Can You Charge Quest 2 While Playing

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 8 min read

The charger they give you with it only outputs at 2 .0 amps and will only charge when the unit is off/sleep. Toucan purchase a portable phone charger with 20000 Ma @ 3amps, and it works great.

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Custom-built gaming desktop; i9 9900k (water cooled) OC to 5ghz, GTX 1080 ti, 32 GB 3000hz ram, 1 tb SSD, 4 tb HDD. Asus DOG Maximus xi hero Wi-Fi MB, Started 4 port/4 controller SATA powered usb3.0 PCIE card, PCI-E PCI Express to USB 3.1 Gen 2 card, Asus VG248QE 1080p 144hz gaming monitor, Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors, Five Pro w/ 2 .0 base stations/Index controllers, Quest 1 w/Link and VD wireless (good/close 5Ghz Wi-Fi and PC with Ethernet cable to my Router).

Did a bit of investigative work on the USB-C port on my PC (Asus B450M-Plus Gaming) and a MacBook Pro charger, and putting a type C charging meter in line. The MacBook Pro charger is a whole other beast and is showing the Quest2 as capable of one of the faster charging standards (edit: QC 2 .0 according to the device).

Will steam games take up space on device? The Oculus Quest’s biggest advantage is that it’s a mobile headset, allowing you to play cord-free and untethered room scale experiences wherever you like.

However, this means the Quest runs off a limited internal battery and will require charging in-between long play sessions. Using the cable that comes included with your Oculus Quest is the best option if you’re looking for a quick solution, and you don’t want to spend any additional money.

The cable included with the Quest is quite lengthy, likely with the intention of it being an option for playing and charging at the same time (but despite its length, it does not meet the requirements for Oculus Link). Simply plug the included cable into the Quest and wall outlet as usual, and continue playing.

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If you do use the included cable, we recommend finding a way to secure it to the back of your Quest head strap. This will allow it to flow neatly down your back and make cable management much easier.

If your computer or another device has a USB-C port, toucan plug your Quest into that to chargewhileyou play as well, instead of using the wall outlet. If you're looking for a way to extend the amount of play time toucan get with your Quest2, check out the Elite Strap With Battery accessory.

To maximize the life of your internal battery, we recommend that you fully power-down, or turn off, the device when it's not in use, rather than just putting it to sleep. This is especially important if you'll be traveling with your Quest2 or Quest, or carrying it in a bag or a case.

Leaving your Quest2 or Quest on the charger after it has been fully charged can reduce the overall battery life over time. If you aren’t planning to use your headset after charging, power it off after unplugging.

Please note, if you’re having trouble getting your Quest2 or Quest charger to fit correctly in a wall outlet, you may need to adjust the position of the grounding pin. When your headset is in sleep mode, power will still drain from the device, although much more slowly than when it’s in use.

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Toucan wake it back up by placing the headset on your head. When the Elite Strap battery is plugged into your Quest 2, the LED on your headset will turn on for 5 seconds.

If both batteries are fully charged, the LED will turn green. If the Elite Strap is providing a charge to the headset, the LED will turn orange.

It will remain red until the combined battery level goes back above 10%, or the headset is turned off. This is not recommended for the Oculus Go, because the Go only has a passive cooling solution (the front is a giant heat sink).

In the Quest's case, there is a fan cooling system, so it will not overheat if you play on it while charging. In fact, the extended charging cable provided with the Quest is designed to let you easily play with it plugged in.

This will essentially give you a VR setup similar to regular CVR, in that you will have to manage a cable draped along your floor while you play. That way, your cable will not stretch across the floor, and you will more-or-less have the same wireless VR experience.

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Either method will keep your Oculus Quest charged and ready to play. The Anger Overcome 10000 holds plenty of power to extend your VR session quite a bit.

Meet up with multiplayer Your favorite multiplayer VR experience won't be the same as someone else's: do you prefer making friends with strangers, dueling random enemies, meeting up virtually with friends you already know, or bonding with people physically in the room with you ? We've picked the best Oculus Quest multiplayer games of all types and genres to match your preferences.

