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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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The Backbone is the fifth-tier Path 3 upgrade for the Tack Shooter in Blooms TD 6. In addition to its already extraordinary attack speed, The Backbone upgrade also doubles the tower's range, increases attack speed by 33%, and can pop any non-Camo blood type, including Lead Blooms.

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However, like most Tack Shooter upgrades, it still cannot detect Camo Blooms without support. The Backbone is a highly versatile tower that should not be underestimated for its relatively low range.

Even though it is most optimally placed around tight bends, it is still very powerful when placed in any region of the map where MOAB-class blooms congregate the densest, as their huge hatboxes render them more susceptible to the frequent swarms of tacks shot out at once. The Backbone benefits greatly from buffs that grant bonus damage, attack speed, range, and pierce, in that order.

Attempts are to use this tower with Pat Fusty, as it benefits from his Rallying Roar, dealing massive damage to blooms and Mobs extremely quickly. It is highly worth combining The Tack Zone with Overclock for regular massive attack speed bonuses.

Combining with Primary Training and Stronger Stimulant are also excellent buffs to add to The Tack Zone. When a 2-0-5 Tack Zone is buffed with just Stronger Stimulant with Perishing Potions, it attacks almost as fast as it can use up all the buffs for its duration.

For the most optimal performance, pair with Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar ability. This combo alone can easily obliterate blooms extremely efficiently for a relatively low cost.

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It appears in every BAD game except Blooms Adventure Time TD. Although it has a short range, these towers are very effective at thinning out crowds of Blooms at corners and intersections.

Tack Shooters have a slow rate of fire (0.6 shots per second) compared to other towers initially, which limits their strength. This was changed in later BAD games for unknown reasons, possibly for tower name variety.

Unlike BTD3 and future BAD games, the Tack Shooter does not change appearance regardless of upgrades. As mentioned before, it is best to place Tack Shooters at the corners and intersections of the track to have maximum pop page.

Said glitch actually allows one to win using only Tack Shooters, a feat Ninja Kiwi deems impossible. The Tack Shooter undergoes no change between BAD and BTD2, in terms of functionality and appearance.

Easy Medium Hard Tower Cost $$305360 $390 Faster Shooting $$180210 $225 Extra Range $$85100 $110 Blade Shooter $$240280 $300 Ring of Fire $$2,1252,500 $2,700 Total Sell Amount $$2,3482,760 $2,828 Total Cost $$2,9353,450 $$3,725305 (Easy)$360 (Medium)$390 (Hard)$420 (Impalpable) Ring of Fire Once again, the Tack Shooter along with all towers in BAD gets a huge improvement, with two paths of powerful upgrades.

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$$2,2952,700 $$2,9153,240 Total Sell Amount $$2,5282,968 $$3,2043,900 ($4,388 with path 1 upgrades) Total Cost $$3,4554,065 $$4,3954,875 ($5,485 with path 1 upgrades) Ring of Fire has a slower attack speed (2.3 shots per second ? Blade Maelstrom ability can pop camo blooms if the tower is under the influence of an x/2Monkey Village.

Blade Maelstrom no longer plays a sound when the ability is activated. Tack Shooter hasn't seen as much use in Battles Mobile compared to Flash, possibly due to a less effective Ring of Fire and players only being able to choose 3 towers reliably as opposed to 4.

Tack Shooter overall isn't often used as one of three main towers, due to its inability to pop camo blooms, despite being useful early-game. However, it should be noted that due to the previous 3 upgrades all getting price buffs, this nerfs is completely negligible since the overall cost to get a 0/4 Tack Shooter is cheaper ($4065 $3910).

Breaking a massive number of Lead or Ceramic Blooms is not impossible. Tack Shooter's 4-2 upgrade can take off all layers of a group of Lead Blooms and does heavy damage on Ceramic Blooms, whilst 2-4 upgrade, especially its ability, can massively break off the shell of a group of Ceramic Blooms with only 1 blade if too close, then entirely pops away all layers of it with only a few blades not over than 6-10.

In order to counter this, buying an Arctic Wind and combining it with a Ring of Fire will decimate Blooms. At the start of the turn, if you want to pop multiple layers of blooms, best use 3-2 upgrade at first.

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But if players want to deal with gaps, 2-3 upgrade will fit into it since blades are larger than tacks that can easily hit blooms. The 3-# can do lots of damage to MOAB class blooms since it's a volley of 16 tacks (but not all of it) can easily hit the big hatbox of MOAB class blooms Because of this, upgrading to a 4-# does less damage since it doesn't equal to 16 tacks.

This tower is not to be underestimated for its low prices: it is highly capable at cheap crowd control that can extend mid to late-game, and third path upgrades increase the amount of tacks that can hit one blood at a time, with M.O.A.B. A Blade Maelstrom given camo detection can easily destroy any wave of tightly packed ceramics with its ability, outside of Free play Mode rules.

Overdrive and The Backbone can decimate MOAB-class blooms with ease due to both their high attack speed and large numbers of projectiles. It can receive benefits from the first path upgrades of the Monkey Village, Primary Training, and beyond.

Easy Medium Hard Impalpable Unlock XP DPS (If only 1 tack hits the Blood) $$125150 $$160180 150 $0.78255 $$300325 $360 550 1.45 Hot Shots Shoots super hot tacks that do extra damage and canopied Blooms. Easy Medium Hard Impalpable Unlock XP $$85100 $$110120 $15085 $$100110 $120 $490350 $$450485 $540 $2,4502,720 $$3,2003,455 $3,840 8,750 The Backbone Many, many tacks.

$$20,40024,000 $$25,92028,800 26,500 Total Sell Amount N/A Total Cost 38,340 Initial (compared to BTD5) Faster Shooting costs less ($210 - $150) Tack Sprayer now is an upgrade separate from Path 1 that shoots 33% faster than normal. Tack Sprayer costs less ($500 - $450) Blade Shooter now attacks slightly faster.

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Ring of Fire now deals more damage (1 - 2) along with greater attack speed. 4.0 x5x Super Maelstrom ability duration increased (TBA seconds - 6 seconds) x5x Super Maelstrom damage increased by +1, including for its ability.

5xx Inferno Ring now adds a new special attack: Launches a homing meteor set on Strong (cooldown of 7s, damage to 700, projectile speed of 100, pierce of 1, infinite range) 12.0 5xx Inferno Ring lava bomb cooldown reduced 7s 4s xx4 Overdrive (and by extension The Tack Zone) attack speed increased from x2 to x3.

Also, in BTD1/2, the player can create hypertonic tack shooters by pressing tab and repeatedly purchasing Faster Shooting. The Tack Shooter is one of only 2 towers to have its BTD4 3rd and 4th upgrades to be on completely separate paths in BTD5.

This has happened yet again in the transition from BTD5 to BTD6, as Ring of Fire and Tack Sprayer are on separate paths. As for Blade Shooter, Ring of Fire itself was originally introduced as its successor.

In the artwork for BTD5, the upgrade Faster Shooting gives the shooter 3 tack icons on the top. The Tack Shooter's attack method and appearance bears a resemblance to the Gloom-Shroom from the Plants Vs. Zombies games.

The cost of the Ring of Fire has been nerfed to make it more expensive, in Blooms Monkey City Mobile. Ring of Fire cannot attack in a larger range when influenced by Monkey Beacon.

“ Shoots sharp blades instead of tacks, each can pop 3 Blooms “ ~ Description in BTD6 It is a cheap, early game unit that fires tacks out in all directions from its 8 (can be upgraded) guns.

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