Can X Ray Machine Detect Money

James Smith
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 10 min read

Can the ray differentiate the 500 bills from the book paper? Most systems today have the ability for the user to take close-up or “zoom” looks at specific areas in the bag if they desire...

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They called a woman screener to come in and asked her what it looked like. With that amount of money it is going to set off the metal detector.

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IT HAS long been an urban legend that the security strips found in US banknotes let shadowy government agencies use metal detectors to track how much cash you are carrying. They found an ordinary handheld metal detector was able to pick up a dollar bill from 3 centimeters away, and placing the notes behind plastic, cardboard and cloth did little to block the signal.

Using larger metal detectors such as those found in airports should also increase the range of sensing, though detecting banknotes in such situations would be trickier as many other sources could interfere with the signal. Markus Kuhn, a computer scientist at the University of Cambridge, says this kind of detection is a “neat idea” but metal detectors may show a similar response to other magnetic items found in luggage, such as laptop power cables.

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Electrons are fixed at specific energies in their positions in an atom, and this determines their orbits. When electrons are knocked out of their orbit, they leave behind vacancies, making the atom unstable.

The atom must immediately correct the instability by filling the vacancies that the displaced electrons left behind. The individual fluorescent energies detected are specific to the elements that are present in the sample.

In order to determine the quantity of each element present, the proportion in which the individual energies appear can be calculated by the instrument or by other software. The entire fluorescence process occurs in small factions of a second.

A measurement using this process and a modern handheld XRF gun can be made in a matter of seconds. The actual time required for a measurement will depend on the nature of the sample and the levels of interest.

With the old metal scanners (which have been reintroduced for “prechecked” travelers), you could easily wear your money belt through. Now, with full-body imaging, you cannot even keep a Kleenex in your pocket, and they will make you remove your money belt.

You might start out with it in your smallest carry-on bag, which you know will be carried on and not gate-checked, and then rearrange things in the restrooms after security. I've found that it's not a good idea to wear a Money Belt while going through security.

Shortly before your plane lands, use the WC and put the Money Belt on. You will be patted down since it will show up on the scanner, and they will want to physically feel what's there.

It was detected on a secondary pat down which resulted in a trip to the little room and very close to a strip search. I would have just put it on before I left home so that when I stepped off the airplane all would be safe.

We tend to get the airport, use the restroom to rearrange what we are carrying. The one time we were caught was when the security check point showed up much sooner than expected.

Take off your money belt well before Security and place it in your carry on bag. Just going through that body scanner or metal detector leaves your money unattended.

If they choose to hand swab you off to the side, you are farther yet from your money belt. I put my money belt in my day bag or backpack until I land in Europe.

I put my money belt (neck pouch) on at home but keep my passport our for check-in and the TSA. I put my money pouch into my carry-on bag, shoving it down to the bottom, before I enter the security machines.

You can always knot a piece of brightly colored material on each handle to distinguish it. I do what Sarah does, put my money belt or neck wallet in my day pack with my other “flight” stuff, then put the money belt on at my pit stop before leaving the airport in Europe.

That means whenever the scanner shows an anomaly, be it just a thicker part of your clothing or something else like a wad of cash, expect a landing or pat down. Second, the security lines have all kinds of CCTV and human eyes (hopefully not asleep).

So put your valuables and documents in your secured bag, stay alert and be happy. That means whenever the scanner shows an anomaly, be it just a thicker part of your clothing or something else like a wad of cash, expect a landing or pat down.

Second, the security lines have all kinds of CCTV and human eyes (hopefully not asleep). So put your valuables and documents in your secured bag, stay alert and be happy.

And second, thieves rely on chaos and confusion to make a swipe. And sure, sometimes going through the line WE feel like it is chaos but security personnel are watching everything and making sure nothing seems suspicious.

In the security line, I always put my money belt or wallet in my personal item and don't fret. Some airports want to look at it before you go through the body scanner, so I have just gotten into that habit of hanging on to it.

Yeah, I'm with the “wait until you get to Europe and then put on the money belt” crew. The day before, I had surgery on my back to remove a cancerous mole, and was sporting a brand new 6-inch incision with attendant stitches.

My origin airport (PHL), I had TSA Precheck and was put through the old-fashioned metal detector with no issues. Well...coming back at MCO, I had to go through the scanner, and this patch naturally shows up.

TSA agent says “one moment sir” and a split second later pats down that area of my back. While he might have been a bit more prudent, he deals with 10,000 passengers a day, and it's really my job to speak up.

Lesson: be it a money belt, a personal medical device, or anything out of the ordinary, try to be proactive and say something to the screener. I don't wear it on the plane or at the airport or depending on the situation even necessarily en route to the airport, but I do take it with me when I walk back to the galley or to the lav on the plane.

It does have my ID, bills, and credit cards, so I just carry it In my hands along with my Ziploc of toothbrush, toothpaste or whatever I'm taking to the bathroom. I decided to check my one piece of luggage, so I will just have a boarding bag to handle through security.

I will put a purse in the boarding bag and use it for my money, credit cards or anything I need to take to the bathroom on the plane. A belt or waist pack is essential for your passport, credit cards, and big cash.

I've spent more than half my life outside the United States and stumbled through more than a hundred and thirty countries. Last touched a money belt 10 years ago, and no plan to buy another one.

We both had ours on through the full body check last May going from PHL to Heathrow to Bologna and in June from Venice to London, and then London to Philadelphia and no problem, we don't put any change in there just our credit cards and large Euro bills. PS my husband was pick pocketed getting on a train in Nice For and while he only had small bills (thanks to the money belt) my husband threw the guy in a train compartment and the guy threw the money under the seat and ran out of the train before I even knew what was happening.

I admit it sounds tempting to attack back when you're pick pocketed, it's not worth the risk. If I have to carry something valuable in a theft-prone area, easy enough to stash it in my (zippered cross-body) purse in an interior zippered pocket underneath the emergency feminine hygiene supplies.

I wore an under the arm one and most times they offered to let me go into a room and let me remove it in private, but I was worried about a strip search, so I ripped it off in public under my shirt and handed it to them. (PS, for women, the scanners are also so sensitive, that if you wear a wire in your bra, you will also buzz each and every time, and they will use the wand and pat down on you).

Take both off before you enter Security and put them inside your carry-on bag or tote. Otherwise, TSA will order you to remove them and put them in a bowl on the conveyor belt which exposes them to all around.

Learned the hard way, now I remember to remove them, or better, yet I put them in my carry-on tote at home or hotel, before I leave for airport. I put my wallet, money belt, etc in my jacket zipped pocket.

By the time they finished with me a number of people that were behind me had passed through and picked up their bags. After several minutes a woman from the inspected end of the line came to me and asked if this was my wallet.

Because they were busy I would have to come back on another day to file a complaint. It stays in my bag during the flight(s) and then I put it on in the bathroom in the airport at my arrival city.

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