which is why we created this interactive guide.

Both worms exchange sperm, which is then placed into the albumin sac, with the eggs and amniotic fluid. The red wiggler cocoon is tiny, about the size of a grape seed.

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The cocoons start as clear, then turn white, yellow, and finally reddish-brown when ready to hatch. As long as all the conditions are correctly met, the earthworm should start to peek its head out.

Temperature between 65-85 Degrees Farhenhieght 80-90% moisture content Proper air circulation pH Neutral, or 7.0 (they can survive between 4.2-8.0 or higher alkalinity). After the eggs are fertilized inside the cocoon, they start turning into Zygotes.

The Cocoon is surprisingly adaptive to most weather conditions; in fact, the pupae can even remain frozen for years with all the life intact when it reaches ideal temperatures. The recommended temperature is between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit with a moisture level of 80-90 percent.

You need to have adequate space and food for them to reproduce, and there are no dominant traits to take into consideration. The larvae are not as ideal for composting as the fully developed Red Wiggler (Eugenia Fetid).

Looking similar to their cousin, they are often confused with other earthworms such as the European Nightcrawler, or Eugenia Forensic. The Common Garden Worm (Eugenia Forensic), or European nightcrawler, can easily be confused with the red wiggler.

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The Red Wiggler looks closer to the Eugenia Andrei, which looks identical except for having a slightly darker reddish tint, and less pronounced stripes on the worm. A unique characteristic of the Red Wiggler is that it will secrete a foul-smelling liquid to rid itself of possible predators.

The Red Wiggler will consume up to half of its weight in nitrogen (food waste) and paper or leaves (carbon) daily. Start with smaller amounts of food and increase servings until you find the right balance.

It would be best if you never fed your worms things like Citrus Fruit, Meats, bones, spices, grease, dairy, or non-biodegradable materials. Although it can be tempting to throw all of your food waste into the composting bin, it will undoubtedly lead to a disaster.

Their muscles are the only thing that helps them grind food into a smooth pulp to digest. If you have trouble remembering all of this an infographic refrigerator magnet may help (link to Amazon).

Okaying ModerationNeverCornXCardboardXPearsXRiceXOrangesXSteakXEggsXFoods with additivesXCabbageXCeleryXBeansXBurgersXFrench FriesXRaw Potatoes Wigglers need oxygen to survive; they produce carbon dioxide like most other land animals. The oxygen passes through their skin, and carbon dioxide returns to the environment.

It does not take much, but that slimy mucous membrane over the body of the worm is what is helping filter the oxygen into its bloodstream. If you see your worms surfacing a lot, then something in the soil may be causing this drastic change.

For the most part, you don’t have to worry if your worm population outgrows your farm. The population in your worm farm will self-regulate based on the size of the bin and available food supply.

If you are noticing that you have many small worms, read this troubleshooting guide. The Red Wiggler will also produce castings that can be used to add nutrients to the soil.

The following steps will help you harvest your Vermicompost using the Tap Method: You will need to gather a screen that will allow the worm castings to go through A catch plate You will also need to separate the worms from filtering them You will place the large screen on something stable Put a handful of soil on the screen The tap the pile from underneath, and the worm castings will fall through the 1/8 inch mesh.

Here is a very helpful video that clearly walks you through the steps of harvesting castings: Thomas Jefferson Vermicomposting is a simple and rewarding way to make use of kitchen scraps while providing your plants with an ongoing supply of truly nutrient-rich amendments.

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