Can X-ray Be Done At Home

Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Have you or a loved one found themselves wondering how to get help for their suspected injury without having to leave home or call an ambulance? Staying home from the hospital or health clinic saves you time and money.

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Probably not for people, but livestock and horse veterinarians have a portable radiograph machine. Overview Lab CollectionPhysiotherapyNursing Services X-Ray Doctor Visit We let nothing come in the way of our patients' health.

X-ray at home enables the patient to be diagnosed in the most comfortable setting. When you opt for this service, it means no trips or long periods of waiting for reports.

Proponents say- homestay services help frail patients avoid difficult and potentially hazardous trips to hospitals. “Usually, in about an hour after we take an X-ray we give these results directly to the doctor,” he told Reuters Health.

Jacob R. Wrestle, president of Diagnostic X-ray Service, Inc. in Pennsylvania, said portable X-rays are also used in assisted living facilities and prisons. Dr. James C. Carr, a professor of radiology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, believes trained technicians using portable machines can provide quality scans for patients in rural areas or unable to move.

“As long as the equipment is being regulated and the technologists are satisfactorily trained, concerns can be mitigated,” he told Reuters Health. Dr. David Kevin, professor and chairman emeritus of the Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia said he would not recommend in- home X-rays for mobile patients.

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As the portable X-ray market grows, state and federal regulations for radiation protection must be followed, said Dr. William Thwart, Jr., chief executive officer of the American College of Radiology in Virginia. “You want to be very certain that the technologist who’s acquiring the images is appropriately trained and qualified,” he told Reuters Health.

Reuters reports that patients are increasingly inviting the radiologist into their house rather than receiving X-rays at the hospital, a trend that rankles some experts in the field. “Usually, in about an hour after we take an X-ray we give these results directly to the doctor,” Paul Fowler, founder of Specialty Portable X-Ray told Reuters.

GE Healthcare touts the storage space for tape, pens and other basics in its mobile X-ray devices. For example, Philips says its electronic Elena platform presets and customizes user profiles, resulting in work flow continuity.

Yes, Medicare covers the cost of your home exam, as does nearly all other insurance carriers. Medicaid is one of the few insurance carriers that does not cover home exams.

Any patient that would find it physically or psychologically difficult to obtain their exam outside their home. While we would prefer an elevator, we can easily bring our equipment up and down several flights of stairs.

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When necessary we can adjust the angle of the machine, or use pillows to position the patient. Our equipment is extremely flexible and versatile to allow exams on even the most difficult patients.

Every day our staff successfully completes all exams, regardless of the patient's dementia, Alzheimer's and psychological issues. In fact most radiographs are obtained using less than ½ second exposure time.

The radiation used to acquire a portable X-Ray, is extremely low, due to the film speed combination we utilize. The skin dose to the patient is usually the same as a hospital radiograph and in some cases, less.

If your doctor has ordered a portable exam, it is because they feel the information gained from the radiograph far outweighs the minimal exposure to X-Rays. Your doctor will positively get your results, the same day we perform the exam.

In addition, any urgent reports are called directly to your doctor's office. If needed we will page your doctor or contact them through their service.

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Can I, a private individual request a portable X-Ray or ultrasound exam? Have your doctor call us if you feel your loved one could use our service.

Specialty Portable X-Ray provides radiographs for all body parts. Most commonly, chest X-Rays to rule out pneumonia/congestive heart failure/pleural effusions/and other abnormalities.

Ultrasound exams such as Doppler studies to rule out deep venous thrombosis (blood clots), echocardiograms, general ultrasound of the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, thyroid and pelvis. These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.

I'd like to Show you my latest project, a homemade ray machine. To produce rays using a simple vacuum rectifier tube you'll need a high voltage power supply.

I use the popular ZVS-circuit, an AC-flyback transformer and a cascade, to increase the Output-voltage up to 50-60 KV. To protect everyone from the rays you have to put the vacuum tube in a safe housing.

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My housing is made of Wood with 3 layers of lead at the outside. Only through a small window covered with thin aluminum foil the rays can go out.

As you can see in the circuit, the ray tube is connected to the high voltage. The Output voltage is being measured with an ammeter and a 1 Ohm resistor.

The current through the vacuum tube can be read from a 5mA ammeter. In the meantime I run out of the room and switch on the power with my remote control.

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