Can X Ray Film Be Recycled

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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It is a heavy metal, so it is dangerous to plants, fish and animals, including humans. Silver can also contaminate the soil, where it is drawn up into plants and consumed by animals.

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So, in addition to the negative effects that leached silver can have on the environment, proper recycling of this precious metal is essential to preventing a potential shortage. To protect the patient’s privacy, these accompanying documents are shredded, then recycled.

This new technology should decrease the stacks of old X -rays sitting around medical offices in the future. For people who do not have those machines or who only got them recently, however, their stacks of X -rays must be dealt with responsibly.

Silver is an extremely valuable metal, and some recyclers are willing to play or split their profits with companies that provide them with X -rays. Silver can make people sick or even kill them if it is ingested in large quantities.

Extreme overexposure to silver can send people into comas or even cause death. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires that X -rays be destroyed in order to protect patient privacy.

Doctors, dentists, radiologists and others must be able to demonstrate to regulatory agencies that they have permanently disposed of these potentially sensitive medical records. The company picks up film anywhere in the United States for no charge and also provides cash back for the silver it extracts.

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Traditional film X-rays are coated in silver, so when it's time to clear out the record room, they require special treatment. The process is done through one of two ways: a chemical wash, which releases the silver; or thermal oxidation, which heats the film and produces silver-rich ash.

We also pick-up in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Spring, Corpus Christi, Plano, The Woodlands, Laredo, Lewisville, Garland, Lubbock, Amarillo, Hal tom City, Irving, Brownsville, Park Row, Katy, Killeen, Humble, Waco, Abram, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Jersey Village, Denton, Beaumont, Sugar Land, McKinney Tyler. In general, under CRA, if waste is destined for precious metals' recovery then reduced standards apply.

If you use a silver recovery unit, the liquid that has run through the unit may be Seward if approved by your city/county wastewater treatment plant and the discharge meets your state and local standards (most state/local standards are between 0.1 ppm to 5.0 mg/l silver). To meet discharge standards, you may need to use two recovery units in series to be certain that most of the silver is recovered.

However, keep in mind that the burden of determining if your waste is hazardous is your responsibility and if there is any concern, then testing should be performed. In such cases, consider changing or modifying your equipment (you may be able to purchase an adapter kit to keep the fixer and developer separate).

In most areas, used waste developer can be Seward, although, you should check with your local wastewater treatment plant for any restrictions or guidance. Although unused developer is not hazardous under CRA (either by listing or characteristic), many states and local governments restrict disposal of hydroquinone.

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Studies suggest that a high percentage of dentists are presently recycling lead foil. Companies which recycle dental amalgam or fixer often also accept lead waste.

Although MSDS contain sparse information with regard to CRA, you can at least determine if the product contains chromium. As an alternative, it is easier and cheaper to use a system cleaner that does not contain chromium or other components that would cause it to be hazardous when spent.

In this process all parts of the X -rays are recycled, including silver, film and paper envelopes. Hospitals, clinics and dentists all make use of X -rays, leading to a large build-up of films each year.

X -rays can be stripped of their silver in a special chemical wash or shredded, envelopes and all. If the company pick up the films for disposal, follow its preparation instructions.

Hospitals, clinics and dentists all make use of X -rays, leading to a large build-up of films each year. These films not only qualify as private documents, according the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, they also need to be disposed of according to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

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