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As pointed out in another answer (Max) the attenuation due to absorption experienced through any material depends on in the Beer-Lambert law I=I_$0exp$(-\mu x)$ for path length x. As the wavelength is decreased (energy increase) there is a general decrease in absorption until certain critical energies are reached, then there is a sudden and significant increase in absorption, see figure.

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As the atomic number gets larger these jumps in absorption (edges) shift to higher energy but become smaller. The highest energy absorption edge is for K shell electron ejection then L and M etc.

The K absorption corresponds to ejecting an electron with principal quantum number in=$1 thus from a 1s orbital ($^2S_{1/2}$) into the continuum. The atom is left in an excited state and the ‘hole’ left in the atom, is very rapidly ($\LE 10^{-15} $ s) filled by another electron moving down in energy and the release of a photon of x-ray fluorescence or of an electron (Auger process).

The attenuation depends on the amount and type of matter traversed, and it is found that absorption coefficient can be expressed as $\mu \approx \rho Z^4 \lambda ^3/A $, where $\rho is the density, A atomic mass and Z the atomic number; $\lambda $ is the wavelength. Thus, as $\mud depends on of density and atomic number it is easy to see why metals show up in medical x-ray images more than does bone or soft tissue.

This behavior adds a sinusoidal-like feature on, and just past, the absorption edge (in the direction of higher energy, but to small to show in the figure) and is very useful in determining structure of small molecules when diffraction cannot be used. The department focuses on the subjects of X-ray sensor technology, computed tomography, image processing and optical 3D inspection systems as well as applications.

Together with colleagues from the Fraunhofer Institute for Options, System Technologies and Image Exploitation OSB in Karlsruhe, the researchers are working on the advanced engineering of the demo model. “With particularly pure specimens, this technology does not work because it is precisely these that do not radiate under X-ray light,” explains physicist Jörg Mössbauer of EZRA.

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In order to find the gems nonetheless, it has so far been necessary to break up the igneous rock into very small pieces. With the EZRA demo model, the crushed rocks pass-through an X-ray machine at a speed of three meters per second.

The X-ray’s eagle eye could even find the highly coveted rare earths that are concealed in old cellphones, computers, and television sets to utilize them. Now, together with our colleagues from OSB, we intend to take the technology to the next step and make it ready for industrial use.

Our goal is to develop an industrial testing process that allows several tons of bulk material per hour to run through the system and be analyzed,” Mössbauer stated. In contrast to the price of gold, the diamond index held a healthy new level in 2013.

Gaseous volcanic rock and timberline containing magma transport the diamonds to the surface with fragments of the earth’s mantle when the volcanoes erupt. The largest diamond reserves are found in Russia, Africa, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.

© Fraunhofer IIS / EZRTKimberlite stone transports diamonds (center right) from the earth’s interior to the surface. Depending on how big the glass shard is, you'll notice recurrent sharp pain at the site, as you move or are touched.

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As far as you human body is concerned, glass is inert, so it won't change, discolor or dissolve into your system over time. Because pencil graphite has organic binders holding it together that the body can digest or at least break it down into tiny bits, making it easy to eliminate.

Diamond is canned not be digested and must pass-through the entire GI tract to be eliminated from the body. It can probably be purchased after market by an auto body or glass shop.

Fortunately, the diamond laser shines at a wavelength with a high transmission rate through the atmosphere, so it might be up for the job. Diamonds are an emerging material for laser beam usage, but it looks like their days of “being in the rough” are drawing to a close.

The diamond laser has filled in some gaps and can produce light at a wavelength of 1,240 nanometers, which was previously unattainable. “Just as X-rays pass-through flesh to enable us to see bones within a body, different colors of laser radiation can interact or be transmitted by different target materials,” said lead researcher Dr. Robert Williams.

By being hydrophobic, the surface of diamond resists being wetted by water, but sticks readily to grease. Both of these methods apply the same principle but are differentiated in the amount of automation and security they offer as well as by costs.

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Water is applied through sprayer bars over the vibrating table as the concentrate passes. At one end the belt is coated with a thin layer of grease prior to it encountering the concentrate.

