Can Superman Beat X-men

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• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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There's a good chance that without the Man of Steel, superheroes comics would have never caught on the way they did. While the Avengers have gotten most of the love in recent years, the X-Men are easily one of Marvel's most popular creations.

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Composed of some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, they've faced all manner of foes over the years and come out on top. Basically, Superman is used to operating at the highest level possible, and he does it constantly.

Superman has faced down all manner of threat during his time as a hero and that's prepared him for just about any eventuality. This has allowed them to face down foes that should have been able to make short work of them and walk out of the battle with the win.

Storm is no slouch in the leadership department, Wolverine has proven himself more than capable, and Jean Grey knows a thing or two about leading a team. Superman has one of the most formidable arsenal of powers in comics, and it's kinds of hard to prepare for someone who can do all the things he can do.

On top of that, his power level is frankly astounding, making him even harder to beat in a fight. He's been able to take out entire teams of heroes and villains because of the breadth and scope of his powers.

Perseverance is probably the greatest human trait, and it helped Superman understand his adopted home world even more while also readying him for the life of a superhero. It doesn't matter if he's been thrown into a dimension with no yellow sun and his powers are gone- Superman doesn't give up.

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All that matters is saving people and Superman will never stop doing what he does as long as there is breath in his lungs. Made into a Captain of the forces of Krakow, Magic is easily one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

Magic learned the mystical arts in the dimension of Limbo, defeating its lord, Velasco, and taking the realm over. Catching bullets is child's pay to him, and he can fly around the planet in seconds.

This speed, combined with all of his other powers, would make a fight against the X-Men easy for Superman. When one can move as fast as he can, numbers don't really matter, as he can fly around and take them all down in the blink of an eye, before most of them even knew what hit them.

Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Locke, Captain Britain, and Professor X are the most powerful mentalists in all comics. While the individual members of the X-Men wouldn't stand a chance against Superman, the team's telepaths would give them a huge edge over the Man of Steel, enhancing their teamwork and shutting him down before he could do too much damage.

The DC Extended Universe's Superman has been seen at his most powerful, but he’s also been established to have shortfalls that enable others to defeat him. This list will also not take into account battlefield removals, as it makes contests too one-sided without truly reflecting a superhero’s powers.

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Spider-Man would need to rely exclusively on his gadget mastery to distract Superman long enough to have even an opening to take a shot at him. Even then, he just doesn’t have any hope of countering Superman’s durability which saw him take a clean hit from a nuke in Dawn of Justice.

The DCE version has hardly any deep regrets, meaning Ghost Rider’s vast powers of the Spirit of Vengeance will be put to the test. However, Superman did regret causing the calamity in Metropolis, which might qualify him for Ghost Rider’s penance stare.

The latter doesn’t have anything that can permanently put Ghost Rider down either, making this a win through the process of elimination. Still, the guy has been walloped around a fair but by many characters since his immortality and healing factor doesn’t mean he can ’t be overpowered.

On the outside chance it does, Superman will instantly use his super speed to dodge the next move and punch Wolverine into the skies. The only way Superman has a chance in this situation is if he manages to speed blitz through normal Jean Grey before the Phoenix Force can be let out.

The DCE version is far too emotional to be capable of controlling a manipulated mind, making this an easy win for Jean. In fact, the film universe Superman has been shown to be a warrior of pure heart, which qualifies him to lift Mjölnir, in theory.

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Other than that, Thor’s main arsenal of abilities is physical in nature, and it’s hard to see him being faster than Superman who was able to beat Flash in this department. Aside from his penchant to throw hilarious quotes at anyone he wants, the comic book version of Deadpool is actually pretty impressive in his immortality.

Deadpool can break the fourth wall, but he doesn’t have the “too force” like Bugs Bunny where he can alter any situation. Comics Superman has a fair chance at beating him, but the DCE version just doesn’t have incredible levels of strength like World breaker Hulk.

This version can outright destroy planets, and his limitless anger makes his exterior so durable that nothing can likely break through. His rage only makes him stronger, meaning Superman’s repeated hits will end up hurting the Man of Steel himself.

