Can You Charge Ev In Rain

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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This is especially true as EVs gain wider acceptance and public charging stations become a more integral part of everyday driving. To answer this question once and for all, we spoke with Jonathon Ratliff, Nissan North America’s senior manager for zero emission technology development.

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Based at Nissan’s tech center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Ratliff has been dedicated to zero emission vehicles since taking his current role back in 2012. With the Leaf hatchback, Nissan itself was one of the first automaker’s to bring an affordable and mainstream electric vehicle to market.

Jonathon Ratliff says this is a question he’s heard “many, many times” while spending years working on zero emission vehicles. Ratliff says an electric car or truck, such as the Nissan Leaf, has an “IP rating of 67.” Okay, minus any engineers reading this story, we realize we’ve totally lost the crowd at this point.

This could include the smartphone in your pocket, to wall outlets, kitchen appliances and, yes, even the electric car parked in your garage or driveway. Buoys are typically what you get in an 8 rating.” With this in mind, Ratliff offers a simple formula to explain how waterproof the high voltage components of an electric vehicle are using this IP rating.

Ratliff says this could include someone tinkering on an electric car, or accidentally disconnecting vital cables and cords. Ratliff says creating a charging station that meets the IP 67 rating would simply be engineering “overkill” and not necessary.

In other words, unlike gas-fed cars and trucks that will happily let you zoom away with a fuel hose connected to the tank, your EV is smart enough not to let you make the same embarrassing and extremely dangerous mistake. This week, we’re answering a few common questions on how to use EV charging solutions when the sky is gray.

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One common question that commercial charging station companies hear from property managers and prospective EV drivers is this: Canyon drive an electric car in the rain ?” And the second question, Canyon use electric vehicle charging stations when it’s raining outside?” Firstly, electric cars do use batteries, but they are sealed from rain and water intrusion. All Reconnect charging stations are NEA 3R-rated, which means that they are designed to be safely used both in a garage and outside in a surface lot.

Protective layers are incorporated into the design of charging station equipment, preventing any risk of short-circuiting, sparks, and other dangers. As mentioned above, Reconnect commercial charging stations are safe to use in virtually all weather conditions.

Whether your property is in Canada, Florida, Texas, California, or Hawaii’i, drivers can continue to use your charging facilities in hot and cold without interruption. If you are expecting blackouts, power outages, or an evacuation, plan ahead for a charging session.

In cold weather, it’s a good idea to keep your vehicle’s battery within the optimal charging range (between 20% and 80%) to maximize efficiency and take advantage of regenerative braking features. Furthermore, many EVs require a low amount of energy to run car software during sleep mode.

It’s also recommended that you “precondition” your electric car battery on those cold winter mornings while you’re still plugged into a charger. For more information on installing charging stations at your place of business, please contact Reconnect today.

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It’s why we have ground fault circuit breakers near our sinks, to prevent us from getting shocked when we have one hand in soapy water when we reach for a light switch with the other. Many of you will remember the scene in Gold finger when James Bond electrocutes a villain by throwing an electric fan into a bathtub full of water.

Ratliff says the Nissan Leaf has a rating of 67, making it only slightly less susceptible to water intrusion than a nuclear submarine. We have many sensor technologies that can detect isolation, or any basic change in our strict tolerances.

Toucan follow him on Twitter but not on any social media platforms run by evil overlords like Facebook. That prevents any kind of sparks, current loss, water mixing or short circuit.

Indeed, they made charging plugs perfectly safe for every situation of bad weather by folding it off with protective layers. This has made charging in the rain safer and a lot more confident while tackling bad weather.

Most probably, some people think that electric vehicles are not the safest riding option because they are not reliable for bad weather conditions like snow and rain. But these concerns before arising in the minds of the public, are routed out by automotive engineers while making electric vehicles a reality.

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Therefore, before being sold out, electric vehicles are thoroughly tested and verified to their claim that they are the safest option irrespective of the weather conditions. Engineers have built electrical systems and vehicles, as a whole, keeping in mind the usability while raining or washing.

People are even coming out of these myths and feeling trustworthy by choosing electric vehicles as their riding options. In contrast to this electrocution phenomenon, gasoline cars suffer fires or short circuit dilemmas more often.

There are cases being reported until today about catching fire by a gasoline or diesel tank due to a spark or short circuit. Charging plugs show no current and no electricity signs until it is not fully and accurately installed.

These are the facts that outlay the claim that electric vehicles are one of the safest options to charge, and cruise through the roads irrespective of the weather conditions and routing out every fear and misconception. Perhaps you’re thinking back to your science class, or maybe any warning really, telling you that it’s never a good idea to mix water and electricity.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about hair dryers and curling irons falling into bathtubs and the like. Let’s take a look at why people are under the impression that rain and their electric cars don’t mix.

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We’ll quell those worries by letting you know what electric car manufacturers are doing to keep you safe. The reason we even have to discuss this question is that the global transportation sector is becoming increasingly electrified.

Where they were initially something only the uber-affluent could afford (the original Tesla Roadster was $109,000), the price has been consistently dropping. In fact, they are approaching a time when their prices will match, or even beat, internal combustion-powered cars.

The fact that they’re cheaper to operate combined with their dropping prices makes them an attractive alternative for those interested in buying a new car. A big factor leading to the cheaper price tags are the batteries found in EVs.

In fact, just Tesla vehicles alone have saved more than 3,575,973 tons of CO2 emissions (at the time of writing). Let’s provide some calming reassurance to everyone who’s worried about the possible consequences of charging an electric car in the rain.

These fears probably originated in our early teenage years, during the science classes that alerted us to the dangerous combination that is electricity and water. This means that these impurities act as stepping stones, allowing electrons to move from one atom to the next.

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This means that if we happen to touch water that is carrying electricity, it’ll be passed to us, and we could suffer a shock. Electrical equipment is made up of several components, meaning that they’re especially prone to damage and resulting problems.

The idea that it isn’t safe to charge your car in the rain is joined by many other types of misinformation that, once evaluated, are just as ridiculous. Even with the cost of charging, electric vehicles are cheaper than internal combustion cars.

Public charging stations and networks are being developed around the world meaning that you’ll be able to make it further with your electric car. The same people who thought that electric cars couldn’t be driven in the rain also reported that they’d be too scared to take them through a car wash. Suffice it to say that this is just a myth and exposing your electric vehicle to water won’t result in electrocution.

Now that we’ve contemplated the absurdity behind some common electric vehicle myths, we can now get into things that actually should be considered when you charge your car. You may be one of the electric car owners thinking of using a domestic extension to charge from your home mains supply.

If you purchased your Tesla Model 3 or Nissan Leaf with an aim to reduce your personal carbon footprint, there’s a way you can make your transportation a little more ‘green.’ The charging station is typically powered by mixed sources of energy and if it’s including any renewable energy, it’s best to charge when that power is generated.

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