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Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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Learn More Windowsills Direct uses Dorian®, Hi-Macs®, and other Solid Surface products to make quality Solid Surface applications. Whether you’re replacing one Window Sill, upgrading a room or the whole building, or installing for new construction, you’ll find our service and prices hard to beat.

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We carry discontinued colors at deep discounts. Thank you for all your help and professionalism… This level of service is a lost art.

I greatly appreciate it and look forward to working with you in the future. Found this company on a Google search as I was looking for an item I could not get as a DIY Owner.

I was remodeling a bath and the window sill I needed to be had to be 8 wide. All the tile stores in South Florida only had 6 wide sills at most.

After speaking with a very helpful salesman, I placed.my order and received it in 2 weeks. Available in various lengths and depths, cut to fit your window opening during installation.

You don’t want the latter, especially when you’re building residential homes, commercial properties, or industrial dwellings. For instance, if your company has secured a contract in California, it’s your responsibility to build according to that state’s laws.

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You already have a marble floor distributor that toucan call, so quite naturally, it’s convenient to place the order with them because you already have a working relationship with the supplier. When you find a business that specifically caters to a certain niche, it means that most likely, they’re able to obtain their product for a lesser cost.

Marble-Thresholds.com, a natural stone window sill distributor located in Miami, Florida, has direct access to its own quarry in Turkey as well as 10 other countries. By offering marble windowsills only, we are able to ship more product from overseas at a cost that’s affordable to us and your budget.

Also, at Marble-Thresholds.com, we sell our marble windowsills at wholesale prices that rival most other natural stone distributors. As a building contractor, you want to stock the kind of marble windowsills that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

And while everyone’s tastes varies, it’s still up to you to choose the type of marble window sill that’s not going make buyers run out of the building in disgust or horror. Marble-Thresholds.com supplies building contractors all over the country with our quality natural stone windowsills.

We’ve been in the natural stone distributing business long enough to know what contractors like you prefer. Toucan view our full online inventory of natural stone windowsills here.

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While toucan easily go to your local home improvement store to pick up a generous supply of marble windowsills, it’s smart to keep in mind that you’ll also pay more, because it’s likely that your home improvement store purchased their supply of marble windowsills from a wholesale distributor like us. With Marble-Thresholds.com, you’ll reduce costs even further because we can afford to offer our quality natural stone windowsills at a competitive price to you.

Sill–Rite Premium Sills provide an attractive accent to any home while offering unsurpassed protection. Available in a classic or contemporary style, Sill–Rite windowsills are waterproof and won’t rot, peel, or yellow.

Made of durable vinyl Protects against moisture Easy to install Low Maintenance Attractive The finished ends are fabricated and have a fine seam, similar to traditional fine-crafted wood sills.

Sill–Rite Premium Sills are available in sizes to fit standard window openings. Sill-Rite’s Classic profile provides an attractive traditional appearance.

Premium sills are individually prefabricated to fit typical window openings. The sill should extend 1½ to 3 inches beyond the jambs on each side of the window opening.

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If your window width is not listed, a custom length sill can be ordered. You determine how much the sill extends on either side of the opening (there is no “standard” amount of extension; it’s simply a matter of taste).

NOTE : If you have window casing around your opening, make sure the length of the sill will extend past the trim work. Click here to view a video demonstrating how to install a Premium sill.

Stocking marble, travertine as well as granite windowsills that the client can buy directly, gives you a benefit over your competitors. We are a natural stone flooring as well as devices company that concentrates on marble windowsills as well as limits in the USA.

We offer premade natural stone home window sill and limit products in numerous sizes produced in our very own abroad quarry. Outright Black Granite windowsills to collaborate with dark stone items.

Cream Sahara Martin Home windowsills to collaborate with tan as well as beige tone stone products. Our Warehouse in Miami Florida brings these options in many dimensions as well as are ready for instant shipment when you order.

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The large quantities stored in Miami make it easy to fill even the biggest order. Satisfied customers originate from understanding where to get marble windowsills as well as other products for a job at the best price as well as the very best high quality.

