Can Time Zone Affect Your Period

James Lee
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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Hormones released during stress otherwise harm the overall health, but when it comes to a period, they have a more evolutionary, primal role. Scientists explain this with the body's strategy to avoid pregnancy in an uncertain environment.

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Stress can suppress the pituitary gland functions, affecting the production of estrogen, which in return disrupts the ovulation. You can trigger this body response even if you mentally feel good, excited and entertained if you're partying too much and sleeping too little.

Hormone levels during cycle shift as your body works to produce a fertile egg. Travel-induced stress, even positive, troubled sleep, and other sudden lifestyle changes, can affect this balance.

If the trip is long, or uncomfortable, or you're vacationing in a complete opposite climate than you're used to, it can affect the sleep quality. A lot of people have trouble falling asleep when changing environments, and many also can 't sleep in high temperatures.

Additionally, changing the climate to tropical/marine or mountain can also affect blood pressure and make you more groggy or agitated. Needless to say, you most likely won't go for a morning jog and stick to your lean diet on vacation.

Most people abandoned healthy routines and enjoy leisure time on vacation, which only adds up to the “positive” body stress. Still, there are a couple of roles to taking birth control when you're switching time zones if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

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If the time in which you're supposed to take the pill is extremely inconvenient, delaying one dose for a couple of hours shouldn't be a problem. Some people find it useful to spend a night awake before the trip and (if needed) sleep during the day, or on a plane.

If you plan on enjoying the charms of local cuisine, at least make sure to schedule your meals as you normally do. Teas, essential oils, special pillows, and music, or your favorite cover, will help you relax and fall asleep easier.

If you want to avoid painful late periods, relax when you feel overwhelmed and exhausting, no matter how entertaining the experience is. If you prefer to use a menstrual cup, make sure to have multiple ones at your disposal, along with a set of top-notch cleaning supplies.

The best and the only way to preserve your usual menstrual cycle on travel is to avoid imposing stress on your body. If you're one of the women who have a hard time coping with late periods, or you want to keep your period regular for other medical reasons, make the changes lighter on your body.

Do as much as you can to relax and sleep well and tweak your agenda to match your normal mealtimes and activity levels. Similar to other lifestyle change, traveling could have an affect your monthly period because your normal routine is disrupted, even though it’s a temporary occurrence.

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You could have problems such as delayed and missed periods because of stress, eating habits and more since the menstrual cycle hormones can be very sensitive to new things. When you are traveling, especially to a faraway city or overseas, the time change will interfere with your normal internal biological clock or circadian rhythm.

This is what is referred to as jet lag, and rapid air travel across various time zones can lead to a number of problems. A study was conducted on this, and it indicated that women have sleep disturbances seventy percent of the time after they cross a timezone.

From the frenzy of deciding what to pack, leaving home to reach your location to the time that you should arrive at the airport, traveling comes with loads of stress. On the other hand, traveling might involve walking for long hours on unfamiliar streets or climbing mountains, and these things can jumpstart your system.

It is not only the fluctuation in calorie intake that could affect your monthly period while you are eating everything around the world, or you start to forget breakfast suddenly. You will be in new locations with new ingredients and menus that switches up the nutrients that you normally eat, so all these things are going to have an effect on how your body functions and feels.

Bear in mind that these factors will affect different females in different way s. Your period might remain constant even though you are traveling all over the place, or it could go completely out of whack. This will not guarantee that your period is going to remain unchanged, but you are sure to feel better and be less vulnerable to PMS symptoms that are more difficult to predict on irregular cycles.

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Just remember that jet lag, change in eating habits and stress are things that come with traveling and can cause a delayed or missed period. Missing a period might normally send me into panic mode (*goes to CVS and buys all the pregnancy tests*).

TMI, but there was a time when I didn't get my period for several months living abroad, but became regular again as soon as I moved back to the U.S. What gives, body? “Ultimate control of your menstrual cycle resides with the hormones secreted by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland–essentially your brain,” explains Joshua U Klein, MD, chief medical officer and reproductive endocrinologist at Extend Fertility.

Any disruption to your physical or emotional health, which includes stress, lack of sleep, and changes in diet, can affect hormone balance and lead to irregular or absent menstrual periods, he explains. Proper hormone balance is necessary for ovulation to occur, meaning an imbalance can rock the system and cause your period to skip a beat.

While many hormones are involved in the control of your menstrual cycle, two important ones are known to be directly related to travel and stress: cortisol and melatonin. But if your menstrual cycle is delayed a few weeks and there is a chance that you could be pregnant, it's a good idea to take a pregnancy test.

On the other hand, if your period has been normal in the past and there is no potential that you could be pregnant, the irregularity is more likely due to the hormonal changes experienced during travel, says Dr. Klein. Maintaining regular sleeping and healthy eating habits, exercising, and staying hydrated are always to help keep your flow normal once you get to your destination.

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Contraception that contains estrogen (the vaginal ring, the patch, and of course, the combined pill) can increase your risk for blood clots, so you need to make sure you're moving your legs in flight (wearing compression socks won't hurt) and check with your doctor that you're not at a higher risk for clots. Changes in time zone, habit, or stress that accompanies travel may cause irregularities with your period.

A person's period is a frustrating and unpredictable thing and this is only exacerbated while traveling. A missed connecting flight, lost luggage, or navigating your way around an unfamiliar environment can all add to the stress level of travel.

“Stress operates by affecting your hypothalamus, which in turn, can affect all of your hormone levels.” Your circadian rhythm responds to lightness and darkness so when you travel through time zones, your body is actively trying to figure out how to get back onto its normal schedule, which might alter your period.

“With travel comes changes in general habits, such as diet, sleep, hydration, or exercise. My body just can 't fight the germs of a plane filled with coughing and sneezing strangers.

You may be eating different foods, drinking different water, and your regular habits of exercise and nutrition can be totally off.” So yourperiodcan be affected when your body's working hard to fight off illness.

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That's valuable to keep in mind during ski trips or treks to high mountain ranges. “If you are on the pill, the number one way travel canaffectyourperiod is if you forget to take it,” Dr. Moore told INSIDER.

If you're preparing for a big trip or are already living the life on vacation, don't fret about your period. DST is now in effect for 238 days, or about 65% of the year, although Congress retained the right to revert to the prior law should the change prove unpopular or if energy savings are not significant.

Daylight saving time, or DST, is the period of the year when clocks are moved one hour ahead. In the United States, this has the effect of creating more sunlit hours in the evening during months when the weather is the warmest.

The transition from ST to DST has the effect of moving one hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. The transition from DST to ST effectively moves one hour of daylight from the evening to the morning.

However, DST is not observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the state of Arizona (except the Navajo Indian Reservation, which does observe DST). However, as an official timekeeper for the United States, NIST observes all rules regarding DST when it distributes time -of-day information to the public.

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Corrections for your local timezone and for daylight saving time are provided by your computer's operating system. Therefore, if you use NTP, it is especially important to use an operating system that has been patched to conform to the new DST rules.

The NIST time codes sent using the Daytime Protocol of the or sent by telephone using the Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS), do contain DST information and have been modified to conform to the current DST rules. However, the advance notification flags provided by ACTS and by the in daytime format are advisory, and will not override the configuration of your operating system, so it is still important to have the latest operating system updates.

The WAVE broadcast contains information that tells your clock whether DST or ST is currently in effect. There are many non-radio controlled clocks, marketed under names like “AUTOS ET” or “SMART SET” that have internal firmware that automatically changes the time by one hour on the transition days to and from DST.

These clocks do not connect to a NIST time service, and some of them will no longer work properly due to the DST rule change.

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