Can You Charge Iphone 12 With Old Charger

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Where some people claim that the old wireless charger is compatible with the MagSafe charge function, others simply have no clue. Moreover, there are no earphones or cases, so you’ll need to purchase them at an extra cost too.

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While the new MagSafe Charger is compatible with the new series only, it can also work with the older generation iPhones that have the wireless charging feature. If you have the older Wireless Charger, that too will work without any trouble with the iPhone12 series.

While you may be looking for aftermarket chargers online, it is important that you select the best which is safe and compliant with the power values as well. This product on number 1 of our list comes from the house of ESR and is 20% smaller than the iPhone PD charger.

The secure prongs keep your charger from falling out of its place. This Halo lock Magnetic Wireless Charger is made exclusively for the iPhone12 series.

Comprising a heat-dissipating metal frame and a suite of safety measures that helps keep your iPhone cool during the charging process. The heat-dissipating metal frame and a suite of built-in safety measures help keep your iPhone12 cool and safe while it is charging.

The slim and compact design will make for an ideal addition to your night lamp. The brand ESR is trusted worldwide for providing accessories that cater to the devices of the Apple family.

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The Final Word While you may be apprehensive about using the old charger with your new Apple iPhone12 series, we hope this article answered all your queries regarding the same. I love reading, learning new things, and taking on new challenges.

I love to spark conversations and make new connections, there's always something to learn! Toucan use any charger from any previous iPhone, iPad or even recent MacBook.

Youcan even use chargers for other brands of phones like Samsung Galaxy devices. Any USB charger you have from a previous device is likely to work fine.

The removal of the charger and headphones was done for environmental reasons, and mostly because at this point in time its incredibly unlikely you do not have another charger from a previous device toucan use with it or other headphones. Agreed I have charger and will use however earphones should have been included rather than one year free TV subscription, good tactic to boost sale of Apple TV.

Probably join hands with apple, recycle it and reduce carbon footprint! Sadly, Apple decided not to include a power adopter with the iPhone12.

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So we have a few options to get your iPhone12 charged till you get a power adopter or wireless charger for it: While the options we listed are temporarily solutions and may not be suitable for you, you may consider buying a power adopter or a wireless charger for it.

I personally bought the Welkin 3 in 1 wireless charger for my iPhone12 Pro. It made charging very easy as I don’t have to plug in my phone always.

I would honestly recommend getting the Welkin 3 in 1 wireless charger as I have no regrets in getting one for myself. Apple did the unthinkable with its new iPhone12 : It stopped including a charging brick in the box.

It's supposedly better for the environment, but that's no real consolation when your phone dies, and you don't have a compatible charging brick to resurrect it. In other words, the part that connects to your phone is the same as always, but the other end won't plug into your old USB charging brick.

It's time to find a new solution, unless you feel like using the same brick and cable combination you've always used. Anyway, Apple's questionable business decision at least gives iPhone12 owners an opportunity to introduce USB-C and wireless charging into their lives before one (or both) becomes a full-time standard.

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The easiest, cheapest, and most straightforward solution to this problem Apple arbitrarily created is to just buy a USB-C charging brick. That is, a little piece of plastic that you plug into a power outlet with a USB-C port for that special Lightning to USB-C cable you got with your new iPhone12.

There's nothing fancy about it, but we're talking about charging a phone, not launching a Space Shuttle. If you're inclined to get a little more advanced, however, brands like Anger and Aura produce third-party charging bricks that come with multiple ports.

This one from Aura has both USB-C and old USB ports on it for $46, making it compatible with any Lightning cable you own. Naturally, a portable charger with a big mAh measurement will last longer and likely even come with multiple charging ports.

Once again, Anger and Aura will provide decent options at inoffensive prices. Anger's Overcome Slim has 10,000mAh of juice along with both USB-C and regular USB ports for $30.

But if you're willing to spend some money and rearrange some cables, a USB-C power strip tower could change your life. They look a little ridiculous, but it's a great way to make sure all of your devices go to the same place for easy management.

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To coincide with the launch of the iPhone12, Apple brought back the “MagSafe” branding that was previously used for MacBook chargers before those went to USB-C. MagSafe lives again, this time as a means of providing fast wireless charging for the iPhone12 because Airpower never reached the finish line. If you get an iPhone12 and wireless charging tickles your fancy, it probably wouldn't hurt to check out the official MagSafe charger from Apple.

Our friends at CMA have an excellent roundup of great third-party wireless chargers, many of which are significantly less expensive than MagSafe. For instance, Anger sells a basic wireless charging mat for $11.95.

This $20 option from Sophie is also appealing for those with tight budgets and a need to just set the phone down for a while. But as was expected, Apple is stripping away accessories it had long included: The Nearpod headphones and AC power adapter are both gone.

(Yes, iPhone12 models still have Lightning ports, but the other side of the cable now has USB-C.) USB-C is basically better all-around than squared off USB-A connections: it's smaller, it can 't be plugged in upside-down, it gives faster charging speeds and compatibility with recent Apple (and Windows) PCs. The vast majority of folks still have drawers full of chargers with those old -fashioned rectangular USB-A ports.

The bad news: If you want to make the leap into the USB-C era, you're still going to have to spend a bit of money. The iPhone12 specs pages note that the phones should juice up “to 50% charge in 30 minutes” when used with a 20-watt or higher USB-C adapter.

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We have a full list of solid chargers we can recommend, and toucan add one to your Amazon cart for less than $10. I would seek out a model that has both a USB-C and USB-A port, and packs a bit more wattage -- that will let you charge pretty much any gadget smaller than a laptop.

This Aura model, for instance, has enough juice to power up your iPhone or Nintendo Switch alongside a pair of wireless headphones. The problem is that all those new MagSafe accessories (from Apple and, soon, third-party manufacturers) are pricey, starting at $39 and heading northward from there.

They'll be limited to half of the 15-watt charging capacity of MagSafe, but if you're just leaving your phone by the nightstand or desk, that won't matter. Your current wireless charger will work just fine, but if you're in the market for a new one, this Anger model has served me well for months: The standing models like this avoid the “missing the target” problem of the flat wireless chargers.

I've also invested in some USB-equipped power strips over the years, which obviates the need for wall warts altogether. John Falcon/Cities, at Apple's scale, including one of these tiny widgets in every box would be the carbon equivalent of a zillion cars traveling 50 miles a day (or something like that).

There are plenty of other no-name dongles on Amazon, but I can personally recommend the model linked below and shown above, having used it to charge for months with no issues. Discover the latest news and best reviews in smartphones and carriers from CNET's mobile experts.

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Luckily, we answered most of those in our iPhone12 5W vs 18W vs 20W vs MagSafe charging speed test article, but there is now more proof that you don't need to be the person splurging for something you have at home. Thus, even using Apple's most powerful chargers won't result in charging the iPhone12 faster than the good of' 18W brick in the iPhone 11 Pro series boxes.

It recorded the voltage and current, and the 18W, 20W, and even 65W Apple chargers, delivered speeds a bit above the 1 hour and 40 minutes mark, something we can also attest to. If you have an oldie 12W iPad adapter, that would work too, but prepare to wait quite a bit more, while the Apple's most widespread 5W charger will be a teaching experience in patience, as it takes more than 3 hours to top up the iPhone12 and 12 Pro.

Getting Aura's Romania 20W charger, however, makes more sense, as not only is it cheaper than Apple's 20W piece, but is also much more compact to carry around or fit in the outlet among all of your other gadget's adapters.

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