Although fanboys like to argue that Iron Man’s many powerful armors can whip up a fantastical way to beat Superman, the fact remains that these are still made with tech rather than natural abilities. Mainly, the DCE's Superman hasn’t been shown to have the best powers of concentration, which will give Strange the opening to use his magic to confuse him.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have 2nd child But now, if he would want to go against a whole team of mutants... well it wouldn't work out too good for him.

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First, you have Cyclops, the leader of The X-men, a brilliant tactician, he's very agile, and he can shoot a laser from his eyes, so strong that it can destroy mountains. Her power is to control the weather, and she does it pretty well, nothing can stay in her way when she starts something.

Animalistic instincts, with razor sharp blades coming out of his hands and adamantine skeleton. Oh... he also has the healing factor on his hand, which makes him practice impossible to beat.

He's also very agile and fight just like an animal, a beast to be more precise. He's name says it all, Iceman's mutant powers are to make ice, and manipulate it.

He can hide in the shadows, and teleport himself anywhere he wants as long as he can see the place. First I was worried about whose going to win, since there's no Professor X or Jean Grey, but then I saw Emma Frost, and who has similar powers.

Before the fight would start, Cyclops and Storm would have everything planed out for the X-men, so that victory is in their hands. Superman will probably throw beast in the ground and fly up in the air.

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Then Nightcrawler will teleport Wolverine on top of Superman and hoping he'll get a few scratches on, after which Superman will just hit Wolverine back on the ground. While he's trying to fight off all the freaks of nature, The White Queen will use her telepathic abilities to take over Superman's mind.

Once she does that, Superman will just come down of the air and lay on the ground. However, if you want to her nasty, and make Marvel look superior to DC, then you can use Iceman and Cyclops.

First Iceman will freeze Superman's brain as long with his whole body and every living cell in it. Wolverine's body can heal itself. Once superman gets tired.

Ice Man, can only freeze things. And that's about it. Superman would surely kick his butt. Superman would kick Storm's butt. By the time she's summoning some earthquake or tornado... Superman with the speed of light would kick her butt.

But nightcrawler would be no match for superman's x-ray vision. Super would win. I've never seen strength comparisons made outside the rival comic series, but I'd think Superman could take out the X-Men, if Cyclops cannot damage him with his eye beam.

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Just the professor alone can defeat him, not to mention jean gray post PHOENIX stage. Storm could freeze him, Wolverine could cut him, Rogue could take his strength, and everyone else could dominate him.

One of Superman's greatest foes, General God would give any group of heroes that don't include a Kryptonite a problem. Led Author is a complicated man ; he genuinely believes that his villainy and battles against superhuman are meant to be for humanity's benefit, even though he's really doing it for personal gain.

One of the most intelligent villains in the DC Universe, he uses his prodigious intellect and vast resources to battle some of the most powerful heroes, including his arch-nemesis Superman. The X-Men have them beaten numerically, but the Crime Syndicate has overcome the odds before and should be able to defeat Marvel's Merry Mutants.

The Crime Syndicate wins its fights because of the sheer amount of brute strength the team can bring to bear. While this has helped them on many occasions, it's also been the thing that ultimately defeats them in the long run as they face down teams that are just plain better than them at tactics and such.

While they have some very powerful members, the X-Men are experts at teamwork and tactics and this is going to give them a huge advantage over the Crime Syndicate. While the individual members of the CS are powerful, the X-Men will use their superior skills and battle planning to beat them handily.

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Consisting of some of the most powerful and skilled villains on Earth, they've proven to be a deadly threat to any team they come across. The Legion of Doom is the total package when it comes to villain teams, with all the tools needed to give any group of heroes a run for their money.

The X-Men are one of the toughest teams around but there's a good chance that the sheer power and experience of the Legion of Doom would spell the end for mighty mutants. The Legion of Doom consist of a lot of very powerful villains, ones who have been facing down some proficient heroes of all time.

The Legion has Grodd, but he wouldn't be able to defend his compatriots against the psychic attacks of telepaths like Jean Grey or Locke for long and if Professor X got involved, well, that would be all she wrote. Traveling the stars, Brainier collects cities- stealing them from their home worlds, destroying the planets, and shrinking the cities down.

His ship can destroy planets, his drones are strong enough to put up a fight against Superman, and he's no slouch in the combat department either. He has to depend on lots of things, like the AI of his drones and ship's systems to give him time to figure out ways to defeat his foes.

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