Can Wizards Wear Robes

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Wizards at large in the Muggle community may reveal themselves to each other by wearing the colors of purple and green, often in combination. The International Statute of Secrecy laid down clear guidelines on dress for witches and wizards when they are out in public.

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In spite of these clear instructions, clothing misdemeanors have been one of the most common infractions of the International Statute of Secrecy since its inception. Older witches and wizards are often hopelessly out of touch with how quickly fashions in the Muggle world change; having purchased a pair of psychedelic loon pants in their youth, they are indignant to be hauled up in front of the Wizengamot fifty years later for arousing widespread offense at a Muggle funeral.

A one-day amnesty was announced on the day that news broke of Lord Voldemort’s disappearance following Harry Potter’s survival of the Killing Curse. Such was the excitement that witches and wizards took to the streets in their traditional clothes, which they had either forgotten or adopted as a mark of celebration.

** More unusually, wizards deliberately adopt laughable Muggle confections, such as a crinoline worn with a sombrero and football boots. By and large, wizard clothing has remained outside of fashion, although small alterations have been made to such garments as dress robes.

Their nostalgic adherence to this old-fashioned form of dress may be seen as a clinging to old ways and old times; a matter of cultural pride. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

However I have seen wizards who wear an under coat of light armor and some shoulder guards over their robe. Worse thing you can do is be a wizard and be forced to the font of army because they think you are a fighter.

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Their killing magic isn't ally friendly and usually changes the fighting grounds in massive ways(fireball, meet grass field) However I have seen wizards who wear an under coat of light armor and some shoulder guards over their robe.

Or something If want to have some difference between frontline warrior, maybe some other less movement restricting clothing? Besides... there is a common base level wizard spell called 'stone' and sometimes 'bark' skin.

But not in any way its fully bulked, nor it will go align with a *type of genre* armor for soldier-like class. As for the overall part, wizards wear robes due to its teachings of magic and can also be a dressing of uniform.

Like in reality, priests in real life wear robes due to the teachings of a specific holy order (this is based from religious aspects, don't see it like a bad way or such) Most wizards depend on their attitude/What they want to wear or what's comfortable for them, if they want over-kill dress like... Pointy Hats, Long god-damn clothes or ETC.

I know plenty of RPG universes where wizards (or whatever they are called there) can wear armor. Many of the benders there, especially from the fire and earth nation wear armor to battle.

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I think in large part it really had more to do with aesthetics & story-telling pragmatics; the wizard was the cloistered genius working in the lab, and the writer needed a way to differentiate between them & the warrior or whatever; something distinctive. In some settings, armor can actually impede wizards in the casting of their magic (either making it difficult, slow, or even impossible).

In other settings, it's perhaps more for dramatic displays (something wizards are known for); flinging one's arms about gets a lot more impressive when flowy robes are attached. Also, robes tend to have pockets for carrying all those regents & spell components.

Waxed on the outside, keeps out the elements, can be drawn close for cold & let loose for heat; thick, sturdy, tough, etc. As a wizard, you rarely get that kind of opportunity compared to knights and archers who can regale maidens with methods relating their weapons in promiscuous ways.

And probably, they wear robes to enlighten their mind, and to easily outrun heavy armor warriors. Warriors that use heavy armors aren't really focusing on something, they're just thinking 'I must slash and burn'.

Heavy armored warriors also tend to move slowly, although they seem to be running. While wizards needs to have a clear mind to even create a little spark of fire.

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They also (usually) move (a bit) faster than heavy armored units do, wizards also (usually, again) doesn't mount any kind of horse or anything they can ride. In Dungeons and Dragons style games, armor inhibits magic.

Their entire lives are spent dealing with those with near objectively lesser intelligence, or those who suffer the same outlook. The midmans don't bother them because they're irreplaceable, and they tend to output better work if they aren't constrained by societal dress codes.

Their entire lives are spent dealing with those with near objectively lesser intelligence, or those who suffer the same outlook. The midmans don't bother them because they're irreplaceable, and they tend to output better work if they aren't constrained by societal dress codes.

Robes were common in the past, due to the fact that they are comfortable, do not restrict movement, sometimes have plenty of storage space for trinkets and such, and provide fantastic protection against miserable weather. In Skyrim, you can plainly see that a majority of the mages wear a variant of the scholar's robes.

Others, such as monks and necromancers prefer more typical traveler's robes, usually with hoods meant to help hide their face. Case and point, the Blood Mage, Druid of the Talon, Sorceress and Shaman in Warcraft.

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Their children might don Muggle clothing during the holidays, but Mr and Mrs Weasley usually wore long robes in varying states of shabbiness. Harry wasn't bothered about what the neighbors would think, but he was anxious about how rude the Dursley might be to the Weasley if they turned up looking like their worst idea of wizards.

Quotes • Headscratchers • Playing With • Useful Notes • Analysis • Image Links • Haiku • Laconic Basic Trope : Wizard swear a conical hat and robe Downplayed : The outfit is just portrayed a normal wear for all of Magic, being wizards is unrelated Justified : Someone who knows what they are doing can read possible future spells through a wizard leg-work and, like traditional Kendo garb, the robe hides this.

Invoked : Bob decides to wear this outfit to claim to be a wizard. Defied : A wizard considers wearing the outfit, but dismisses the idea as its stupid.

Filter Quick View For the cunning and powerful wizard or the generous magician, no outfit is truly complete without a fantastic robe to wear.

Look at our great selection to complete your magical outfit. No matter your style, we have a variety of designs in multiple fabrics.

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Whether you hail from a medieval village, or a fantastical tower, there is sure to be a magician cloak for you. Browse our selection to find something that will finish off your wizards costume.

Fashionable guests can buy authentic replicas of Hermione's Yule Ball gown and Dumbledore's robes. You'll also find Hogwarts™ uniforms, ties, scarves, sweaters, and cardigans as well as jewelry.

These pieces can be collected from monsters, bought from shops, be rewards for quests, or even won from high-score mini-game performances. Some clothing can be purchased from the Crowns shop with Crowns, and from the Arena shop with Arena tickets won during Player vs Player Ranked matches.

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