If your task is beautifully collaborated and also expertly mounted, making use of premium products, your clients will be satisfied and more likely to utilize your business in the future. Our stone as well as marble home windowsills, limits and floor ceramic tiles are economical and will make your clients very satisfied.

Though we are a business that produces and markets prefabricated stone as well as marble home windowsills and limits, we fabricate unique orders in our overseas factory. Unique sizes and surfaces are sometimes needed for large jobs or special building styles.

If the job meets minimal order quantities for custom-made work, we will be happy to deal with the engineer or service provider to fill their special needs. As soon as you determine to use Marble-Thresholds.com as your marble window sill and also limit wholesaler, you could order in a number of means.

We are the best distributor for contractors with large tasks requiring marble windowsills or limits. Consider the requirements of a hotel task, a multifamily growth, a hospital or clinical center construction or an industrial building project.

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Whether your project is a new construct or a remodel, toucan save money acquiring in quantity from a wholesaler like us. Large flooring as well as building contractors can purchase marble home windowsills and limits by the container.

Importing straight could take as many as 3 months when you include manufacturing and freight time, yet our storehouses our items in Florida, so we can deliver your huge order rather quickly. If you wish to save money and also get stone as well as marble windowsills and thresholds much faster for customers or business works, consider joining us as a dealership.

Windowsills made from natural marble stone create a powerful image and leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. Hotels and government buildings completed before the mid-20th century usually incorporated the use of marble sills, thresholds, and flooring tiles.

We work with commercial clients who require bulk supplies of interior design products made from natural stone. Cream/beige, off-white with gray streaking, and pure white are the most popular shades of marble used in the manufacturing of natural stone windowsills.

A construction project for a large structure will include the installation of dozens if not hundreds of windowsills. Buying direct from the manufacturer ensures a perfect color match between products, and this also allows the possibility of ordering custom sizes that most distributors do not carry.

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Off-white marble with gray streaking is one of the most commonly seen color shades for windowsills, thresholds, and flooring for commercial buildings. A contractor, installer, or retail merchant can obtain material with patterning and tone that is similar to the marble types mentioned above, but combining style with the correct size, ordering in bulk, and receiving product at any time of year can be difficult.

Stonehenge solves this problem for Miami-area clients because we import and distribute all of our window sill products throughout the calendar year. Our popular Cream Sahara Martin windowsills are the perfect replacement for projects specifying Bursa, Botticcino, and even Italian Cream.

This off-white marble with gray streaking is often referred to as Alabama, Cherokee, Georgia, or Vermont White. It is the marble shade used for exterior columns, and it is equally popular for use as a flooring tile in government buildings, office foyers, and hotels.

Matching windowsill scan be purchased directly from Stonehenge in 37-inch, 56-inch, and 74-inch lengths, and the product is shipped in full-crate loads containing multiples of 50 or 100 pieces. Pure White Thanos is recommended for renovation projects where the desired look is one of cleanliness and contemporary boldness.

Many of the design instructions for both renovation projects and new construction will specify a particular style of marble, the name itself being either generic or trademarked by the original producer. A huge backlog of orders can result, and there is no guarantee that an installer or merchant will be able to procure the required product until months have passed.

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The only way to secure premium-quality marble windowsills at a guaranteed low price is to deal directly with the manufacturer. Remember, Stonehenge is the fabricator, importer, and distributor of all the marble window sill products we carry.

They will either be individually wrapped or stacked tightly together in a crate containing a substantial amount of cushioning material. Chances are good that a construction or renovation project that includes the installation of replacement marble sills will also require the obtaining of matching thresholds, flooring tiles, or countertop blocks.

We guarantee perfect color and style matching between sills, transition saddles, shower curbs, and floor tiles. Merchants who receive order inquiries from contractors often become frustrated when trying to procure marble products that have similar tone or patterning.

Our Miami-based distribution center is always stocked with thousands of sills, thresholds, and tiles ready for immediate repacking and shipping to the customer. Contact us today and find out how much toucan save on luxurious interior windowsills made from the finest quality marble stone.

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