Can You Apply A Zagg Screen Protector

James Lee
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 19 min read

The Glass Curve won’t adhere properly if you don’t follow this step. Turn off your phone and remove any accessories (case, screen protection, etc.).

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Start with the wet wipe, followed by the microfiber cloth. Pay extra attention to the curved edges since the screen protection will adhere to this area.

Set the EZ Apply Tray on the top of your device and firmly press down to secure it in place. Check the corners to make sure they are secure and properly aligned.

Peel away the clear protective film labeled number 1. Use either of the tabs on your InvisibleShield to slowly lift away the clear protective layer.

Your iPad is an amazing piece of hardware with one giant glass screen. We are very big on making sure our iPads are protected and remain in as pristine condition as is possible.

It's got a lot of going for it, is optically clear (so you don't even know it's there), super resilient, and protects the iPad better than any other screen protector we've ever tested. Now, the one complaint we often hear about the AGG invisibleSHIELD is how stinking hard it is to install.

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Your first step in installing your AGG shield is to set aside about 1 hour of time to do this. Also, the screen protector comes shipped in a rolled up tube (for whatever reason...) which makes it curl up, so we like to leave it under some books for a day to help flatten it out which makes applying and removing it from the paper backing so much easier.

We suggest doing it in your bathroom after you have taken a hot shower to remove any oils from your hands. The steam from the shower will remove any dust or lint in the air, making it the perfect place to install your iPad screen protector. Make sure your hands are washed and free of any oils or grit that could attach to the iPad.

Wipe your iPad down with a good lint free cloth to remove any oils, dust, grit, fingerprints, or other foreign objects from the tablet. It helps to wet the screen protector with the spray as you peel it off to prevent this from happening if you make a mistake.

Next hold the screen protector sticky side up and wet liberally with the spray. Start by laying it down on the top edge and roll it down, carefully checking the alignment as you go.

Make sure you get it perfectly centered since once you start to squeegee the moisture away you won't be able to adjust it anymore. Start in the center and squeegee outwards, using a cloth once you reach the edge to soak up any moisture.

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If you get some microbubbles, peel the invisibleSHIELD up, and squeegee it back down firmly to remove any. So, turn your iPad over, clean the front side again to remove any lint, and repeat the process.

Wetting your fingers first, peeling away the paper backing on the front side, wetting the invisibleSHIELD profusely, and then carefully placing it down on your iPad's screen starting from the top and working down. Squeegee the moisture away starting in the middle and working with outward strokes.

Hopefully this instructable was helpful, and we included all the hard learned tips we have gleaned from years of applying these finicky little guys. You will have an optically clear iPad screen protector that has a handsome orange peel finish which doesn't show fingerprints and prevents almost anything from scratching or damaging your precious new Apple tablet.

Check out ZAGG’s line of wireless chargers, portable batteries, screen protection, phone cases, and more. Soon, a brand-new box with the shield arrived at my house.

I mailed the broken shield back to them in the already addressed, postage paid envelope. All I had to do is apply a bar code sticker to the envelope and write my return address on it.

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Shortly, the button below will turn back to yellow (unless we sell our). Pro Tip: If that works, checkout as fast as toucan.

The glass-like surface with self-healing Nano-Memory Technology promotes vibrant image quality and withstands everyday wear and tear, while the edge-to-edge fit provides shatter protection. This AGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear smartwatch screen protector features EZ Apply tabs for fast, bubble-free installation.

I stopped getting tag screen protectors a couple of years ago because I just didn’t like how it felt on the fingers and it showed the scuffs easy and cases made it come off. I upgraded to the watch series 5, and I decided to get a tag for now until I can get a different screen protector.

It’s a bit smaller than the screen so that cases doesn’t interfere with it. I purchased this on 2/8/20 and today is 3/22/20 and not a single scratch or bubble.

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It’s a stretchy, rubber skin that holds indentations easily. However, what actually happened is that where the two peel off pieces meet (on the sticky side of protector that adheres to your watch) there was an adhesive residue line from the stickers at the midline of the screen protector.

My Apple Watch already has a scratch on it, so I decided to buy this protector to prevent more damage. I would recommend if you don’t want to wear a bumper case around the watch.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend Report Verified Purchase The instructions for applying this screen protector are vague at best.

After finally figuring out which layers to pull back first I was able to get it to adhere to the watch face. Unfortunately there is a really noticeable line that runs down the middle of the protector.

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