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Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 11 min read

Better oral health, made simpleGuide a lifetime of good habits with Electric Brushes, Refillable Floss, Gum, and more for the whole family. So we strive to bring delight to your daily routine and help you guide good habits from morning refresh to bedtime brushing.

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Shop for one-time refills, or subscribe to get fresh brush heads, floss, gum, and paste delivered every 3 months ($5 each). The first subscription Electric Toothbrush, Refillable Floss, & Anticavity Toothpaste, and Gum Accepted by the ADA.

Over 5 million mouths and counting Previous didn’t realize I was brushing the wrong way and not long enough! It all seemed too good to be true, too easy to be useful, too perfect to be real, but it is all of those things.

I didn’t realize I was brushing the wrong way and not long enough! It all seemed too good to be true, too easy to be useful, too perfect to be real, but it is all of those things.

I didn’t realize I was brushing the wrong way and not long enough! It all seemed too good to be true, too easy to be useful, too perfect to be real, but it is all of those things.

NextRefresh your routineCustomize smart and standard sets (for adults and kids!) The MouthoffBrush up on all the latest oral health chatter on our blog, which features friendly tips and fresh advice from our monthly newsletter.

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Quip combines the low cost, light weight, and simplicity of a manual brush with the guiding features and fresh feel of an electric. Positives we share with many electrics are soft nylon bristles, sensitive vibrations, 2-minute built-in timer, and 30-second pulses.

Improvements we made are a longer 3-month battery life, better value (from $25), affordable brush heads (delivered for $5), and a lifetime warranty on a refill plan. We also ditched the extra modes, wires, and clunky chargers you don’t need to make quip perfect for every day, everywhere.

Dartboard quip is powered by the same regular or rechargeable batteries as other electric brushes (AAA in our case). The difference with quip is its removable AAA battery that lasts for over 3 months.

Other electrics with locked-in batteries may force you to keep a useless brush even if they stop working, or simply add expense with a separate charging stand. But remember, the efficacy of your toothbrush isn’t defined by power itself, but by how well you follow a proper brushing routine.

If you don't absolutely love your quip, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. In the case of manufacturing issues, we'll supply you with a new quip upon inspection of your faulty one (reviewed remotely).

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Brushes not associated with subscriptions are covered for one year after their initial purchase. 3 month refill plan deliveries ship for free internationally, while starter set orders with subscription plans ship for free in the contiguous United States (3-7 business days) and Canada (4-8 business days).

International shipping on starter sets is $15 and takes an estimated 15 business days. Philips Sonic are and Braun Oral-B might well be the leading brands in the electric toothbrush market, but in recent years there has been a rapid emergence of new companies offering similar products with potential benefits for you and me.

Their big differentiator to the likes of Oral-B and Sonic are is that these brushes are sold on a subscription model Think of them like the Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify of the electric toothbrush market.

I know you might be short of time and want simple answers to help make your purchasing decision. Whilst I try to remain as unbiased as possible I have ultimately given my opinion on which brush is best for each circumstance.

Please note: Impartial, I do try to be, but these answers are inevitably led to some extent by personal opinion. I do genuinely believe at the time of writing Toby, is best suited to most people, but the design, size and innovative portability of Quip is extremely appealing.

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Prices tend to remain fairly stable, although it is always worth seeing if there are any discount codes to be had. If you want to learn more about each individual electric toothbrush, toucan do so by checking out my hands on reviews.

I have spent several weeks testing each brush, using them on a daily basis and share my thoughts and opinions, including lots of hands-on images in a written and video review. Thankfully, Toby, Quip, and Burst keep things a lot more simple.

Each has just one electric toothbrush to choose from, although all three brands do offer these brushes in different materials and colors. If you are not already aware Toby, Quip and Burst oral care are all centered around a subscription model, whereby you pay a higher fee for the brush handle and then pay a lower fee for replacement brush heads at predetermined intervals.

I have actively chosen not to do a detailed comparison of the plans as it can get very complicated, particularly when you start including accessories, brush head replacement frequency and personal circumstances. In truth, there is generally only ever a small price difference and for most is not going to be a make or break factor.

If you need assistance I am happy to help, but prices change, personal circumstances and budgets for each individual are different, so I would rather give personalized suggestions based on your circumstances and the pricing at that time you are making your decision. Personal opinion, experience, need and wants all come into play, making giving a precise answer more difficult.

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The reality is there are different driving factors for us all in the decisions we make from quality to budget, to need and wants. I wish now to explain each answer with detailed reason so that Toucan make YOUR OWN conclusions with some facts and data to support.

Whilst to my knowledge no clinical studies have been conducted as yet comparing these three models, I felt that the cleaning action provided by Toby was better than that of Quip and Burst. Toby do not claim that their cleaning action is the same as Oral-B, but it is very similar to its oscillating brush head movement.

Although not easy to make a direct comparison, Oral-B clinically outperforms the sonic cleaning action that Sonic are brushes offer and seeing as Burst and Quip follow the Sonic are brushing approach, I think there is merit to this argument that Toby cleans better. Quips offer just one cleaning mode where the bristles move at 15,000 strokes per minute.

Burst is most closely aligned to Sonic are brushes that typically offer 31,000 strokes per minute. Quip is half the power, and it feels very weak in comparison to all other electric brushes.

In fact, when using Quip, you are advised to perform short brush strokes manually, in addition to the sonic cleaning action that is taking place. Normal electric toothbrushes don’t require this same level of manual movement.