The headset offers a premium virtual reality experience, comparable to that of PC-tethered VR devices, without needing to be tethered to a PC. I found that the battery life of the Quest is a slight improvement over the Oculus Go.

Like the Oculus Go, the Quest also has an internal battery that is rechargeable, but this time through an external USB-C port. 2 -3 hours may seem like not enough time for serious gamers, but it is impressive for a headset that handles all the processing power itself.

Alternatively, toucan just hold down the power button on the front of the headset for 5 seconds to do a hard shutdown. The second method of checking would be to click the power button to achieve the same result as putting your finger in front of the proximity sensor.

This was more of an issue with the Oculus Go, since the Go’s head strap is made of an elastic material that would often lay on top of and activate the proximity sensor when the device is put down, draining the battery even further. Luckily, the Quest's head strap is made of a more rigid, rubbery material that stays out the way of the sensor when the headset is put down.

Just make sure that nothing else will get in the way of the sensor when the headset is not in use, and you will have one less thing causing unnecessary drainage of battery. Closing Games/Apps Before Putting it in Standby Mode If your Oculus Quest is running a program such as a game that uses a good amount of processing power to run, it will eat up your battery more quickly than if you were doing something less extensive such as watching a video.

Make sure that if you are running a game that you suspect is utilizing a lot of processing power, to quit it before putting the device in standby mode. Leaving it in standby mode while the app continues to run is likely to drain your battery.

To do this, simply click the Oculus button while running an app, and an option to Quit or Resume will prompt. This will take you back to whichever main menu you accessed the app from initially.

Otherwise, if the time interval was changed to a greater value, the device would remain active for longer when it is put down, draining the battery even further when not in use. Next to it, you'll see options to change the amount of time your headset will stay on before it goes to sleep after inactivity.

Set your Oculus Quest to go to sleep after 15 seconds of inactivity by clicking on the drop-down menu using your controllers. Putting one of these external batteries in your pocket or using a waist clip is the best way to minimize restriction and maximize usage time.

Feedback from Oculus Support states that all normal USB-C Chargers are supported for Oculus Quest, and they advise to not use any quick chargers because the built-in battery is not developed for any quick charging solutions. As long as your power source can supply a stable 5 volts 2 .4 amps rate youcancharge AND play your Quest at the same time.

Assuming that resolution/quality is the same for both formats with the same screen brightness on the same device, watching anything locally will use up less battery. Just think about it, your Wi-Fi modem isn't running at full power, you're not using extra application processes in streaming the content from the cloud, and CPU throttling is generally more aggressive as fewer resources are being consumed.

If you use an Xbox One controller for your Quest, which takes 2 AA batteries to run, this charger works for it as well. Granted, you have to buy the batteries separately, but they are worth the investment in the long run.

Games like Beat Saber being cast to a TV can take over a room and create an energetic party atmosphere. Thanks to a recent update, the Oculus Quest can cast to a wide range of devices, including the Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast 3rd Generation.

Select your Oculus Quest (any supported devices will show up on this list). Once you've connected, the Oculus Quest will cast to your TV through your Chromecast device.

There are some apps that block casting, but several big titles like Beat Saber support it. Once your Oculus Quest is running version 10.0 or later, toucan initiate casting directly from the headset.

Being able to cast to a device directly from the headset is a nice addition. You simply select “This Phone” instead of any other device as a casting target.

Make sure that your phone and your Oculus Quest are on the same wireless network before starting this process. Select your Oculus Quest (any supported devices will show up on this list).

The fourth generation of the Google Chromecast is a huge upgrade over its predecessors thanks to the new Google TV interface, 4K support, and a well-designed remote for an impressively low price. This device is a bit older, but can show your Oculus Quest's display on your TV and can also handle a wide range of media casting.

Here are our recommendations for the best lens cleaners to keep your Oculus Quest clean and clear. Stay Powered One difficulty of mobile VR is keeping the device charged if you have particularly long sessions.

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