Can You Beat Ascension Zombies

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 10 min read

The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet Commodore and all Hell has broken loose. Ascension is the third Zombie map for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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If you’ve called the lander to more than one location, it will fly to one of the three randomly. If you kill them before they steal your perks, you will earn Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola.

Ascension two new Perk-A-Cola machines and two new perks, Stalin Up, and PhD Flopped. PhD Flopped prevents you from taking any fall, explosive or splash damage.

Your weapons will be replaced by mustang and sally but toucan only use it thrice when playing solo. Jiggering 2500 Points Jiggering gives you more health, good for fighting waves of zombies and when playing solo.

Dragon CZ75 (single or dual wield) Commando SPAS-12 AUG (COG) FAMAS Gall L96A1 China Lake Ballistic Knife Crossbow G11 (Low Power Scope) FN FALL HK21 HS10 RPK Ray Gun Thunder gun Matryoshka Doll Ger sch Device Specter After the rocket has taken off, the large door concealing the launch area will open and the Pack-a-Punch Machine will be to the right.

Unlike King her Token and Five, players can stay in the Pack-a-Punch room for as long as they like. 3 # Lunar Lander is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo.

4 # Toucan run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies, or you are done. Shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2 # Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate. Ascension Strategy 3-4 Players Start off by playing the way you do until you get good guns.

If you have the perks and good guns, head on over to the PhD flopped lunar lander and have one person guard the window, and 3/2 people standing beside the lunar lander, guarding the zombies coming from the 2 stairways. If toucan ’t hold the zombies, use lunar lander and escape.

Ascension Strategy 4 Players Get PhD Flopped, and start diving while one player watches the window, similar to previous strategy. There's some helpful stuff in there for sure, but yesterday's release of the “First Strike” DLC map pack -- specifically, the zombie map Ascension contained therein -- is obviously going to demand some new strategies.

I'm still exploring the map and learning what it has to offer, but after a 30-round session last night I've got a few helpful tips to get you started. Once the power has been turned on and someone purchases a perk, these little buggers will start appearing every four rounds.

Fend them off without letting them lay a single, filthy paw on the machines and the last monkey you kill in the round will drop a bonus perk in addition to the usual Max Ammo. Avoid using claymores; they're not damaging enough in the higher rounds and the smoke they throw up when they explode can obscure your vision long enough for a monkey to get past you and jump on the machine.

It keeps the zombies at bay for a shorter amount of time -- still long enough to grab a pick-up or revive a comrade though -- but it's guaranteed re-death for any of horde that gets caught in its grip. Hop on the lander at each location and ride it back to the starting point, preferably at the end of a round when you've got a couple of crawlers roaming around, and then hoof it up to the top floor of the map's main building (where you find the power switch/first mystery box).

That, coupled with the fact that large, open spaces for you to circle and build up a horde in are few, means that this is perhaps the most solo play-unfriendly of the three currently available zombie maps. The best location to run circles in that I've found so far is close to the Stamina machine and the claymores.

RK5 L-CAR 9 KRM-262 Cuba Vesper Shiva HVK-30 KN-44 M8A7 ICR-1 Argus VMP Their Weevil BRM Dingo 48 Dredge Gorgon Locus Dragon SVG-100 Man-O-War 205 Breach Haymaker 12 XM-53 MP-40 STG-44 To access the Power Switch, head towards the center of the map.

Stamina Fire Trap Weapon Wall Buy includes Claymore Note: The bottom section of the map is more complex with additional doors and staircases.

The only other means of transportation within Ascension is through the Lunar Lander system which can take players to various areas around the map. Note: Accessing the Lunar Lander system yourself will cost 250 pints.

To remove the shield, players will need to go through all sections of the Lunar Lander as many times as the rocket screen states. One player's go through the Lunar Lander’s as many times as the screen dictates, players can make their way to the power room and hit the red button which will start the launch sequence and remove the shield.

Being a more complex map, the Mystery Box is a bit hard to track at times. You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.

