Can X Ray Machine See Through Foil

James Smith
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Bosses admit the new high tech machines, which canseethrough clothing, leave ‘little to the imagination’ and will even detect prosthetic limbs and breast implants. Notably, it passes through large luggage studs, those being quite thick, through metal springs.

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(Source: repairfaq.cis.upenn.edu)


The system will hit on things that are consistent with dangerous items and those will be shown to the operator. Gold, silver, iron, copper, brass aluminum tin lead bronze.

Depending on aluminum foil quantity, a metal detector can detect it. Although it may sound too simple to be true, yes, you can stop the alarm from going off by covering the tags with a conductive material.

The aluminum foil bag example in the beginning works because of a concept called ‘electromagnetic shielding’. Most types of sealed food in plastic or foil packets can be brought through airport security.

Is Miami customs very strict and do they check every parcel ? I just bought a roll of aluminum foil from Amazon.com (Martha Wrap).

Secret: RAY can't see seeds properly anyway, bending radio/ x -rays will raise suspicions “I worked there for 2 years they tell u it works, but rays can't see seeds”Your real threat is this device they have “and seemed to never use too often” that can pick up odor particles, even when your nose can't ;POR drug dogs they use from time to time. So long as its odor proof, use a CD/DVD case. And one of them happens to be foiled Sudan wrap containing 10 seeds or so “Use imagination and you'll be fine.

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Though I doubt odor proofing a DVD case is even possible against a good dog, and if it is, it would take some serious discipline and skill. Triple Vacuum Seal and research the criteria for suspicious packages. You owe the Oracle two nice compliments given to strangers.

Postal Serviceable of mail: Foreign, Priority, Special Delivery Restrictive endorsements: Confidential, Personal, To Be Opened by Addressee Only Visual distractions: Fragile, Rush, Handle With Care Excessive postage (usually postage stamps) Fictitious or no return address Poorly typed or handwritten addresses Incorrect titles but no names Misspellings of common words Oily stains or discolorations Excessive or uneven weight distribution Excessive binding material: masking, electric or strapping tape; string; twine Rigid, lopsided or uneven envelope Protruding wires, screws or other metal parts Postmarked from area different from return address If they do scan the return address it would probably get noticed/flagged. And while I wouldn't call tinfoil radiopaque, most machines operated properly could see it, especially if you use a lot.

Use a vacuum sealer, since weed and plastic are radio-translucent, and try to keep your package thin since a dense enough mass of weed can be “seen” by a person who knows how to interpret radiographic images. A dentist ray machine wouldn't see anything behind amalgam (metal) fillings.

The newer digital ray machines ones use a lot less radiation but are more sensitive. I might not trust thin aluminum foil, but a sheet metal box or pipe would be really tricky.

Will wrapping these products with Aluminum foil effective so as not to be seen in an airline ray machine ? Black bags, carbon paper, ECT will not work.

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Things that we humans say are “odorless” may not be the case against a high drive, seasoned drug dog. I've been training dogs for over 10 years. Things that we humans say are “odorless” may not be the case against a high drive, seasoned drug dog. I've been training dogs for over 10 years.

But thanks to states going rec the smell is not enough to cause a search as it can be legally gotten and used this would make the dogs bark so for them to break open every box that got a hit on would be impossible (the time to open look repack and get to spot at the agreed on time u paid for) if you're shipping for a rec state to a decriminalized state u should be ok ...if you're shipping from a rec state to one of those uptight lawsuit states you're going to get busted as they are looking for proof to make the lawsuit have weight (I might be committing forum necromancy so apologies in advance) I would go with the simplest of tricks.

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