A blade at the other end automatically scrapes clean the entire surface of the belt and deposits the grease and diamonds into a boiler below. The second unique physical property of diamonds, that they fluoresce when exposed to x-rays has allowed for the development of x-ray sorter technology.

This system is also completely enclosed or hands-off and provides significantly increased security in during the final recovery process. Care must be taken to accurately analyze the type of diamonds produced from each deposit as they will have an effect on the final recovery and determine which technology is most suitable.

Certain diamonds may be coated with material that is “settable”, requiring treatment before the recovery process. The last step in the diamond recovery process is to collect the material from the boilers or x-ray boxes.

The strictest of security procedures at this stage is essential as the small amount of material which comes out is often made up of 50% or more of rough diamonds. This highly concentrated material containing the diamonds is then washed and dried before the final hand sorting can take place.

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A trained radiologist like the one in the picture can easily identify even the smallest diamond, which a would be thief might attempt to smuggle out of the mine in his stomach. Because fluoroscopy involves the use of x-rays, fluoroscopic procedures pose a potential for increasing the patient’s risk of radiation-induced cancer (the radiologist gets a dose of radiation as well).

Interesting facts: Contrary to popular opinion, diamonds aren’t rare or even hard to find. The concept that an engagement ring is an ancient tradition that is deeply embedded in human history in societies around the world is false.

The idea of a diamond engagement ring is roughly a century old, and it was invented by the De Beers cartel. In the 1940s De Beers launched a long-running propaganda campaign around the theme “A diamond is forever”.

Over many decades, the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars to market the notion that diamonds signify romance and love. Cabinet x-ray systems are primarily used for security screening and industrial quality control.

Security applications range from screening baggage at an airport to examining whole trucks at the border. Industrial quality control applications include the x-ray examination of foods, circuit boards, and tires.

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A3: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responsibility for assuring manufacturers produce cabinet x-ray systems that do not pose a radiation safety hazard. For most electronic products that emit radiation, safety regulation is divided between FDA and state regulatory agencies.

For further information on FDA regulations that apply to manufacturers of electronic products that emit radiation; such as a cabinet x-ray system. Note: Manufacturers may be subject to additional FDA regulations if their cabinet x-ray system product is intended to be used in a medical application (e.g. specimen radiographs made in a medical laboratory) or in the inspection of foods (e.g. finding contamination in food such as metal fragments or bone chips found during manufacturing).

These regulations do not address cabinet x-ray system radiation safety and their details are beyond the scope of this document. Manufacturers are required to certify that their products meet the Federal radiation safety performance standard for cabinet x-ray systems.

Specifically, the standard requires that the radiation emitted from a cabinet x-ray system not exceed an exposure of 0.5 milliroentgens in one hour at any point five centimeters from the external surface. Eighty percent of that exposure comes from natural sources: radon gas, the human body, outer space, rocks, and soil.

The limit on radiation emission established by the performance standard is sufficiently restrictive that there is no additional hazard for specific populations such as children or pregnant women. A7: Personnel monitoring equipment is not required by Federal regulation for operators of cabinet x-ray systems.

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It is possible that some state regulations or the policies of the operators’ employer require use of personnel monitoring equipment. Personnel monitoring equipment means devices designed to be worn or carried by an individual for the purpose of measuring a radiation dose received (e.g. film badges, pocket dosimeters, film rings, etc.).

Q8: Is it safe to eat food, drink beverages, use medicine, or apply cosmetics if any of these products have gone through a cabinet x-ray system? A8: There are no known adverse effects from eating food, drinking beverages, using medicine, or applying cosmetics that have been irradiated by a cabinet x-ray system used for security screening.

The radiation dose typically received by objects scanned by a cabinet x-ray system is 1 milliard or less. A11: Exposure is a term defining the amount of ionizing radiation that strikes living or inanimate material.

In health physics, exposure is specifically defined as a measure of ionization in air caused by x-ray or gamma radiation only.) One Roentgen is the amount of x-ray needed to produce ions carrying 1 electrostatic unit of electrical charge in 1 cubic centimeter of dry air under standard conditions.

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