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• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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A deserted view of World NASA, Mumbai after the country went into lockdown. The nationwide lockdown across India has now been extended for another two weeks from 4 May, i.e. till 18 May.

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All places of worship or religious congregations All social, political, educational, cultural and such gatherings Private offices can operate with unto 33 percent strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.

All industrial and construction activities are permitted in rural areas. Manufacturing units of essential goods, including drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, their raw material and intermediates are permitted.

A district will be classified as Redone or a Hotspot based on total number of active coronavirus cases, the doubling rate of confirmed cases, the extent of testing and feedback based on surveillance by health and civic authorities. Based on the spread of coronavirus, the list of cities, towns or districts classified under these zones may change.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will share a list with the states and Union Territories on a weekly basis. A specific area within a Redone (Hotspot) or an Orange Zone can be classified as a containment zone.

A containment zone can be as small as a residential colony, or a ward, or a municipal zone or a police station area or even a town. The govt has asked local authorities to ensure 100% coverage of Parody Set app among residents of containment zones ”.

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To receive more articles like this, sign up for the Condé Nast Traveler Newsletter With specific exceptions, several presidential proclamations restrict foreign nationals who have been in any of the following countries during the past 14 days from entering the United States.

“Restrict close contacts to household and eliminate visiting private homes, unless for emergency reasons, one-on-one teaching (e.g., tutoring), emergency repairs, renovations or construction,” reads a City of Toronto document outlining DE Villa's specific enhanced measures. In that vein, public health officials continue to urge all people in Ontario to follow their time-honoured advice when it comes to stopping the spread of this deadly virus: Wear a mask, wash your hands often, stay home if you're feeling ill and maintain a distance of at least two meters from anyone you don't live with.

Tánaiste Leo Radar commented on Twitter: “Ireland goes from red to amber in latest EU COVID-19 map. Numbers in last few days haven't been good, but we have made huge progress in recent weeks.

Levels are determined by a range of factors including the 14-day incidence per 100,000 population, the number of tests being carried out and the positivity rate. However, from midnight on 29 November, passengers from red regions coming into Ireland can move about freely if they receive a negative Covid-19 PCR test at least five days after arrival.

Mr Rock said that the swab takes about 4-5 minutes and customers will get an email when the results are in. While the testing is mainly focused on airline passengers coming into and flying out of Ireland, Mr Rock said it is also being used by certain industries and members of the public who may want a test for personal reasons, such as for peace of mind when going to visit sick relatives.

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“What we've been calling for many months is a low cost, really rapid, common system of testing right across Europe. “The best solution for this is an antigen test that costs about €5 or €6, and people could have results in a half an hour and build that into their travel journey,” he said, adding that this has been trialed in other countries and the aviation sector is behind it.

Random's walk-through facility will be located in an existing building close to the Terminal 2 multistory car park and will have separate entry and exit points for customers. Hot spots continue to pop up across the United States, and the country just set a record for daily new infections.

As of today, states across the south, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Nevada, and Georgia, are seeing some of the biggest increases per capita, according to a tally by the New York Times. Since case counts and positivity rates change daily, it might be a good idea to check your state or county against these criteria to see if you’re in a localized redone.

Italy has added more regions to its coronavirus high-risk red zones” as cases across the country hit a new daily record. The government's coronavirus consultant, Walter Riccardo, told reporters that the country has “two to three weeks to decide whether to impose a new national lockdown”.

In the redone at the moment are Lombardy, Volcano, Piedmont and Aorta Valley in the north, and Calabria in the south. Campanile, however, has shot straight from the yellow zone to red as a spike in cases threatened to overwhelm hospitals.

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“The situation in Campanile is out of control,” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Main told La Stamp newspaper on Friday. Staff at one hospital have brought oxygen tanks and other equipment outside to treat people parked in their cars because the emergency department was swamped with cases.

Also, this week a video went viral of an elderly suspected COVID-19 patient found dead in the toilet of the Barbarella hospital emergency department in Naples. Center has notified all activities that will be permitted inside the Red Zones.

The grading also allows for the resumption of economic activities in the third phase of lockdown beginning May 4. While some businesses and activities that require mass gatherings like cinema halls, shopping malls, sports, religious, social and political gatherings, clubbing, schools, colleges, training institutes and interstate travel by air, road or rail have not been permitted in any of the zones, several other activities have been allowed in the three zones.

Red zones are defined considering a host of parameters including the number of positive cases in the district, the recovery rate, the doubling rate, the extent of testing and surveillance feedback from the districts and the density of disease clusters etc. According to the government’s classification, there are 130 districts out of a total of 733 that have been put in the Redone.

