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Christina Perez
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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A deserted view of World NASA, Mumbai after the country went into lockdown. The nationwide lockdown across India has now been extended for another two weeks from 4 May, i.e. till 18 May.

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All places of worship or religious congregations All social, political, educational, cultural and such gatherings Private offices can operate with unto 33 percent strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.

Manufacturing units of essential goods, including drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, their raw material and intermediates are permitted. Buses can operate with unto 50 percent seating capacity.

Bus depots can operate with unto 50 percent capacity. A district will be classified as Redone or a Hotspot based on total number of active coronavirus cases, the doubling rate of confirmed cases, the extent of testing and feedback based on surveillance by health and civic authorities.

A district that is neither a Redone (Hotspot) nor a Green Zone will be classified as Orangeade Based on the spread of coronavirus, the list of cities, towns or districts classified under these zones may change.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will share a list with the states and Union Territories on a weekly basis. A specific area within a Redone (Hotspot) or an OrangeZonecan be classified as a containment zone.

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A containment zone can be as small as a residential colony, or a ward, or a municipal zone or a police station area or even a town. The govt has asked local authorities to ensure 100% coverage of Parody Set app among residents of containment zones ”.

To receive more articles like this, sign up for the Condé Nast Traveler Newsletter The regions were identified by three colors, with restrictions enforced depending on the severity of the outbreak.

The goal is to restrict activity to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and to provide a defined geographic area where metrics can be monitored daily to ensure COVID-19 is not spreading. The goal is to restrict some activity to help prevent further spread from Red or Orange zones and provide a larger defined geographic area where metrics can be monitored daily to ensure COVID-19 is not spreading.

Andrew Cuomo put forward a new set of metrics to determine when an area meets the mark for new restrictions. A red zone that requires closure of all non-essential businesses will be imposed when data shows hospitals will hit 90% capacity in next three weeks.

An orange zone hits when a community has 4% test positivity over the last 10 days or 85% hospital capacity in the next three weeks, or a Department of Health determination based on the virus' spread. A yellow zone requires 3% test positivity over the past 10 days and the cluster is in the top 10% for hospital admissions per capita over past week and week-over-week growth in daily admissions.

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Public and private schools need to test 30% of in-person students, faculty and staff for COVID-19 over the one-month period following the zone designation to stay open. Public and private schools can stay open if 20% of in-person students and staff are tested over the one-month period following the zone designation.

If those results are lower than the zone's current 7-day positivity rate, testing at that school is no longer required. Restaurants can offer indoor and outdoor dining, with a four-person maximum per table.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced new metrics by which micro-cluster focus zones will be determined to help control COVID-19 spread and protect hospital capacity. Additionally, the Governor announced new directives to further grow hospital capacity, as well as updated calibrations to business guidelines based on recent CDC guidance, advice of public health experts, and data from state's contact tracing program.

The updated metrics unveiled today and over this past week continue to focus on limiting viral spread in communities with the highest rates of case growth and hospital admissions, and factor in a region's hospital capacity. Alternatively, a geographic area may also become an Orangeade if the State Department of Health determines the area or region's rate of hospital admissions is unacceptably high and a zone designation is appropriate to control the rate of growth.

A geographic area will be eligible to enter a Yellow Zone if it has a 3 percent positivity rate (7-day average) over the past 10 days and is in the top 10 percent in the state for hospital admissions per capita over the past week and is experiencing week-over-week growth in daily admissions. Additionally, the Governor issued a call to all retired doctors and nurses urging them to return to service if they are able to do so and hospitals were reminded of the requirement to report data and to ensure they maintain a 90-day stockpile of personal protective equipment.

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Of Health is issuing a directive for hospitals to take steps to remain below 85 percent capacity by either adding 25 percent of capacity, eliminating elective surgeries, or by taking a combination of both steps. Beginning on Monday, December 14, indoor dining will be suspended in New York City.

Indoor venues, where distancing is not maintained and consistent use of face masks is not possible (e.g. restaurant dining) have been identified as particularly high-risk scenarios' and New York City continues to see increased positivity, cases per capita, daily hospital admissions, and total hospitalizations. This suspension will continue to be re-evaluated based on updated data over the coming weeks, and to provide additional support to the industry during these difficult times, the Governor is extending the state's moratorium on commercial evictions and is renewing his call for Congress to include support for bars and restaurants in the next stimulus package.

