Can You Charge Electric Car With Generator

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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As noted, some might find it ridiculous that anyone can suggest using a portable generator to charge a motor vehicle. These outages can occur and affect you while traveling to a remote area or camping faraway.

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It can be safe and effective, in such circumstances, to charge your car using a generator if you are knowledgeable about how to do it correctly. The first point to note is that you cannot use any kind of generator and expect to charge your car successfully.

Some vehicles like the Tesla can easily tell when the output produced is not pure clean sine wave. This safety mechanism is important because a power surge can be quite damaging to the car.

Remember that, theoretically, all inverter generators offer pure sine wave. The Tesla car, that we are using as an example, will automatically consider this sine wave as dirty energy and, therefore, will fail to charge.

For this reason, always insist on an inverter with pure sine wave effect. You have now determined that you have an inverter generator with stable energy and clean pure sine wave.

While doing these, use the same caveats regarding appropriate sine wave inverter, proper grounding and the right amperage adjustments. You need to know that charging an electric vehicle using a portable generator can be a slow and lengthy affair.

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When driving a vehicle like the Tesla, cited above, this would be a breach of warranty since the manufacturers explicitly warn against charging the car using a generator. If you purchase a generator simply to charge your car, it is likely to have maintenance issues since emergencies do not occur every day.

Apart from being one of the quietest in the market, it has good gas consumption rating and powerful capacity. It has a maximum AC output of 2000w starting and a fuel capacity of 1.06 gallon.

The inbuilt charging system for some cars like the Tesla are capable of sensing that the generator is not properly grounded. Toucan solve such issues by using an adapter plug to bridge the ground and the neutral with resister.

Toucan easily do this using a metal rod driven into the earth and connected appropriately. All factors considered, a portable generator can offer a cheap and reliable means of backup power supply during times of need.

For this reason, it is advisable to carry a generator and a little gas whenever you go out on a road trip or some far away camping expedition. While at home, keep a generator and some gas handy in preparation for the inevitable power outage at some point or the other.

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Definitely, if you make sure to use an inverter generator with a pure sine wave and appropriate means of grounding, you will be able to charge your electric vehicle successfully, without hassle. This is because it offers great pure sine wave, contains a built-in bridge for ground neutralization purposes and is relatively affordable when compared to most of its peers.

Has anybody tried applying a regular home generator with a rectifier for use in DC conversions? Although it is not fully electric, I know my generator can run for 15 hours on 3 gallons of gas to power my whole house in a blackout.

If you'll be recharging constantly, you'd be better off using a small surplus car engine to generate your electricity. I own a '19 VW E-golf and would love to transplant the electric powertrain into an old beetle or possibly a Thing (if I can find one cheap enough).

On this upcoming Saturday, November 9th, a transport truck and trailer will roll into Kinsman, Arizona from Los Angeles, California to pickup our very rare circa 1959-1960 Henna Kilowatt with only 40… Electric car facts and frequently asked questions from the e-mail bag.

For a recent video on the BMW plug-in car, GadgetReview rented a generator at Home Depot, attached the i3's charge cord, and left to see if this improvised method could recover any range. While a small, portable generator may take a while to fully recharge an electriccar's battery pack, this demonstration shows that it is technically possible in a pinch.

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Seeing that the generator could charge the i3, they loaded it into the back of the car to see if it would work as a low-buck range extender. The charge cord was threaded through one of the car's windows, along with a hose to funnel exhaust out of the cabin.

Of course, driving around if a running generator and its unprotected gasoline tank strapped to the cargo floor is inadvisable, but the driver didn't make it that far. The BMW i3's software won't let the car move with the charge cord plugged in, and the gasoline fumes became unbearable almost immediately.

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2021 Porsche TACAN: Base $81,250 RWD version arrives soon The base version of the Porsche TACAN electric car will arrive in spring 2021, effectively about $3,000 above the Tesla Model S. Driving range is TBA. Stephen Einstein January 19, 2021, Kia teases designs for 7 EVs due by 2027 Starting this year, Kia will get both a new design focus and begin delivering the first of seven dedicated electric vehicles to arrive by 2027 and 11 EVs in all by 2025.

It’s also a helpful tool for situations where there isn’t a power supply handy. The Tesla charging system can tell when the output isn’t a clean, pure sine wave, and it won’t let you charge.

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Tesla built in a helpful safety feature by not allowing a charge unless the power is stable. In theory, all inverters will offer a pure sine wave, but in reality, this isn’t always the case.

Generally, inexpensive power inverters will have modified sine wave rather than pure. Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the job site, or much more.

This makes it ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation. Two identical models can be paralleled with an optional cable or cord for up to 4400 watts of power, or time-consuming applications.

To remedy this, you’ll need a special adapter plug that bridges the ground and the neutral with a resister. Toucan also just use some copper wire to connect the ground and the floating neutral.

Once you’ve determined that your generator has adequate grounding and is an inverter that offers the clean and stable energy of a pure sine wave, you need to know exactly how to charge your Tesla with it. Most importantly, always start with the lowest charge rate possible; then, slowly adjust up to 28-30 amps.

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Tesla's will by default try to draw 40A/240V, or 10,000 watts from a NEA 14-50 outlet, so it’s important to adjust the amperage down before trying to plug in the generator. Tesla's are not the only electric vehicles that youcancharge with a portable generator in an emergency situation.

Other EVs like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, for example, can also be charged by a gas-powered generator in a pinch. The same caveats regarding pure sine wave inverter energy, the possible need for grounding, and the amperage adjustments still apply.

In most cases, you should be able to charge the car enough to at least get to a proper power supply in a few hours and on a single tank of gas rather than all day. With the General iQ2000, you should be able to get 12-18 miles worth of power per gallon of gasoline, as demonstrated by Emanate in the video below.

All in all, a portable generator can be a relatively cheap and reliable backup power supply that can provide some serious peace of mind. Put the generator and some gas in the trunk and head out on a road trip or out for some off-grid camping.

Or just keep the generator and some gas on hand at home, so you’re prepared for a power outage. As long as the generator is an inverter that offers a pure sine wave and has some kind of grounding solution, you should be able to charge your Tesla.

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