The classification of districts into Red, Green and Orange Zones will be shared by the ministry of health with the states and Union Territories (UT's) on a weekly basis. While States and UT's can include additional districts as Red and Orange Zones, they may not lower the classification of a district included by the Central health ministry in the list of Red or Orange Zones.

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Out Patient Departments (Odds) and medical clinics shall be permitted to operate with social distancing norms and other safety precautions, however, these will not be permitted within the Containment Zones inside the Red Zones. Manufacturing units of essential goods, including drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, their raw material and intermediates; production units, which require continuous process, and their supply chain; manufacturing of IT hardware; jute industry with staggered shifts and social distancing; and, manufacturing units of packaging material are allowed to function.

Only essential goods shops in urban areas in malls, markets and market complexes can remain open, however, all standalone shops including those in the neighborhood and residential complexes that trade in both essential and non-essential goods can remain open in urban areas. E-Commerce activities are permitted only in respect of essential goods in the Red Zones.

Private offices can operate with up to 33% strength, with the remaining persons working from home. Essential government departments including Defense and Security services, Health and Family Welfare, Police, Prisons, Home Guards, Civil Defense, Fire and Emergency Services, Disaster management and related services, National Informatics Center (NIC), Customs, Food Corporation of India (FCI), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Nehru Yuval Kendra (NYK) and Municipal services shall function without any restrictions.

Animal husbandry activities are fully permitted, including inland and marine fisheries. A large part of the financial sector including banks, non-banking finance companies (NBF Cs), insurance and capital market activities, and credit co-operative societies are allowed to function.

Public utilities including power, water, sanitation, waste management, telecommunications, internet, courier and postal services will be allowed. No State/ UT shall stop the movement of cargo for cross land-border trade under treaties with neighboring countries.

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Metro services- In all cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Lucknow will remain suspended. Inter-State movement by road- This includes all public and private interstate road transport services excluding those with special permission from the home ministry.

Movement of individuals for all non-essential activities shall remain strictly prohibited between 7 pm to 7 am and local authorities will issue orders in this respect. In all zones, persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 years, shall stay at home, except for meeting essential requirements and for health purposes.

Plying of cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws; running of taxis and cab aggregators like Ola and Uber. The NOT was hearing a plea filed by Odisha resident Anti Pradhan and others against illegal mining by Chin may Kumar Kayak and operation of illegal stone crushers by Final Structure (I) Pvt Ltd at Hill Souza in Dhenkanal.

Close Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, both ruled by the BJP, have brought religious freedom laws to stop conversion through marriage or by any other fraudulent means. These laws against inter-faith marriages as an alleged ploy for conversion provide for long prison terms and hefty fines for violators.

The next meeting between the protesting farmers and the Union government will be held on January 19. Close While four centers have been earmarked for Aurangabad rural in Jaipur, Nathan and Killed talks, six are in Aurangabad city, including the Government Medical College, civil surgeon Dr Sunday Kulhari said.

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Suburb Kunduz was arrested from her apartment in an upmarket south Kolkata condominium and brought to the CBI office at the CGO complex at Salt Lake for questioning Close Chief Minister Nitesh Kumar said Bihar was ranked 23 in the country on the number of crimes reported and added that the law of the land was followed in the state.

Close A wild buffalo had escaped from the Tauranga National Park recently due to noises made during community finishing in water bodies in the park. (AP Photo/Representational) An irate mob had torched a forest range office and an official vehicle after a person named Jayanti Was was killed by the buffalo on Thursday.

The animal attacked and killed another person named Suburb Ali on Friday morning. Close Following a sudden spike in fresh coronavirus cases after Diwali last year, the state government had imposed a night curfew in four major cities of Gujarat in November 2020.

While urging people to be patient and cooperate with the authorities for some more days, CM Fulani said the viral infection has come under control due to the night curfew imposed in November 2020 in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot. Close Migratory birds hovering around pilgrims at Sang am area.

The Indian skimmer and various varieties of gulls are the center of attraction at the Sang am area and pilgrims feed these birds with locally made ‘SEV’, a snack sold locally. Close MP chief minister Shiva Singh Chauhan.

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The VHP hopes to collect Rs5 crore from the state where the drive will continue till Feb 27 Close Vials of Covishield before being packaged a lab of Serum Institute of India, in Pune.

Close People walk out of a Covid-19 center in Mumbai on Friday, a day before India starts the first phase of vaccination across the country. The Drugs Controller General of India (CGI) had approved the Oxford University-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, which has been manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII) and marketed as Covishield, and indigenously-developed Cobain of Bharat Biotech for restricted emergency use in the country earlier this month.

In December 2020, the government had proposed to set up a “first of its kind” university covering the entire gamut of disability studies and rehabilitation sciences in an accessible environment.

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