Gyms and personal care services were originally higher risk environments for viral transmission, but the State's latest data shows that the rate of spread has been reduced in businesses that are operating in accordance with the Department of Health's New York Forward guidance. Following the State's principles of recalibration and balancing public health measures with economic impact, these businesses that are within orange zones may operate with additional service restrictions, starting Monday, December 14.

The Erie County Department of Health today cleared the way for limited indoor dining after a court ruling Wednesday rejected the state’s reasons for imposing the orange zone restrictions. State Supreme Court Justice Henry Noway ruled there was no “rational basis” for the ban on outdoor dining in Erie County.

That led Erie County health officials today to announce they will allow restaurants to operate under yellow zone rules, which allow indoor dining with up to four people at a table, plus 50% total capacity limits, and masking and social distancing protocols. “This action is only effective as long as Judge Noway’s preliminary injunction is in place,” the Erie County health department said in a news release.

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Cuomo established the color-coded microcluster zone system last fall in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in areas with high positive tests rates (later adding hospital capacity as an another metric.) The state argued that metric was based on a limited sample size and shouldn’t be used to lift the orange zone restrictions.

Noway, however, concluded the weakness of the state’s data could also undermine its reasons for setting microcluster restrictions in the first place. They have won backing from Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and several local members of the state Legislature.

Steuben, DeKalb, Whitley, Allen and Wells County have now gone red. Noble, Adams, Huntington, Wabash, and Miami counties are in the orange zone, but their positivity rates are on the rise.

Eric Holcomb recently issued an executive order that requires tighter COVID-19 restrictions for counties that are orange and red on the state's COVID-19 map. His administration also paved the way to let local governments impose stronger restrictions if they so choose.

Statewide, Indiana reported 6,143 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday and 60 additional deaths. Local health officials reported an additional COVID-19 death Wednesday and 485 new infections.

On Tuesday, Dr. Sutter announced new restrictions that will impact bars, restaurants, gyms, and large events in Allen County. The Allen County Health Department will not approve events for more than 100 participants.

Salons will not be restricted because folks can effectively wear a mask. Track the COVID-19 globally using this map tracker You can view the latest Indiana COVID-19 numbers here.

Restaurants and bars are still required to close outdoor dining from 10 PM to 5 AM daily. As of Friday, November 13, all gyms and fitness centers must close from 10 PM to 5 AM daily.

Effective November 25, a yellow zone, which covers a large portion of Upper Manhattan, has been added. Effective November 25, the entire borough of Staten Island has been covered by either an orange or a yellow zone.

(Effective date for non-public schools in portions of Staten Island with zone color changes was November 30) Effective November 19, two yellow zones, which cover large portions of the Bronx, have been added.

In a COVID-19 update on Monday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “parts of Erie County are on track to become a Redone.” The governor said we are trending towards it, and he is not wrong, but I am glad to say we have seen a stabilization in the testing positivity rate,” Poincare said.

Erie County falls under the state’s “Tier 1” where a Redone would see a 7-day rolling positivity average of 4% or above for 10 days and 10 or more new daily cases per 100,000 residents also on a 7-day rolling average. Here is a breakdown of essential businesses allowed to stay open, per the governor's office : 1.

Research and laboratory services hospitals walk-in-care health clinics and facilities veterinary and livestock medical services senior/elder care medical wholesale and distribution home health care workers or aides for the elderly doctors and doctors’ offices for both emergency and non-emergency appointments dentists and dental practices for both emergency and non-emergency appointments nursing homes, residential health care facilities, or congregate care facilities medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers licensed mental health providers licensed substance abuse treatment providers medical billing support personnel speech pathologists and speech therapy chiropractic services acupuncture physical therapy occupational therapy medically necessary massage therapy Public and private utilities including but not limited to power generation, fuel supply, and transmission public water and wastewater telecommunications and data centers airlines/airports commercial shipping vessels/ports and seaports public and private transportation infrastructure such as bus, rail, for-hire vehicles, garages hotels, and other places of accommodation, including campgrounds.

Local government are permitted to determine whether parks and other public spaces, as well as low-risk recreational activities may be open. If open, appropriate social distancing of at least six feet among individuals must be abided, acceptable face coverings must be worn by individuals who are over the age of two and able to medically tolerate such coverings, and frequent cleaning/disinfection measures must be in place for hard surfaces and objects frequently touched by multiple people (e.g., handrails, benches).

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