Can We Do Zumba Dance In Periods

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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The story of Zumba is one of those once in a blue moon deals where someone strikes gold because of a novel and different idea they came up with on the fly. Alberto Perez accidentally created Zumba when he choreographed a spur of the moment dance to one of his Latin mix CDs, and this class became such a hit that soon it was popular all over the world.

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If anything all the movement and muscle stretching will help ease stomach cramps and make you feel better. Dancing too vigorously will make you unable to breathe properly; defies the purpose and the goal when you can ’t hold a conversation with the other people at the class.

Make sure your heart rate doesn’t go up dangerously high, to the point where it’s thudding in your chest like crazy. Focus on abdominal moves that would stretch out the ligaments and muscles in the abdomen and ease the pain of cramps.

Some signals your body might give you include; dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches and swelling in the calves. It will not only help clear your mind and relieve stress, it will also give you a positive outlook on life and heal all physical pains, including stomach cramps.

RFA is a chain of dance and fitness studios based out of Bangalore. Rhythmic Feet was conceptualized and founded by the dynamic Julie Mash.

Julie is a leading danseuse, choreographer and fitness instructor with over a decade of experience in western, classical and contemporary styles. She has been featured on NDTV, Star, AAJ Take, ETV, ETC Punjabi, etc.

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A study published in the British Journal of General Practice found that exercising while you're menstruating can actually help relieve PMS symptoms, so it's especially important to stick with your workout routine if you want to feel as good as possible during that pesky time of the month. “Research also shows we have a higher pain tolerance and faster recovery period,” says fitness expert Alexandra Confetti to Bustle over email regarding that time of month.

“For backache, bend over and hang, and do downward face dog and cobra yoga stretches.,” says fitness expert Jacqueline Kelly over email. “Increasing cardio workouts will bolster endorphins, which will counteract feelings of depression and lower self-confidence,” says Kelly.

Going for a light jog around your neighborhood or on a treadmill can be a quick way to get in your cardio, or if you're not feeling completely up for it, there's always the option to do a brisk walk instead. Sure, working out may not sound ideal if you're not feeling great, but if it can boost your mood and help those cramps stay away, it may be worth a try.

Zumba is a Spanish word meaning to move fast and briskly. Alberto Beta Perez, a Colombian dancer, came up with the idea of Imbalance.

Since its release in 2001, Imbalance classes have grown exponentially in terms of the fitness programs they offer. Aqua Zumba is more intense as you need to make your moves inside water.

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It involves routines like push-ups, squats, and lunges choreographed on the tune of beats. The Imbalance fitness program starts with slow music and gradually increases intensity over time.

This helps you to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular health, and improve coordination and balance. The entire body routine eliminates the stress on muscles and improves your fitness.

Dance moves in Zumba makes your heart pump faster. The quick movements from the Zumba routine forces you to breathe hard; this, in turn, makes your lungs to add more oxygen into the blood, which gets circulated throughout your body.

Your core endurance will increase if you continue to doZumbadance regularly, as almost every muscle of your body moves during the dance workout and your core has to work continuously to stabilize the body. Obesity makes one, more vulnerable to high blood pressure.

The more your body weight increases, the more you will likely catch hypertension (high blood pressure). Even a small amount of weight loss can make a significant difference in the risk of getting hypertension.

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Since Imbalance helps reduce weight, they are among the best ways to control/decrease blood pressure. Since you will be focusing on music and your steps during the Imbalance workout, you will most likely forget all your tension.

While people do take the help of a routine choreography, there is no right or wrong way to Zumba. The prime focus for anyone who participates is to move their body as quickly and swiftly as possible.

The entire body workout and general health benefits of Zumba help improve your metabolism. The workout enhances your blood circulation, thereby improving your metabolism and immunity.

Imbalance is inspired by Latin dance styles that need coordination and rhythm. Imbalance is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your aerobic endurance, but it does not provide much benefit in terms of muscle strength.

An effective Imbalance routine will help you to tone your body efficiently. Hence, you should opt for a routine that involves both Imbalance and traditional strength exercises.

So, if you love dancing and are looking to get back into shape, join a Zumba fitness program. Combining aerobic moves with Latin dance styles including salsa and meringue, Zumba encourages its participants to follow both the beat and their instructor.

Don't panic if you find yourself struggling with a particular move, just take one step at a time and alternate the movements in your upper and lower body. Fortunately, in addition to aerobic related heart health benefits, workouts like Zumba build muscle and bone density.

Zumba's is not just dancing, and it's not just aerobics, which leaves it providing the perfect combination of benefits for those who want both cardio training and lean muscle toning. Additionally, the internet hosts a wealth of easy to follow instructional videos for beginners, those looking to expand their dance steps, and everyone in between.

Does the thought of working out while on your period make you want to retire your running shoes for good? In fact, sticking with a routine can actually help ease some of the common complaints that accompany menstruation.

“Both progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest during the entire length of the period phase of the menstrual cycle, which can make people feel tired and less energetic,” he explained. If you experience fatigue and mood swings in the days leading up to your period and during your cycle, regular aerobic exercise may lessen these symptoms.

Because exercise gives you a natural endorphin high, it can elevate your mood and actually make you feel better. Brandon Marcello, PhD, believes one of the main benefits of exercise while on your period is the endorphin release and workout “high.” He also said that since endorphins are a natural painkiller, when they release during exercise, you may feel relief from uncomfortable periods.

Strength and conditioning coach and founder and CEO of BIRTH FIT, Dr. Lindsey Mathews, said exercising at this time will enhance your mood and increase circulation. Exercise also tends to alleviate cramps, headache, or back pain associated with your period.

If you experience painful periods, also called amenorrhea, you know all too well how uncomfortable this time of the month can be. There’s research supporting the idea that your lungs work better later in your cycle, so consider keeping that type of training for the end of your period.

In fact, Matthews said this is a great time to do longer flow sessions that involve a mix of strictly strength work and cardio. The two to three days leading up to your period is a great time to engage in activities like yoga, which can help relax your body and potentially reduce symptoms like cramping, breast tenderness, and muscular fatigue and soreness.

If you’re not experiencing any discomfort from your period, feel free to continue with your regular exercise routine. If you find that your body isn’t performing like it usually does, give yourself a break and ease up on the intensity.

Further, it’s got a pretty interesting, basically accidental history which makes for a cool story, but also kind of adds to the confusion. Here it is in all its glory, our neatly wrapped definition of Zumba (copy and paste this, write this down, file this under important bookmarks, do whatever you need to do to remember this groundbreaking definition).

And when wed this, remember, we’re not just talking about the benefits of taking a Zumba class yourself (although, we’re never going to advise against that). We’re talking about the benefits that teaching a Zumba class will have for your clients’ health, goals, and overall wellness.

You’ll gradually come down from your dancing high with a rhythmic cool down (which is partly to bring you back from dance planet and partly to bring your heart rate down slowly). Dance fitness is a totally different way to work out, so if it’s your first time, your body’s going to give you a sort of what-the-heck-was-that reaction.

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