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Word of mouth for both good and bad reviews is the best way to know what companies are worth investigating on your own. This makes sending, receiving and storing images faster, easier, and takes up much less space.

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A family doctor can send the surgeon and x-ray even before you leave their office. Request a discount if you are planning on having bulk images duplicated.

For example if your office is going digital and backups of all patients or clients x-rays are needed, you should get some kind of bulk discount for the hundreds of files you will be sending them. Many mail order places will send you the shipping materials, so fewer accidents will tend to occur.

Environment Division, Legal Department E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company Wilmington, Delaware 19898 I am writing in response to your letter concerning the examination and copying of x-rays under the OSHA records access rule, 29 CFR 1910.1020.

This means that the employer must at least permit on-site examination of the x-ray if it is not willing to loan the original out for any period of time. While an employee would normally designate a physician with the appropriate training to conduct the examination, and the employer may so recommend, the employer cannot preclude an employee or another authorized designated representative from examining the X-ray.

Moreover, few employers will have the specialized equipment necessary for the copying of x-rays, which is a costlier and more complicated process than ordinary photocopying. For example, the temporary transfer of original x-rays from one physician to another is accepted practice under many clinical circumstances.

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X-rays can locate metal objects your child has swallowed, such as this jack. In most cases, fractures and infections in bones and teeth show up clearly on X-rays.

X-rays taken over the years can help your doctor determine if your arthritis is worsening. Special types of X-ray tests can measure your bone density.

Evidence of pneumonia, tuberculosis or lung cancer can show up on chest X-rays. Mammography is a special type of X-ray test used to examine breast tissue.

This sign of congestive heart failure shows up clearly on X-rays. Injecting a contrast material that contains iodine can help highlight sections of your circulatory system to make them visible on X-rays.

Barium, a contrast medium delivered in a drink or an enema, can help reveal problems in your digestive system. If your child has swallowed something such as a key or a coin, an X-ray can show the location of that object.

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Some people worry that X-rays aren't safe because radiation exposure can cause cell mutations that may lead to cancer. The amount of radiation you're exposed to during an X-ray depends on the tissue or organ being examined.

Generally, however, radiation exposure from an X-ray is low, and the benefits from these tests far outweigh the risks. Though the risk of most diagnostic X-rays to an unborn baby is small, your doctor may consider another imaging test, such as ultrasound.

X-ray image of kidney stone Open pop-up dialog close X-rays will pass through the body and produce an image on the specialized plate below.

Ask your doctor or nurse to provide you with specific instructions. In general, you undress whatever part of your body needs examination.

You may also be asked to remove jewelry, eyeglasses and any metal objects because they can show up on an X-ray. Before some types of X-rays, you're given a liquid called contrast medium.

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Contrast mediums, such as barium and iodine, help outline a specific area of your body on the X-ray image. You may swallow the contrast medium or receive it as an injection or an enema.

The machine produces a safe level of radiation that passes through your body and records an image on a specialized plate. A technologist positions your body to obtain the necessary views.

During the X-ray exposure, you remain still and sometimes hold your breath to avoid moving so that the image doesn't blur. However, if you're injected with contrast medium before your X-rays, drink plenty of fluids to help rid your body of it.

Call your doctor if you have pain, swelling or redness at the injection site. Ask your doctor about other signs and symptoms to watch for.

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NI BIB). NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center.

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Depending on the area that your doctor and radiologist are examining, you may want to wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. These implants can block X-rays from passing through your body and creating a clear image.

Via a liquid that you swallow injected into your body given to you as an enema before your test If you’re having an X-ray to examine your gastrointestinal tract, your doctor may ask you to fast for a certain amount of time beforehand.

An X-ray technologist or radiologist can perform an X-ray in a hospital’s radiology department, a dentist’s office, or a clinic that specializes in diagnostic procedures. Once you’re fully prepared, your X-ray technician or radiologist will tell you how to position your body to create clear images.

They may take images while you stand in front of a specialized plate that contains X-ray film or sensors. In some cases, they may also ask you to lie or sit on a specialized plate and move a large camera connected to a steel arm over your body to capture X-ray images.

The test is finished as soon as your radiologist is satisfied with the images gathered. X-rays use small amounts of radiation to create images of your body.

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In very rare cases, the dye can cause a severe reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, very low blood pressure, or cardiac arrest. After your X-ray images have been collected, you can change back into your regular clothes.

Depending on your condition, your doctor may advise you to go about your normal activities or rest while you’re waiting for your results. Depending on your results, they may order additional tests to develop an accurate diagnosis.

For example, they may order additional imaging scans, blood tests, or other diagnostic measures. Ask your doctor for more information about your specific condition, diagnosis, and treatment options.

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