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James Lee
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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I like trimmed out windows, it gives great detail to a room and frames the view so beautifully. Unfortunately most builders just sheet-rock around the window to save time and money.

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Once you have decided on your final look here are the steps to transform your windows. Many people skip this step and just lay the new stool on top of the drywall.

Start by scoring the drywall in the corners and along the window with a sharp utility knife. You want the surrounding drywall on the sides intact so be careful as you dig it out with a crow bar.

You will have an ugly section under the stool where the corner bead was, don’t worry you will cover that up latter. Toucan try to just measure and cut your stool/sill out, but I find I get a much better fit if I make a template.

I like to use corrugated cardboard because it’s thick enough to give me a good fit and easy to trim to size. Paper is too flimsy and a wood template is too much work to cut.

Making a template allows you to get a good fit to square walls. Save the MDF for the rest of the window trim that won’t get so much abuse.

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If you have a window in a bathroom or gets left open during rainstorms may be exposed to often water, I found a Cellular Vinyl PVC molding works great. If you use the PVC I just glue the sill in place with construction adhesive.

I often use base board trim turned upside down. If you wish youcanadd molding all the way around the window, the sky is the limit on how fancy you get.

Whether you need a place to set your plants or a seating area for a pet, you might need to add a window sill extender to get the space you need. Toucan choose not to do this step, but there will be a distinct groove where one piece of wood ends and the other begins.

The length of the wood should be the same as the current window sill, so it will attach easier and remain sturdier. Cut your piece of wood to the desired size and proper length.

You will be drilling holes in both the sawed edge of the window sill and the side of the wood that will attach to it. Make sure you drill holes so that the window sill and piece of wood will line up properly.

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Mark potential holes with a pencil and make sure they line up before you begin drilling. Drill the holes big enough for the dowels to fit snugly inside.

Window trim is made to cover gaps and also add decorative appeal. One simple way to choose interior window trim is to match it to the home’s other molding, to ensure a cohesive look.

Wide, beautifully worked trim is the hallmark of Craftsman and Prairie style. Victorian, Colonial, Provencal and English cottage styles are made for fluted trim and rosettes.

The head casing, jambs and sill are often extended, with cornices for added style. If you enjoy finish carpentry and have the right tools, installing window trim can be a satisfying job.

· Begin with kiln-dried wood or high quality precast foam, and measure and cut precisely. An ounce of prevention and a little elbow grease will keep window trim in good shape.

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Dust your window frame, especially the tops of sashes and windowsills, each time you clean. Twice a year (or as needed), clean the trim with soapy water and let it air dry.

In damp rooms like basements and bathrooms, use a dehumidifier or open the windows to allow air to circulate. They’re such a vital part of every kind of modern dwelling that you’ll even see them in most manufactured housing units.

Keeping water away from any structure is the top priority for windowsills and may very well be one of the reasons why dwellings are built in the first place. If your dwelling is not built with wooden frames, then your interior might be lined with drywall.

It might seem a bit extreme to mention chronic illness when discussing windowsills, but it really isn’t. As water drizzles down a dwelling, the upper window sill catches it and directs it away from the structure.

The water will either spill on the side of a window sill or over it, keeping it from seeping through and ruining the interior structure of a build. This could jeopardize the integrity of an installation causing cracks and an leveled structure.

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Builders eventually got smart and started treating the wood to make it last longer, but time usually gets the best of this type of material and a replacement is inevitable. Marble windowsills are also an organic material, but it won’t break down or decay like wood because of how it is made.

Marble is created from an immense amount of heat that’s hot enough to melt limestone and other surrounding minerals. Marble is water and fireproof, and with the proper sealant, it won’t stain.

Another great feature about marble that makes it so decorative is the variety of colors. So we have a good idea of what’s most popular in the market, and our customer service department can recommend the best kind of marble windowsills for your next build.

Where you do have a choice is selecting what kind of window sill to install in your builds. So, for most wooden log cabins external sills would only serve decorative purposes.

Additional insulation of the wooden log cabin increases the wall thickness If you would like to use your wooden log cabin all year round then you might put an additional layer of insulation onto the walls.

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From a more practical view, the window sill provides space to store things. These kinds of windowsill scan easily be made by most people with a little DIY experience with the help of a wooden plate and a couple of metal carriers from the local hardware store.

Embrace the beauty of the season by placing a pine tree branch in a simple wicker basket. “This second-story bay window in San Francisco was the perfect opportunity to bring the outside in with a sculptural assortment of hearty cactus in varying sizes,” Monroe says.

“The abundant natural light made care a breeze and the variety of shapes and textures create a display that feels like living art.” Line your window sill with a few pieces of your favorite fruit, as seen in this vibrant Greek kitchen.

If you have limited square footage but long for a functional office space, try extending your window sill to become a work surface, as seen in this design from Marie Flanagan. “This gives the user a beautiful connection to the outdoors and integrates the architecture of the home into the details of the decor,” Flanagan says.

For interior designer Amy Solar, windowsills are simply mini shelves that present the opportunity to curate accessories that hold meaning for you. A trio of window boxes serve as a focal point in this poolroom by designer Krill Isthmian.

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Add some pizzazz to your window ledge with an assortment of bottle brush Christmas trees. During fall, enhance your window sill with a colorful mix of pumpkins, leaves, and cinnamon sticks.

Keep your favorite tomes on your window sill as a reminder to carve out more time in your day for reading. Let a pair of wooden lanterns set the mood and add charm to your space.

For a standout window sill, showcase statement artwork or family photos. Take in the beauty of nature by displaying small floral arrangements, which can serve as the perfect addition to your decor year-round.

A mini easel is a fun way to play up your creative side and put your imagination to the test. While white lights are a go-to decor choice for the holiday season, their warm glow is fitting all year long.

A plush throw blanket with matching pillows never fail to offer up autumn vibes. Add warmth to your room by placing a collection of candles on your window sill.

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