Can You Charge Switch With Any Usb C

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 8 min read

From our own testing, it appears the Switch will recharge from a power source that can output as little as 5 volts at fractions of an amp (such as 400mA/0.4 A), but charging will be slow. The ideal output for Standby charging from commonly available USB adapters (like those you’d find at a convenience store) is around 5 volts and 2 amps.

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It will say something like “Output: 5V/1A,” which means it can provide a maximum of 5 volts at 1 amp of current, or 5 watts of power. Nintendo technical details of how each Switch model receives power and charges in different modes go far beyond what most people need to know.

If you’re interested in digging deeper, though, or want an optimum way to charge the Switch while playing, someone on Reddit made a complex chart that explores the various options. It’s not as portable as grabbing a USB cable and hoping for a good power supply on the run.

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On Monday, a cheap cord purchased from Amazon destroyed all his testing equipment, including his computer. According to Lung’s Google Plus page, the “Subject 3M USB 3.1 Type C to Standard Type A” cord was unbelievably poorly made, with some necessary wires soldered incorrectly, and other wires missing.

While the Subject cable is the most destructive one Lung’s tested, it isn’t the only cord capable of damaging your devices. Lung found that cords that were Type- C to Type-A were failing to regulate their power draw appropriately.

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There have been no confirmed reports of quality charger damaging a Switch console. And why there are concerns with safely charging a Nintendo Switch in the first place.

Listed wall chargers and power banks on this site are considered safe to use with the Nintendo Switch and other devices. Toucan also check out my reviews which dig deeper into their safety.

Nintendo’s position on using third party chargers varies across their different regions. Their universal message is that unlicensed accessories are not guaranteed by Nintendo.

As said when Nintendo of America released this statement during the third party dock bricking scare: Unlicensed products and accessories do not undergo Nintendo’s testing and evaluation process.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (parent company, covers East Asia) has a support Q&A for Japan and Hong Kong. Nintendo recommends using the cable included with the Pro Controller and Joy-Con Charging Grip.

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It also maintains USB specifications and a standards' compliance program. To gain certification a product must pass their USB -IF Compliance Program.

USB -IF certification is a strong indicator of a good product. In some cases, certification is forgone to support extra standards.

These are even members of the USB -IF who ignore certification, such as Apple and HP. Most of the bad cables were found and pulled before the Switch’s release.

Most of any you find today can safely charge the Nintendo Switch. The cable included with the Pro Controller, Joy-Con Charging Grip, and Poke Ball Plus have the resistor.

At the time of his post, those types of chargers tended to use split PDO. For the end-user, their device starts charging immediately, without signs of delay.

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For the device, it and the charger work out the best power profile to use safely. In another post, Nathan sees similar behavior with a handheld Switch.

Nathan borrowed his test Switch and has not revisited his work. To date, there have been no confirmed issues reported between a Switch and a power bank.

The ideal way for high output chargers to negotiate is to advertise up to 60W when a device is connected. Then re-advertise (split PDO) its full capabilities once it verifies the cable’s marker.

This behavior has caused reports of forcing a restart of the Switch. Other high output chargers can approach this issue in other ways.

Mine Esther are three types of people on Games...those that agree with me, those that are wrong, and those that are insane I will use my phone charger in a pinch, but I try not to make it a regular thing.

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Not all standard USB charging block can put out 5 volts at a high current. If you want to charge a Switch fast you'll want to use the charger it came with. My User code for Super Mario Maker 2 QRB-14L-N6G Check my levels if you Dare.

Canyou use the poke ball plus cable to charge your switch using a power bank? There are countless videos on YouTube talking about power banks, USB cords and such.

You are pretty safe using most power banks as long as you use an official Nintendo USB cord. The one that comes with the charging grip, poke ball plus, and pro controller, are all official Nintendo cords.

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