Can Red Wigglers Eat Banana Peels

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Fruit rinds, cores, skins, rotted or just left over, including banana peels, a red worm favorite. Dry dog food, moistened in water, is a nutritious meal for the worms, too.

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So if the dogs bowl has some left over, dampen it and add to the mix for some variety. Also, the addition of a cleaned and in-tact she'll fragment or two can be provided welcome shelter to the smallest, youngest worms in your bin.

When faced with considering “What do red worms eat?” the best course of action is to add new foods sparingly. Select CategoryAquaponics (1)Benefits of Composting (41)chickens (1)Compost (200)Fishing (15)General (32)Heirloom Seeds (2)Indoor Composters (133)Live Worms (146)Meal worms (23)Night Crawlers (29)Outdoor Composters (127)Pet Food (1)rabbits (5) Red Worms (170)Supplies (13)UP University (5)Uncategorized (5)Vermicomposting (67)Verminous (3)Work Factory (5)Worm Kits (13)Worm Tea (4) As a new season of harvest rolls around, fresh peaches, pears, apples and much more will be filling kitchen pantries.

Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew Banana Peels Apple Cores Peaches Apricots Pears Strawberries Tomatoes* Whether you have an abundance of melon rinds, spoiled apples or fruit trimmings, you can feed them to your worms by slicing them up into manageable portions.

Avoid putting them in whole as the fruit will likely go sour in the amount of time it takes the worms to get through the skin. To make food easier for the worms to consume it is good to chop or purée it.

For access to the most practical advice on your worm composting hobby, sign up today! Worm composting, or vermicomposting as it's known in scientific circles, is a clean and convenient method for disposing of kitchen food waste.

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The bin is filled with damp bedding, consisting of shredded paper, straw, peat moss or similar materials, to provide the worms with both habitat and food. You can also minimize flies by covering the bin's vent holes with window screening and pushing the food scraps down into the bedding.

The risk of a major infestation can be minimized somewhat by washing the fruit with hot soapy water when you first bring it home. Worms can process small pieces more quickly, giving the skins less time to attract fruit flies.

Freezing the skins or microwaving them for 60 seconds kills fruit fly eggs and reduces the likelihood of an infestation. If banana skins or other food wastes have prompted an infestation of fruit flies around your worm bin, don't despair.

Construct a fruit fly trap by placing a piece of banana skin inside a jar and covering it with plastic wrap. Cover the bedding with a sheet of plastic wrap to prevent reinfestation by limiting fruit flies' access to the bin.

We’ve tried a bunch of foods in our bins at home and have a nice list for you to keep things simple. Vegetable scraps: apple cores, peels, carrot tops and wilted lettuce or trimmings.

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Non-citrus fruit work best, such as watermelon rind, strawberry tops, old blueberries, etc. Drastically limit citrus or eliminate all together to avoid fruit flies and to keep the bin clean smelling and easy to work with.

Onions Spicy peppers Twigs Meat Daily Oily foods Plastic Metal Glass Animal feces FINICKY EATERS: If after a week you notice food hasn’t been touched, they may not be too fond of it.

EASY TO PLEASE: If they are happy with the food, temperature and moisture level, they will stay put in the bin even with the top off! SPOIL ‘EM ROTTEN: If you really want to make brats out of your worms, chop up their food.

Your bin may be completed in record time by making it easier for the worms to break down the scraps. You can also store chopped up food in the frig until ready to feed if you end up with extra.

PUT THAT FOOD TO BED: Because we keep our worms inside our garage, it’s important to us that the bin not call fruit flies, mice or get over-run with ants. Folks that dump food on top increase the chance of fruit flies or yukky smells. The best method is to make layers of food and bedding with a big layer of bedding on top.

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Find out how to mix up homemade nutrients and soil amendments for specific vegetables and fruit! Click on the image to learn more about the e-book or add the .PDF version to your shopping cart now.

We make our own fertilizers and have info on this site and more comprehensive e-book with tons of great recipes. Composting worms will absolutely love eating any members of the cucurbitaceae plant family like pumpkins, squash, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, etc.

A favorite past-time of vermicomposters in autumn is to watch how quickly worms will devour a huge helping of pumpkin. But if you don't add dry bedding to help sop up that moisture, the bottom of your worm bin will soon become a gunky mess.

Some folks express concern over high acidity, but this is only true of unused grounds or the coffee itself in liquid form. But they are also sterile immediately after being drenched with scalding water, so I find it takes a few weeks before the worms really move in on them.

Your local coffee shop will be more than willing to give you their spent grounds for free, often rebagging them and setting them out for customers to take, no questions asked. A word of caution: Coffee grounds can dry a bin out, so keep an eye on moisture if you're adding quite a bit of them.

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Banana peels are welcome hosts for fruit fly larvae, and these eggs are often laid before the food waste ever goes into the bin. So for food wastes like banana peels which are generally considered safe to let sit for a few days, I recommend freezing them in order to kill off fruit fly larvae.

These are slightly more advanced because they can be harder to procure than regular food waste, but popular manures come from cattle, rabbits, and horses. Some folks use pig manure, but it is so liquid and harder to handle that it's probably not worth your time.

I can put the worms in a mixture of aged and semi-fresh horse manure and pretty much leave them alone. Persistent herbicides were designed to selectively kill thatch during hay production, but because they do not break down during the composting process, they can remain in the horse manure.

These high-protein foods are generally used by people trying to fatten up worms for the purpose of selling them to fishermen. But a sprinkling of chicken mash and cornmeal can be an excellent supplement for a worm bin.

What is considered “best” is highly dependent upon your reason for vermicomposting in the first place, whether it's to achieve a zero waste lifestyle at home, to mitigate the removal of animal manures, or to create highly fungal worm castings, etc. In an urban environment, where conventional composting may not be an option, letting the worms eat a mixture of shredded cardboard and your own household kitchen waste is probably optimal.

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Understand though that this process will quickly release water into your bin so ensure you add bedding every time you feed blended foods. Consider freezing organic waste to speed the breakdown and ultimate consumption by the worms.

Freezing food waste also helps to kill fruit fly larvae. Understand though, that the processes of rupturing cell walls has the same water-releasing result as blending food waste.

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