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Existing or previous electric toothbrush users will find it under powered, whilst those who have only ever used manual brushes will gain benefit, but probably still be surprised that the cleaning action is not stronger. Quip is the only one to have the American Dental Association seal of acceptance, which is a bit of a bonus, but I think this acceptance requires quite some investment to put the product through the qualifying process, something Toby and Burst have unlikely been prepared to fund at this stage.

Shorter, but thicker than the nylon bristles they are designed to be gentle on the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. When brushing I experienced a stabbing sensation at the gum line from the bristles which are cut at varying heights.

In addition, the bristles are infused with charcoal, which is, in my opinion, a bit of a ‘fad’ at the moment within the oral healthcare industry. Activated charcoal has chemical properties that may help people whiten their teeth and this is used as a sales pitch by many.

Whilst each brush ultimately looks very similar to what you might expect of a toothbrush, they are all individual in their own way. Sadly neither Toby nor Quip will stand upright on a countertop like Burst will.

Both Toby and Burst work better for those who may struggle to grip onto a brush, Quip is very thin and lacks on places to grip onto, but for the vast majority, I believe Quip is the nice brush to handle particularly in the premium metal finish. It is a plastic tube that acts as a travel case and a wall mount for the brush.

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It can be removed, stuck to a flat surface like a mirror or tiled wall and then turns into a mount into which the brush can sit when not in use. Oral-B and Sonic are have a number of brushes that have lots of different features and whilst I cannot knock them for offering such, few if any are really needed for the vast majority of people.

Extra features can certainly add to the experience and work towards helping your oral health, but a dental professional will advise at the core, brushing twice a day with the correct technique is going to get you a lot further than all the extra ‘features’ a brush may offer. In all honesty, the difference between these modes is minimal, and I see little clinical benefit for them, but they exist nonetheless.

The documentation that comes with a Burst toothbrush suggests that the brush has a pressure sensor built in, which I think is very valuable. All three models have the 2-minute timer and quad pacer which I feel is essential for any good electric toothbrush.

This travel case is better than both Toby and Quip as it holds the handle and up to 2 brush heads. Burst also offers colored bands to fit round brush heads as well as spare/replacement power adapters and believe it or not, t-shirts.

Quip includes a travel case in the package, but toucan buy this as a spare/replacement online as well as purchasing a manual toothbrush and toothpaste in different tube sizes. Quip and Toby come supplied with the travel case which is anything is the most important accessory for the vast majority.

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Whilst the Quip toothbrush might be the better one to take if you are in the middle of a jungle and away from power for several weeks, it offers this benefit at the expense of the cleaning action in my opinion. It is worth noting at this stage both Toby and Burst have a charging stand that has a USB cable attached.

Toby has a brush head replacement reminder system built into the toothbrush. Whilst it does not track the use of the brush head quite like Philips Sonic are do with their Brushing enabled toothbrushes the reminder is very useful.

This is very important for your dental health as a worn brush head can be causing more damage than good. A high five to Toby for implementing such, but praise must go out to Quip also for their innovative take on toothbrush holder and travel case.

The one plastic sleeve doubles up as a protective barrier to the brush handle and bristles when in a bag but also acts as a convenient storage option when in use, placing it away from the countertop but oriented, so it can dry out. The multipurpose element to it is great and the thin semi-sticky pad that runs down the plastic tube sticks to most flat surfaces with ease, even though on first examination you may think it won’t.

Even though Quip and Toby offer metal construction in places, large parts are still plastic. I think metal feels more robust and premium, but some like the warmer touch of plastic.

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Burst tends to have a Matt color finish, whereas Toby is a little more shiny, which I am not such a fan of. Quip is much more minimal and there are fewer square edges which I think gives the perception of better quality to the touch, but plastic is more resilient and the contouring on the Burst handle and the rubber grip on the edge of Toby can make them feel more drippy, robust and stronger to the touch.

With all brands, toucan buy additional heads as one of the purchases or on subscription for other family members. This means that if each user has their own brush head, it is easier to differentiate between them than it would be with Toby and Quip that do not offer such colored identification rings.

Another really silly little design element on Quip means the brush head on its own does not stand upright whereas it would with Toby and Burst. Whilst Quip may not, in my opinion, offer the best clean overall, there is no denying that it will win the hearts of travelers.

The travel case that slides over the brush head and handle is pure genius as it doubles up as a wall mount when you reach your destination. The mount does not lose its adhesiveness all that easily, so it can be removed and remounted without issue in many locations as you move from one destination to another.

Whilst both come with USB 2 pin adapters, both do support global voltages of 100-240v which is handy, should you travel. All companies seem very approachable and are much younger and dynamic than the large multinational corporations that are Sonic are and Oral-B.

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Toby, Quip, and Burst all feel like you are dealing with humans rather than an outsourced process which can be the case with the larger brands. I believe that the twelve categories I have used to judge Toby, Quip, and Burst, covers most instances and considerations you may have.

If the information provided has not helped you or you need further clarification or assistance, just ask by commenting below or contacting me. Toby and Burst offer a money-back guarantee/trial period, whereby toucan get a full refund if you are not happy.

All three brushes are designed to resist water and can safely be rinsed under the tap, toucan in most cases use them in the shower also. All three brushes have a 2-minute timer and quad pacer built in, which I see as extremely important factors when selecting an electric toothbrush.

Ultimately, none of these brushes are bad and all, when used correctly, could have beneficial effects on your dental health.

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