Can X Ray Be Dangerous

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Radioactive material is found naturally in the air, soil, water, rocks, and vegetation. These rays are not harmless, but they are unavoidable, and the radiation is at such low levels that its effects are virtually unnoticed.

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Pilots, cabin crew, and astronauts are at more risk of higher doses because of the increased exposure to cosmic rays at altitude. Because bones are rich in calcium, which has a high atomic number, the X -rays are absorbed and appear white on the resulting image.

Computed tomography (CT): The patient lies on a table and enters a ring-shaped scanner. The patient moves slowly into the machine so that a series of “slices” can be taken to build up a 3D image.

However, X -rays provide such a low dose of radiation that they are not believed to cause any immediate health problems. The fact that X -rays have been used in medicine for such a significant length of time shows how beneficial they are considered to be.

The authors go on to point out that despite being bombarded by cosmic rays and background radiation, the people of America are living longer than ever, partly because of advancements in medical imaging, such as the CT scan. What makes X -rays very dangerous to the health is the radiation which they are basically made up of.

While X -rays can be useful in diagnosing and treating so many illnesses, too much exposure to it can be extremely dangerous to our health. According to scientists, exposure to X -rays can easily damage our delicate cells and tissues.

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Scientists say that constantly exposing yourself to X -rays can easily cause you to suffer from cancer. And as we might all know, constant exposure to radiation will destroy our cells and tissues, and that action alone increases our risk of developing cancer.

Another danger of too much exposure to X -rays is the fact that it can easily lead to leukemia. According to scientists, one increases his or her chance of suffering from leukemia when they keep exposing themselves to X -rays.

Studies have found out that X -rays can lead to a mutation of living cells. The reason this is possible is simply because when one is exposed to X -rays, the powerful radiation tends to ionize the fluid in the body and result in chemical changes.

To be afraid of the natural radiological background is not worth it: research of the late 20th century showed that living organisms even need to receive radiation dose in their habitat. If it is artificially reduced, this leads to a slowdown in the growth and development of living organisms.

In addition, to exclude the radiation of microwaves outside the furnace, it has different types of protection: the glass of the door is necessarily screened with a frequent metal mesh, the metal chamber of the furnace is closed by the front door. In recent years, thanks to the appearance of digital devices, the dose has been reduced to 0.04 MTV.

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To the development of radiation sickness the dose is thousands of times higher than from these procedures: 1 SV. There are no maximum doses in medicine: if the procedure is necessary and the health benefits will be greater than the harm, it should be carried out.

However, there is a recommended level: according to sanitary rules and norms (entered into force in 2009), the average effective dose of radiation from medical diagnostic examinations per year should not exceed 1 MTV. In the United States, the effective dose of medical diagnostic procedures is significantly higher: about 3 MTV.

According to the recommendations of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (COG), the radiation that the patient receives from radiography or CT is much lower than the level considered dangerous for the fetus: above 50 may (milligray). According to studies of recent decades, the risks of stimulating the development of malignant cells in children increase with a dose of 50-100 MTV.

While meningiomas are not cancerous, they can cause stroke-like symptoms including seizures, headaches, and problems with vision, speech and motor control. Mammograms sometimes lead to false positive results, leaving a woman thinking she has cancer when she actually does not.

Filed Under: General Health Written By: Jesse Cannon, CFT, CARS, MFT Updated: December 5,2012 Every six months like clockwork, Melissa O’Brien, a freelance writer in Kennesaw, Georgia, takes her two children, Alexandra and Evan, to the dentist for a cleaning.

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It’s impossible to tell, because there are no good studies showing the right number of X -rays to give someone who isn’t having any particular dental problem. While some dentists do bite wing X -rays every six months on a healthy patient, others hardly ever do them, relying instead on a visual examination of the mouth with a sharp explorer and a mirror.

It’s an important question, since dental X -rays are the only form of medical radiation received on a regular basis by large numbers of American men, women, and children. “It’s crazy,” says Dr. Nicholas Hello Russo, an instructor in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine.

“We’re doing an experiment on a vast number of people in this country, and we have no idea how it will play out in the next 15 or 20 years.” Four bite wing X -rays, which is what many people get in a routine exam, give about .005 millisieverts of radiation, according to the American College of Radiology.

“I would be wary of situations where the dental assistant makes the X -rays before the dentist has seen the patient,” he says. Sometimes it’s a part of the lead apron that covers your chest, and other times it’s a separate piece.

“When I take my grandchildren to the dentist, and they’re getting X -rays and there’s no thyroid collar, I’m jumping up and down and saying ‘Stop!’” Matheson says.

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