Can X Ray Detect Nerve Damage

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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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By Paul Christ, M.D., Director, Pain Treatment Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System In general, MRI is more useful for examining nerves and a CAT scan is better for evaluating bone.

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No and yes:Full spine x-rays would involve the lumbar area. Plain films can help in diagnosing bone problems, and narrowing of the space between vertebrae, surge ... Read More.

The answer is YES:It's interesting the way you phrased your question “passing neurological tests”. Yes:EGG/NCS can be normal if you have what is called a sensory radiculopathy, which is the pain from sciatica without the nerve damage that can be quantify ... Read More.

No:If you are having weakness or tingling or numbness in your legs, imaging may be considered. Other red flags would be trouble with bowel or bladder, o ... Read More.

Over ten years ago I have severe pain in my right knee. Over ten years ago I had a disc ectopy and laminectomy of L1, due to severe hip pain and a herniated disc.

Sometimes the pain in also in my right shoulder blade near the middle of my back. A couple of days ago, I realized I couldn't sit right any more without pain.

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I have pain in and around my left shoulder and arm extending I have pain in and around my left shoulder and arm extending all the way to my palm. Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the palm as well needle sharp pain.

I had a ray also for radial head fracture.no broken bones. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.

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A pinched nerve in the neck is often caused by other conditions such as arthritis or a herniated disc, which is an abnormal rupture of the soft central part of the disc between your vertebrae. Identify your symptoms to determine if you may have a pinched nerve in your neck.

Common symptoms are pain, feeling of pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness. Undergo a physical examination done, focusing on the affected area of the body.

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If a pinched nerve in your neck is suspected, x -rays could be used to detect arthritis or an injury to your spine. If you have more severe symptoms, more imaging tests such as an MRI or CT scan would provide more information about the nerve damage and determine if surgery is necessary.

Also, electromyography (EGG) is used to find damage to the nerve leading to the muscle. Most people diagnosed with a pinched nerve recover with treatment, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Treatment includes wearing a brace, physical therapy, pain medication, as well as surgery, in severe cases. Tom Werner / DigitalVision / Getty Images Because the process of finding a cause for your pain can be daunting, you may be tempted to stop looking altogether.

Simply eliminating potential diseases and disorders can help you understand where your pain is not coming from, even if the true source is never actually discovered. What tests he performs depends on where your pain is located and what he suspects is causing it, in addition to your other symptoms.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, your doctor will perform tests to determine whether the cause is a tissue disorder, such as a muscle strain or a hairline fracture, or whether it is caused by nerve damage, such as with a ruptured disc. MRIs can reveal damage to bones, as well as softer tissues like muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

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Frequently, they are associated with other chronic conditions such as MS or neck and shoulder injuries. Your doctor may first rule out any underlying causes of headaches such as disease, chemical abnormalities or dehydration.

This is the case with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RED) and phantom limb pain. Neuropathic pain can also be caused by constant stimulation of pain nerves, such as in cases of slipped discs, narrowing of the spinal canal or injuries that caused severe nerve damage.

If necessary, your doctor may perform nerve conduction tests to pinpoint areas with damage. Before making a diagnosis, your doctor may want to rule out other, more serious causes of chronic pain.

For instance, chronic back pain or headaches may be symptoms of cancerous tumors. While it may be frustrating to wait for an accurate diagnosis of your pain, it is the best if your doctor is thorough with his investigation.

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The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the back sometimes also affect surrounding areas. Share on Pinterest The severity and cause of a pinched nerve in the back will determine the best treatment option.

When a nerve is compressed, the pressure disrupts the signals, resulting in symptoms. If a pinched nerve is at the top of the spine, symptoms may affect the neck or arms.

Arthritis: This causes inflammation around joints and bones, which can increase pressure on nerves in the spine. Spondylolisthesis : This involves a vertebra in the lower spine dislodging and pinching nerves.

Physical fitness: People who do little exercise or who have weaker abdominal muscles are more likely to develop back pain, possibly from an injury. The same is true for people who are generally inactive but then try intense physical exercise.

Uneven posture: If the neck, shoulders, spinal column, or hips are out of alignment for prolonged periods, it can place pressure on nerves in the back. They may also perform tests to check the person’s reflexes and muscle movement.

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The doctor may ask the person to demonstrate their range of motion, such as by lifting a leg while keeping it straight. In some cases, the doctor may need further tests to determine the exact location and cause of a pinched nerve.

Some people can treat a pinched nerve in the back at home, while others require professional treatment. Avoiding strenuous exercise and heavy lifting is key to supporting recovery and preventing further damage.

If a person has pain in the top of the spine, a cervical collar may help. When pressure on a nerve is severe or chronic, a doctor may suggest oral or injected steroids to reduce swelling and pain, particularly any that radiates to the lower body.

Some people require surgery to correct the cause of pressure and stabilize the spine. People with numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain should contact a doctor before trying any exercises, as some can make pinched nerve symptoms worse.

Once the pain improves, certain exercises can support recovery, help restore movement, and prevent the issue from returning. When looking for exercises to help with back pain, it is best to seek professional advice.

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Continue for 2 weeks after the symptoms resolve to help prevent them from returning. Lie on the back, with the legs bent and the feet flat on the floor.

Gently arch the back upward, keeping the hips and forearms pressed into the floor. Proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine is also important for reducing back pain; an uneven posture can put extra pressure on the nerves.

Sudden, severe, or continuous numbness, weakness, or paralysis in an arm or leg loss of control of bladder or bowel function loss of sensation in the genital or anal area severe pain or weakness in the legs, making it difficult to walk or rise from sitting Also, see a doctor if back pain continues without improvement for a few weeks or symptoms are severe or getting worse.

Most people make a full recovery from a pinched nerve in the back. Getting plenty of rest, avoiding strenuous activity, and taking pain medication can help.

If a person experiences sudden paralysis, loss of bowel or bladder control, or severe weakness, they should receive emergency care.

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