That's because if someone gets quick revive the monkeys will have to go through the Juggernaut area to get to it, so toucan effectively cover two perks at the top of the stairs. Well, you got that backwards, open the top of start, but open to Jagger from start also (and leave the door above Jagger closed).

Opening the top also gets you to the lander that is best for running around at the quickest. Also, the centrifuge may actually help kill monkeys for you this way.

Then, when you have time, pick them up and flood the Jagger area and QR with them. Since you would never be near/in the start room besides monkey rounds, those claymores will be safe down there.

Solo, basically get qr, jugs and PhD. Kill monkeys with the sickle early, later on use mustang and sally (with PhD) or a ray gun.

Or mix them, I may shoot 2 monkeys with the TG, then stab them each to kill. I am stifling my laughs in school.|PSN: Shinji |If my posts are a wall of text, it's because I'm on my phone.

I am stifling my laughs in school. Total Noob's Guide to Minecraft.www.youtube.com/user/Mooshkabooble. X3 on the monkey beating off GT wicked98snakeI saw a banana in the middle of the road yesterday and I instinctively swerved to miss it.

Why the 'dirty' title when you could have simply asked 'best way to spank the monkeys' in Ascension ? “This article is a stub The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet Commodore and all Hell has broken loose.

Ascension takes place in an abandoned Soviet commodore. Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Babinski, Take Masai, and Edward Richthofen are the characters featured in this map.

The map will include new weapons, such as the Gersh Device and Matryoshka Dolls, and new Perks, Stamina and PhD Flopped. Also, to replace Hellhounds, Space Monkeys make their first appearance, having the ability to take a player's perks.

Upon starting a game, the player/players will hear a voice stating that the “Mechanism must be repaired”. A clue to each step can be heard by a sort of wind blowing sound.

Once acquired, over by PhD Flopped (Widow's Wine is BORIS), outside the map is a sparking generator. Once the generator is teleported, a computer will turn on in the same location under the stairs to a Zombie spawn.

By four different perks, a button will spawn that all four players must press at once at the same time. The buttons spawn at Juggling on the opposite wall, Speed Cola on the opposite side of the room, to the left of Stamina and to the left of PhD Flopped (Widow's Wine in BORIS), respectively.

Failing to click the buttons in time will keep the players from advancing to the next node. Going over to the rocket launch area, one will notice a small clock with a Ballistic Knife blade as one of the hands.

Any player that steps off the platform during this time will restart the countdown timer. The players must now collect letters in the air that spell the word LUNA using the Flanders to acquire them.

Returning to the Dempsey Matryoshka Doll, the players will see a single light on the ground if from of the now completed Kashmir Mechanism. The light on the ground is a trapped Gersh who needs more power in order to be freed.

To listen and find each radio, they must be found in a specific order and play their message. The 1st Radio is stuck between two barriers by the stairs that lead to PhD Flopped (Widow's Wine in BORIS) The 2nd radio is inside a container next to the Dempsey Matryoshka Doll next to a Zombie barrier (to the right when entering the area, to the right of the lander station) The 3rd radio is under the Teddy Bear in the spawn area in between a crate and barrel next to a Zombie barrier on the first floor.

The 6th and final radio is near some rumble next to the Mystery Box spawn by Stamina. The black and white feature remains, however not as effective as the original as some color is still visible just with a rear saturation.

Zombies that duck down, roll over, or steps aside to avoid getting hit is removed. Her Wunderkind is now available outside the spawn room in the second story by the machine gun turret.

The Easter Egg radios around the map that give somewhat of an origin to Gersh, Yuri and the facility now appear in their respective spots rather than them spawning after the previous radio before it is found. The teddy bear paw print on the Moon has been removed.

Add a photo to this gallery The name of this map's Easter egg song is called Abracadabra “, composed by Elena Sherman and Kevin Sherwood. Edward Richthofen appears to have gained a cut on his face and changed his clothes.

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