Can Wilderness And Civilization Coexist In Harmony

James Lee
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
• 12 min read

And it also highlights a key debate raging through the conservation community: Does nature (biodiversity) have value even when it does not contribute to human well-being? The question is important in the era of global warming, which scientists say has already caused many species to shift their ranges and migration patterns.


It has declined by 90 percent in the Netherlands because spring is coming earlier each year and the flycatcher chicks are missing the peak season of their basic food: caterpillars. They spoke of a future where nature and humans co-prosper, aiding things that would enrage traditional eco-activists: desalination, industrialized agriculture, nuclear power.

“Decoupling will be the biggest driver that will determine how much nature we leave to nonhumans over the next century,” said Ted Bordeaux, chairman of the Breakthrough Institute. The debate has had widespread implications, with funding organizations hesitant to support conservation projects and students reluctant to enter the field for the wrong reasons.

“Unfortunately, what began as a healthy debate has, in our opinion, descended into vitriolic, personal battles in universities, academic conferences, research stations, conservation organizations and even the media,” the scientists wrote. A squat reef-dweller with a cartoonish bump reminiscent of a permanent head wound, the parrot fish is found off the Palmyra Atoll south of Hawaii and other places.

The species is threatened, but scientists have found that, if allowed to increase in numbers unchecked (sharks that feed on the parrot fish have been overfished by humans), it would harm coral reefs, habitats for fish on which people depend for food and livelihoods. In a landmark article that year, he declared a conservation philosophy that biodiversity is good, the extinction of organisms is bad, and nature has intrinsic value beyond what it can afford humans.

Conservationists following in Sole's footsteps have focused on leaving nature pristine within protected areas such as Yellowstone National Park, where, theoretically far from human interference, biodiversity could flourish. Since 2011, Sole's tenets have been vociferously challenged by New Conservationists led by Peter Karina, chief scientist at the Nature Conservancy (Green wire, April 3, 2012).

And they support “re-wilding,” a concept originally proposed by Sole where people curtail economic growth and withdraw from landscapes, which then return to nature. The California-based Breakthrough Institute believes in a future where most people live in cities and rely less on natural resources for economic growth.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the United States, according to Kiddo Warwick, a research scholar at the Rockefeller University, who has examined the nation's use of 100 main commodities. Warwick and his colleagues pored over data from the U.S. Geological Survey National Minerals Information Center, which keeps a record of commodities used from 1900 through the present day.

Chicken use is rising because people are eating less beef, a desirable development since poultry cultivation has a smaller environmental footprint. The numbers show the United States has not intensified resource consumption since the 1970s even while increasing its GDP and population, said Jesse Assumed of the Rockefeller University.

Calls for a truce Warwick and Assumed's report challenges the traditional belief that economic growth hinges on unchecked natural resource consumption. The back-and-forth has left many other conservationists deeply shaken and some funding organizations apprehensive about supporting conservation initiatives.

So, in a commentary, Wallis and 239 conservationists called for scientists from the two opposing camps to make nice and accept that all conservation approaches could coexist in different contexts. Yes, there are dating sites with single military men.

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In a general way, civilization and the wilderness do signify the same thing in each of the four works, because no matter the different themes, setting, characters and conflicts that are presented, the man v. nature sidebar story is always either lurking in the background or is a main pulse of the story. After all, the American nation, as it pressed westward, encountered countless situations where nature held the better hand -- but the humans were bound and determined to conquer nature no matter the odds against the people.

The novel pushes back against the American idealism of a society that should exhibit equality between humans. When the Pequot princess Magawisca leaves at the end of the novel that, in effect, is civilization's victory over the wilderness (represented by the Indians).

The character Natty Bumppo (whose nickname is Leather-Stocking) personifies the wilderness, a place he feels comfortable in because he has lived alone in it for forty years or so. He dresses in deerskin, he can 't read or write, he is a superb hunter, and being indoors with other Caucasians makes him restless, hence, his character presents the conflict between man and Nature.

Nature than Hope Leslie; in this story civilization has “wicked and waste ways,” Natty says. Although there is an ample supply of wildly crazy behaviors, reason (man) in this story usually happens in daylight, and fantasy (the wilderness) seems to be presented mainly in the dark.

It was necessary to “pierce into the deepest thickets, to plunge into the darkest cavities, to ascend the most difficult heights,” all of which are the barriers to feeling comfortable in the wilderness (23). Hawthorne's Roger Alvin's Burial: First, as to the natural world, at the beginning of this story the oak tree and a large granite rock are used as poignant symbols. In fact both Alvin and Bourne were attacked and seriously injured by Indians (wilderness).

The deeper meaning here is perhaps that the white society should (or does) experience guilt at what people have done to the wilderness (and to the Native Americans by inference). Hence, a very different kind of nature vs. man theme but nonetheless, that binary is powerfully apparent.

On their natural level; to bring down the hills, and make smooth the rough places… a multitude of people where the solitary savage roamed the forest…the forest vanished…the consecrated church planted on the rock of heathen sacrifice…” (Sidekick, 1842). While that narrative by Sidekick does point to the juxtaposition and conflict vis-à-vis wilderness vs. civilization, it isn't intended to describe why man v. nature has continued to be a consistent theme in literature.

Man vs. technology is a theme later in American literary history, and in the modern world there are ample incidents (most recently the tsunami in Japan causing man's great atomic creation, Fukushima, to melt down and spew poisons into the natural world, which ironically caused the earthquake in the first place) vis-à-vis technology, nature, and man; and yet civilization vs. wilderness / nature remains a theme that is constantly used because almost every literature person can relate to it. This includes plugging them into an electrical outlet.

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Begin with paragraph 14 and read to paragraph #20.HOMEWORK: Independent reading with an eye toward writing a book review which is due June 8th×NOTE: Cell phones are to be put entirely away when you enter this classroom until you leave this classroom. This includes plugging them into an electrical outlet.

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Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement -- or why you are unsure about your response. Activity #2: “' Wilderness and civilization can coexist in harmony.

*NOTE: Please bring your independent reading book each day. * As a further introduction to our next unit of study, Environmental Visions, today we are watching a TED talk on the environmental issue of climate.

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*ENVIRONMENTAL VISIONS: An introduction -- Our heritage of how we have viewed nature: “Song of the Sky Loom” (Handout) The State of the Climate As we begin our last unit of study which is ENVIRONMENTAL VISIONS, we are considering a range of relevant topics.

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