Can You Beat Zombies In Spaceland

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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At the beginning of Zombies in Space land, the first thing on the agenda is to amass as much in-game cash as possible for purchasing weapons and doors to other areas of the theme park. Eventually, this will stop generating cash, and so it will be time to kill zombies and move on to the next round.

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Stay at the starting area farming zombies for at least three rounds, and then proceed to the center hub of the park. Start completing N3IL's challenges if the mood strikes, but otherwise look to the sky for the magic wheel light, and then proceed there.

When playing solo, another important perk to have is Infinite Warfare's equivalent of Quick Revive. Now called Up N Atoms, it will allow players that are downed in a solo game to come back to life, albeit without any perks that they previously purchased.

The second one can be found in the Star Mission area of the map, near the Tuff Enough machine on the wall next to the bumper cars. With all the power restored to the Zombies in Space land theme park, the next step is unlocking the Pack-A-Punch area.

Reaching the Pack-A-Punch room in Zombies in Space land is a little tricky, but with the power restored to all areas of the 80s sci-fi theme park, most of the legwork is already done. While exploring the park, players will undoubtedly see portal machines in each area, not far from the power generator switches, with a control panel right next to them.

By interacting with these control panels, the portals are activated, and players have a short window where they can use the machine to return to the hub world. At this point, players should be equipped efficiently enough to reach high rounds, as long as they communicate with their teammates.

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Similar to past bosses in other Zombies maps, these brutes require a specific strategy to take down. At that point, players have a short amount of time to shoot the brute in its exposed head before it puts the alien helmet back on.

This Easter Egg requires players to interact with DJ David Hasselhoff, visit the pack-a-punch room, and fight an alien boss. With the preceding tips and tricks in mind, players should have no trouble conquering the Zombies in Space land map for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Dalton covers the latest breaking news for Game Rant, as well as writes reviews, guide content, and more. This page contains information on how to survive the many waves of undead horde attack in the Zombies in Space land mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

While there is no definitive “endpoint” to a session of Zombies in Space land, this page contains a basic introduction to the mode and some important information that will help players succeed in their corpse-slaughtering endeavors. There are various perks, guns, upgrades and items scattered around Space land that will help you both fend off the undead horde and improve your player level.

In the opening few waves of a round of Zombies, focus on earning as much money in the first small area as toucan. Buy another weapon (the M4 is a reliable choice early on), then open the door into the main plaza of the park.

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As the rounds progress, the zombies will not only grow in number, but will also move faster and be more difficult to kill. Farming zombies is a key way to stay alive and earn money, but one wrong move can really put you in a poor spot.

This type of route running is typically useful to the players who like to throw caution to the wind. Honestly, the best way to earn money is by training the undead and getting a big horde of them chasing you.

Save up your cash so toucan purchase things like Tuff 'Enough or open all the teleworkers to enable the Pack-A-Punch machine. The Pack-A-Punch machine improves your weapons and imbues them with special properties (for the low-low-cost of 5000 You must activate the 4 portals around the map.

This many portals can be found per district: 2 in Odyssey into Space, 1 in Kepler System, 1 in Polar Peak. Astrolabe : Head to the arcade room in the Journey Into Space area, then check for power switch on the wall.

If you successfully complete all five of N31L's challenges, David Hasselhoff himself will put his DJ'ING on hold and come help you take on the undead horde! In Zombies in Space land make sure to help out N31L the Robot early on, I suggest in round 2.

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Make first contact and defeat the final alien boss on the Zombies in Space land map with Camera’s Easter egg tutorial, taking you step-by-step through each out-of-this-world challenge. Ever since the final Black Ops 1 DLC, every Zombie's map features a cryptic and crazy-difficult Easter egg quest.

The quest usually involves finding hidden things on the map, completing bizarre objectives, and defeating a unique boss at the end. Your chances of survival solo are low, so it helps to bring online friends that toucan coordinate with to fully complete this super challenging quest.

Note: If you’re new to Zombies in Space land, check out the map kiosk in the Spawn Room. Power Switch Locations: Galaxy Journey: Go through the left door of the ‘Star Mission’ attraction with the giant rocket ship trap at the back of the Galaxy Journey area.

Astrolabe: From the Cosmic Way entrance, find the deactivated portal gateway on the right wall. Continue forward and turn right just past the gateway to find an alcove near a Zombie spawn window.

Kepler System: From the entrance, unlock the left path and go up the stairs to the Moonlight Café. The last power switch is connected to the left exterior wall of the café, right next to the steps.

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Stronger weapons are important, but the Pack-a-Punch Projector Room is filled with secrets. Check all the locations listed below to get the parts you need to continue this Easter egg.

Part #1 : Calculator Location #1: On the yellow bench on the right side of the center of Cosmic Way, right before reaching the Pack-a-Punch portal. Location #2: On a yellow lunch table in the eating area opposite to the Chromosphere trap in the Kepler System.

Part #2: Boombox Location #1: Lower bridge outside spawn, behind the yellow “Proto-Popcorn” cart. Location #2: Found in the underground tunnel’s break room, on the kitchen counter next to the coffee machine.

Part #3: Umbrella Location #1: On the red bench near the slide, to the right of the bridge that leads to Polar Peak. Location #2: In the Polar Peak gift shop, on the cash register counter near the ramp that leads up to the power switch.

Location #3: In Journey into Space, look in the dark corner next to the Star Mission rocket ship trap control panel. You’re going to need it, and you’re going to have to trade it with David Hasselhoff multiple times before the Easter egg is complete.

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To start the Easter egg: Give DJ Hasselhoff the SITCOM parts. If you’ve switched on power and unlocked the Projector Room (Pack-a-Punch), the main Easter egg will begin next scene.

Fountain Near the Crop Trap Journey Into Space Trap near the Entrance Splash Fountain With Colored Life Journey Into Space Rover Rampage Number Car Area Underground Tunnels Break Room / Kitchen Polar Peak Entrance, Near Cosmic Way Bridge Polar Peak Gift Shop SITCOM Defense: After finding a location where the screen vibrates (one of the spots described in the list above), place the SITCOM and prepare to fight.

Interact to give it to him, and wait until after 1 or 2 scenes have passed to continue the Easter egg. After two turns have passed, return to DJ Hasselhoff, and you’ll gain a bunch of speaker items.

Write down the series of lights and repeat it using the matching colored speakers. If you’re playing with others, all the current players will have to interact and confirm the final light.

One Alien Boss will spawn in per player; that’s why it is much easier to complete solo. The Easiest Way to Defeat the Alien Boss: Run in a circuit from the Cosmic Way portal to the Spawn area.

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The indicator on the boss goes from green, to yellow, to red, so you’ll know how much health it has left. Once he’s on the ground and completely down, melee his back to steal one of the Alien Fuses.

From Cosmic Way, look at the back of the large circular Space land sign above the pair of bridges linked Spawn to the Hub. The all five blue lights are shot and turn yellow, a discharge will fly into the sky and smash old Black Ops soldiers and gear to choose from.

NOTE: Don’t shoot the last colored light until the UFO is flying directly above the Pack-a-Punch portal. Once you change the fifth light of the sequence, a killer beam will appear and destroy anything directly above the portal.

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