Can Whirlpool Tub Jets Be Replaced

Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
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Jetted bathtubs are a lot like Jacuzzis and add a sense of style and grandeur to your bathroom. As opposed to the use of showers, bathtubs provide you with an extra sense of comfort.

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Changing the fixtures of your jet tub is not a difficult task. Turn the valve in a clockwise motion until it is securely tightened.

Place the P-trap gasket onto the drain and the opposing side onto the outflow pipe. Make use of a wrench to securely fix the bolts into place.

Ensure that you have not excessively tightened them, which might harm supply lines. Cover your valve with tape, and insert it through the supply pipe by turning it in a clockwise motion.

Move the bolt located on the water supply riser to the fitting positioned on top of the shutting valve. Again, secure the bolts with your hands, and use a wrench to fix the nut.

The master bathroom features a whirlpool jacuzzi tub in fairly good condition. The only problem I am having is the fact that the jets in the tub are discolored (yellow) and dirty and so is the suction cover.

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I would feel more comfortable if I just replace the jets than attempt to clean them. Jaccuzzi always have the name “Jacuzzi” on the top edge of the tub and are of superior quality to others.

When the producers began making them freestanding so individuals have been putting in them on decks and so on a detailed manufacturer used to be known as a “scorching bathtub”, then all have been referred to as that. Jacuzzi is the same, they are a corporation that makes pool filter systems as good spa methods and their identify is common with spas.

A 2-person spa is small as good some call their jetted bathtub jacuzzi. You can clean the pump and lines just by filling with hot water and bleach and let it run for a couple of minutes.

At Best Whirlpool Bathtub Service we provide superior assistance and repairs for major brand tubs. With many resources at our disposal, we’re sure to get your tub functioning properly, so it can be enjoyable once again.

He came out the next day with the part and fixed our Jacuzzi tub in under 10 minutes. American Whirlpool (formerly MAX Spas) continues to be the industry leader in hydrotherapy, tub design, water control and serviceability.

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American Whirlpool Spas are made at the same Chandler, Arizona Factory, with the same advanced MAX technology that our customers have come to trust and love. The lip of an American Whirlpool Spa is wide, curved and strong, making the tub comfortable to rest upon, sit upon and climb over.

American Whirlpool‘s Performance Seats And Lounges take ergonomic spa engineering to the highest level for total hydrotherapy. Comfort Collars cradle your head while an array of powerful jets provide pinpoint massage accuracy.

American Whirlpool‘s Clean Zone II technology significantly reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine sanitizer required in your spa. American Whirlpool Spas circulate and clean all the water in your tub 4 to 6 times per hour, eliminating the necessity of running a smaller pump in the background throughout the day.

Its onboard timers can even be set to clean your spa during specific hours of the day to take advantage of lower day part electric rates (coming soon to a municipality near you). American Whirlpool ergonomic air feed and nozzle controls require just the lightest touch: no twisting and turning is ever necessary.

Does not dispense fabric softener or detergent Marks left on clothes Noisy See more... Then using a socket remove the bolt that holds the plastic cup in place.

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Remove this cup by prying it loose from the two tabs that hold it in place. (You may want to remove the entire agitator and assemble everything upside down, then flip it all back over to mount, so the cogs don't fall out).

These parts are located inside the agitator auger near the top. You will need to remove the softer dispenser first if your model is equipped with one.

This part is driven by the output shaft of the transmission to move the clothes during a wash cycle. The agitator auger rotates one way but not the other, which forces the laundry down and out for a constant tumbling during the wash cycle.

The agitator is subjected to a lot of force during the washer wash cycle. Constant and frequent use of the appliance can cause damage, especially during heavy loads.

The agitator repair kit includes an agitator cam, 4 directional cogs, a bearing, thrust spacer, inner cap seal, and a washer. Does not dispense fabric softener or detergent Marks left on clothes Noisy See more...

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Upper portion of agitator, no longer pushing clothing down. The instructions came with the repair kit, it was fairly simple and straight forward. One bolt held the entire agitator unit in the washer, as well as held the upper and lower halves together.

Once that nut was removed the two halves separated and the plastic clutch pieces could easily be replaced with the new once in the repair kit. Noisy Pumps but will not spin Shakes and moves See more...

Dog ears worn down; upper agitator not moving I used a flat-head screwdriver to weaken the plastic clips holding down the old bearing-driven cam.

Once I got the upper agitator off, the guts were easy to pull out. This is a genuine OEM thrust spacer for your washer, and is also commonly known as a retainer ring.

The spacer is about 2.5 inches in diameter, is made of plastic, and is white. It is used in the agitator assembly of many direct drive washing machine models.

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Noisy Pumps but will not spin Shakes and moves See more... On top of the agitator is a flat cap that is held in place by the friction of an o-ring, there are no fasteners.

I would imagine one could get under the lip with a small screwdriver or butter knife to pop it off, but I chose simply using my fingernails to not disfigure the cap. Once the bolt is out the top of the agitator, the assembly with the cogs removes by hand.

Set the assembly upside down on the counter, slide the black plastic ring off, pull the cogs out with your fingertips, install the new cogs put a new black ring on and set the assembly back in the agitator. As the bolt is down in a tube, you cannot set it in place with your fingers, and it will fall out of the socket.

In the process of separating the agitator from the base, a plastic tab broke off which concerned me. BUT, in the directions with the part it explains that the 2 tabs are for factory assembly and to break both of them off.

Washing Machine Upper Agitator(10) PartS elect Number PS11727882 Agitator rotates back and forth to move the clothes inside the tub to clean the load.

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I figured out from there which symptom the washer had and read what other people were saying and how they made the repairs. I focused on the loud noise first and decided I needed to replace the clutch/brake assemblies.

This video is all you need to gain access to all moving parts located under the cabinet. After removing the console, back panel and cabinet then laying the machine on its back just as seen on the video, I had access to the water pump, motor, transmission and related clutch/brake parts.

As it turned out I did not need the clutch/brake assembly but as a precaution and because the parts were cheap, I replaced the motor coupling, water pump and tub wear pads. I decided to replace the agitator assembly because of several worn parts associated with the dog ears/drive shaft ETC.

I put the machine back upright and took off the top cap on the agitator, then there is an inner cap with seal that gives access to the 7/16” bolt you must remove to remove the agitator. However once the agitator was removed I noticed metal shavings and play in the shaft.

Replacing the Drive Block stopped the loud noise at the end of the spin cycle. For my situation it was best to take the machine apart and decide which parts I needed before ordering to minimize errors.

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Does not dispense fabric softener or detergent Will not agitate Will not drain See more... Pop the center cap off the agitator and snap the dispenser in.

Below that, there is a plastic cover with a rubber gasket that distributes the fabric softener. Below that was a 11 mm bolt that attached the upper and lower agitator to the drive mechanism.

The lower agitator is attached directly to the shaft and that was working properly, so I knew it wasn't a motor or drive issue. This helped push the clothes down to the lower part to be circulated throughout the wash cycle.

Below the aforementioned plastic cover with the rubber gasket, I found a part that had 4 plastic “teeth” that moved in and out, releasing and grabbing the inside of the upper agitator, respectively. Over time, these teeth wore down and stopped “grabbing” the ridges on the inner part of the upper agitator, causing it to stop turning with the lower agitator.

This part was kind of tough to get out because the plastic clips that held it in were deformed. I put it back together in the opposite order I took it apart and viola....good as new.

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