Can You Charge Oculus Quest While Using It

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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This is not recommended for the Oculus Go, because the Go only has a passive cooling solution (the front is a giant heat sink). In the Quest's case, there is a fan cooling system, so it will not overheat if you play on it while charging.

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In fact, the extended charging cable provided with the Quest is designed to let you easily play with it plugged in. This will essentially give you a VR setup similar to regular CVR, in that you will have to manage a cable draped along your floor while you play.

Toucan carry this around in your pocket and just run a cable to your headset. That way, your cable will not stretch across the floor, and you will more-or-less have the same wireless VR experience.

The Anger Overcome 10000 holds plenty of power to extend your VR session quite a bit. Stay Powered One difficulty of mobile VR is keeping the device charged if you have particularly long sessions.

We've picked the best Oculus Quest multiplayer games of all types and genres to match your preferences. The OculusQuest’s biggest advantage is that it’s a mobile headset, allowing you to play cord-free and untethered room scale experiences wherever you like.

However, this means the Quest runs off a limited internal battery and will require charging in-between long play sessions. Using the cable that comes included with your Oculus Quest is the best option if you’re looking for a quick solution, and you don’t want to spend any additional money.

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The cable included with the Quest is quite lengthy, likely with the intention of it being an option for playing and charging at the same time (but despite its length, it does not meet the requirements for Oculus Link). Simply plug the included cable into the Quest and wall outlet as usual, and continue playing.

If you do use the included cable, we recommend finding a way to secure it to the back of your Quest head strap. This will allow it to flow neatly down your back and make cable management much easier.

If your computer or another device has a USB-C port, toucan plug your Quest into that to chargewhileyou play as well, instead of using the wall outlet. When your Oculus Quest runs out of the battery, you may be tempted to connect a charging cable and continue to play.

Even if you don’t walk or run around inside the virtual boundary, surely you dodge, duck, lean, and look around when you play VR games. In the worst-case scenario, you trip over something and pull the cable violently, and the impact is strong enough to break the charging port in just one-time accident.

Built-in magnets connect two pieces together and allow charging or transfer data. The adapter supports max current efficiency of 20V / 5A, and the right-angle design makes a good fit to the headset.

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Connecting a portable battery pack to the headset won’t sacrifice the main feature of Oculus Quest, which is untethered and wireless VR experience. Toucan put a battery pack in your pocket or tie it on the head strap to make it perfectly wireless.

Although a cable and a battery pack stay with you and the headset, there is always a chance of dropping or falling out of your pocket. Magnetic adapters protect the port from damaging in such accidents.

Oculus There are a few best practices toucan follow to maximize the battery life of your Oculus Quest 2 or Quest which are outlined below. If you're looking for a way to extend the amount of play time toucan get with your Quest 2, check out the Elite Strap With Battery accessory.

To maximize the life of your internal battery, we recommend that you fully power-down, or turn off, the device when it's not in use, rather than just putting it to sleep. Learn more about the difference between turning your headset off vs putting it to sleep.

If you aren’t planning to use your headset after charging, power it off after unplugging. When your headset is in sleep mode, power will still drain from the device, although much more slowly than when it’s in use.

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Toucan wake it back up by placing the headset on your head. When your headset is turned off, much less power will be drained than if it were in sleep mode.

When the Elite Strap battery is plugged into your Quest 2, the LED on your headset will turn on for 5 seconds. If both batteries are fully charged, the LED will turn green.

If the Elite Strap is providing a charge to the headset, the LED will turn orange. It will remain red until the combined battery level goes back above 10%, or the headset is turned off.

In the Quest’s case, there is a fan cooling system, so it will not overheat if you play with it while charging. In fact, the extended charging cable provided with the Quest is designed to let you easily play with it plugged in.

The first and cheapest, since it uses equipment you will already have, is to use the included charging cable and wall wart. Toucan carry this around in your pocket and just run a cable to your headset.

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That way, your cable will not stretch across the floor, and you will more-or-less have the same wireless VR experience. The Anger Overcome 10000 holds plenty of power to extend your VR session quite a bit.

With this, you don’t have to break your immersion by stopping to charge the Quest. The charger they give you with it only outputs at 2.0 amps and will only charge when the unit is off/sleep.

Toucan purchase a portable phone charger with 20000 Ma @ 3amps, and it works great. The Oculus Quest has a two and a half hour battery life when it’s fully charged.

Oculus will provide you with a 2.5 m long USB-C cable for charging. The only downside to charging the OculusQuestwhileusing it is that you’ll be limited in movement, but the good news is that the cable is quite long (2.5 m) so you’ll still have a lot of free space.

We recommend going for the Top mate Power Bank battery pack: The headset has an in-built battery that charges using a USB-C cable like a cellphone.

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20-30 hours, although if you experience a much shorter life span, then it’s probably something keeping your controllers awake, or waking them up. Do not try to replace them yourself as built-in batteries require specialized knowledge, and you’ll void your warranty or damage your headset by trying to do so.

Yet the medium has failed to take off in the mainstream due largely to its high cost of entry, complicated setup process and cumbersome wire tethering. It represents the start of a new era, and if you’ve been on the fence about VR, the Quest may just push you over the edge.

At the standalone price of $399.99, the Quest is a full room-scale VR experience without the need for a PC, and no sensors to place around the room. You simply put the Quest on your head and, within seconds, toucan be ready to explore VR worlds.

It offers the same freedom of movement as the most expensive PC-dependent headsets, without the burden of wires attached to your head. Oculus has achieved this feat by cramming everything needed to power a VR experience right into the headset.

It analyzes the view from these cameras to build a map of the surrounding environment, and uses this data to convert your motions into the VR world. When you put on the headset, it automatically detects your presence and turns on to greet you with a view of your surroundings via a pass-through camera feed.

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The headset keeps tabs on your hands using sensors positioned on the outer ring of the controllers. They can even track the positions of your fingers on the buttons to enhance the illusion of hand presence, although not every game uses this effectively.

Oculus headset owners will be familiar with the dashboard, which has a full-featured friends and party system, screenshot and video capture options, and even the option to cast your view to a paired smartphone via the Oculus companion app (for spectators to enjoy). TV and video apps are also available, including a VR theater room to view Netflix or other streaming services.

Sure, it lacks the raw processing grunt available to the PC-tethered headsets, but that’s a minor compromise when you consider what the Quest offers in return: an immersive, intuitive, high-end VR experience that can be enjoyed anywhere in the house almost instantly. Our editors strive to ensure that the information in this article is accurate as of the date published, but please keep in mind that offers can change.

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