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Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians used such things to encourage enlightenment and healing. Knowing how to care and charge crystals and stones while they are in your possession is crucial so that you will be able to make the most out of them.

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As mentioned, if you take care of them, crystals and stones can be very advantageous in improving and enhancing various aspects of life. Charging crystals and stones will help in preventing the development of negative energies.

Another reason why you should charge your stones and crystals is that they are only carrying limited energies. But the moment they dug up, such crystals and stones will lose their capability to charge on their own using the energies of the earth.

Today, there are many types of magical techniques and in fact, most of them can give rituals and spells fitted toward these purposes. For instance, if you want your crystals and stones to possess the prowess to cure, then write it down.

Since you want to use them for healing, toucan say “full of light, strong, and clear, may these crystals and stones boost my might”. To do this, simply speak the spell out loud while you’re holding the crystals and stones.

In addition to that, toucan perform the spell with a small ceremony like lighting candles and putting them on an altar or other special surfaces. For this method, all you need to do is to leave your crystals and stones under the sun for a maximum of 7 hours.

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On the other hand, toucan make use of a small piece of quartz and then use them to surround the crystals and stones you wish to recharge in circles. Nevertheless, this method is beneficial for white, gray, red, orange, and yellow crystals and stones.

A lot of people were surprised when they found out that they can charge their crystals and stones using fire. Likewise, flames and smoke may evoke spiritual feelings that can be a great help in charging crystals and stones.

All you need to do is simply pass the stone or crystal over a candle flame or smoke for thirty seconds. In the 100ml bottle, add seven drops of essential oil of any type, detergent, and crystals and stones.

If you want to take advantage of the earth’s energy when charging your crystals and stones, toucan bury them in the soil or place them in the garden. Directing a person’s own energy to the object can denote to act of picturing your spirit, QI, chi, prank, and aura entering the crystals and stones.

When it comes to water energy for your stones and crystals can be accessed by placing them in the seawater that has lots of sea salt for about seven hours. When using this method, you need to be careful since salt is coarse and may damage crystals and stones that consist of softer properties.

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Like when charging your crystals and stones with solar power, ensure that they’re only exposed to moonlight. Prayers, focused meditation, chanting, and visualizing your ideas are the best things that toucan do to direct intentions and thoughts on a stone or crystal.

As a piece of advice, close your eyes and imagine that the crystals or stones are filling with light. Toucan also pray for the stones and crystals to become charged with the power to cure.

Toucan pray to earth, God, and whatever you have faith in is the controlling force in your life. Bells, singing bowls, humming, chanting, and other sounds have been said to cleanse and charge objects, places, and even people.

However, if you don’t have such a bowl, toucan simply hold the crystal or stone in front of your mouth and sing loudly or hum. Make sure that the cloth is big to accommodate all the stones and crystals you want to charge.

Place all the stones and crystals on top of the cloth and concentrate on connecting with the positive and powerful energies of the universe. Whichever method you choose to charge your crystals and stones remember to set your intents.

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Crystals and stones have been used for healing purposes for many, many years. Even if crystals and stones can only survive physically for a certain period of time, their energies will simply live on.

As a result, negative, stagnant, stale, or harmful energies can replace them. Crystals and stones need to be charged because the energy that they carry is not unlimited.

All crystals and stones will benefit from the power of the sun. How long you put your crystals and stones under the sun will depend on you.

If you leave them out too long, and they get cleansed or charged by moonlight, the energy will also change. As long as you have access to a small patch of natural earth, this should be a very easy way to clear and restore the energy of your stones.

The glass container does not need to be fully buried, just deep enough to keep the crystals and stones covered. Water energy for your crystals and stones can be accessed by putting them in seawater with lots of sea salt for approximately seven hours.

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Some crystals and stones that can benefit the most from water are Turquoise, Soda lite, Polite, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Azure, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura, Amazon ite, and Agate. Toucan leave the crystals and stones inside a glass bottle and put them in the sea, stream, lake, or other unpolluted bodies of water.

Fire is classically seen as such a destructive force, that it can be easy to overlook its energizing, inspiring and nurturing properties. Some crystals and stones that will benefit from fire energy include Mahogany Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Mutilated Quartz, Jasper, BJI Stone, Agate, and Blood stone.

Toucan make use of smoke or fire to cleanse your crystals and charge your stones. This method can be over in just a matter of seconds and done over a candle flame.

Toucan also smudge your stones using sage sticks, cedar, sandalwood, or pale Santa. Simply pass your crystal or stone through the smoke for about half a minute.

Apart from the stone that you wish to cleanse and charge, you will also need essential oils of your choice, a 100-ml bottle, a small spray bottle, unscented baby oil, and some colorless detergent. Leave the bottle somewhere safe and peaceful for about seven hours.

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Once you have transferred the oil, add distilled, filtered, or boiled water. Every crystal or stone possesses its own metaphysical characteristics and pulsates to its own vibration.

It’s important that you take care of your crystal sands stones so that they will continue to help you with your energy work. When you charge crystals and stones, you need to state your intentions.

If you choose to do any of the cleansing and charging methods listed here, make sure that you clearly state your intentions, emotions, thoughts, and vibrations to the universe. Crystals hold powerful, healing vibrations which toucan used to help ease worries, bring luck, stimulate chakras, enhance your intuition and more.

Crystals and stones have long been used in healing rituals because of their ability to vibrate on an extremely pure level. Each crystal holds its own geometric pattern which mimics those found in our body and in nature.

Sunlight or Moonlight: Crystals can be charged using the rays of the sun or moon as they are both very energizing. Place your crystal in the direct line of moon or sunlight for 24 hours.

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Toucan place other crystals on top of these cleansing stones for 24 hours or until their energy is purified. This is particularly beneficial for green, white, orange, yellow or pink colored stones.

This is particularly beneficial for earthy stones that are dark such as black, green, brown, deep reds and grass. Sound/Reiki: Reiki or sound bowls can also help charge crystals with positive energy.

Simply practice Reiki over your crystal or create a sound bath using singing bowls or gongs. Whichever way you decide to charge your crystals remember to set your intention and open your mind and heart to receiving their healing vibration.

If you have an intention in mind, set it before you walk into the store or alternatively, ask to be guided to the perfect crystal for you. At the same time, quartz can be charged or charmed (what many people refer to as “programming”) to work according to a specific intention, or to channel any kind of energy you wish.

It could be something you want to attract, manifest, repel, release, or it could also be a specific energy like grounding, healing, revitalizing, or soothing. Now shift your quartz to your dominant hand and visualize your intention again, this time connecting with it emotionally and fueling it with your desire.

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