Can You Defeat Wiggler

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 11 min read

Wiggler gets POW increases right away, and his attacks seem to basically one-hit my guys. I know the hints say to stun Wiggler so toucan hit Game, and to watch Game's attacks so toucan bounce them back to hit Wiggler, but I don't seem to even get far enough to use these hints to figure out, say, how to stun Wiggler, etc.

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Ash Ash41.7k7171 gold badges234234 silver badges380380 bronze badges If one of the regular brothers falls, it's a pain trying to dodge with the other supporting.

Paper Mario will never have to support a fallen ally and his ability to clone makes for easier survival. Watch normal Mario and as close to the last second as you can get, dodge with all 3 characters, keeping the buttons held, so Paper Mario floats up enough to clear it.

Another pretty annoying attack is when wiggler stands tall and begins chasing one character. Let that character run until you are within hammer range of the mole.

Quickly hit it then keep running until the shy guy starts from the left. The last attack I remember is when Paper Mario is used as a boomerang with wiggler chasing toward the screen on a ball.

I always assumed toward the side of the ball closer to the middle so if it moves you'll still hit. Don't be afraid to use your battle cards when you can and flip over ones that aren't helping you, so new ones can replace them.

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Also, brother and trio attacks are great for high damage. It's much easier to focus on one character when dodging, and I find Paper Mario tends to do a better job at surviving a hit, what with his copy ability.

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The Polluted Piranha is the first boss you'll encounter in Super Mario Sunshine. First, spray the mound of orange and pink sludge to make the Polluted Piranha emerge.

Find the Polluted Piranha again by jumping into the Bianca Hills portal, located at the base of the Delphine Plaza Statue. When you jump in, select Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill Shine.

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Get up close and spray it in the mouth with water, making sure to avoid the wandering Swooping' Stu's. Episode 2 of Bianca Hills marks Peter Piranha, his first appearance in a Nintendo game.

Head to the statue in the middle of Delphine Plaza and jump into Episode 2 of Bianca Hills. Talk to him or use him as a bounce pad and jump onto the platform on the windmill turbine.

The roof collapses, sending both Mario and Peter crashing into the windmill. Fill Peter to the point of bursting, and he'll fall on his back, exhausted and full of water.

Jump on his stomach and ground pound his belly button to do damage. After collecting three Shines, the next time you enter Delphine Plaza, you'll find that once again a Polluted Piranha has made its home on top of a structure, burying it underneath its filth.

Head into the portal that leads to Rico Harbor and start the first episode. Whichever way you take, once you're on the same level as the Blooper, head over to the crates and give his loose tentacle a pull.

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Spray the Cooper Blooper's face with water to make it swing its tentacles at you. Toucan stomp his tentacles to disable them temporarily, and then rush to the cork in his mouth.

Toucan follow the ropes to the top of the hill that Peter Piranha has covered in goo, or toucan follow the white wall until you reach the gray Nozzle Box and jump, using your Hover Nozzle to give yourself enough of a boost to get over. Once you're on top, follow the path to a broken fence, and you'll spot Peter Piranha, sleeping on an inaccessible platform.

Floating nearby are translucent balloon creatures called Points. This time Peter Piranha is airborne, and a normal spray of water won't bring him down.

Then wait for him to open his mouth, fill it with water, and ground pound his gut. They don't hurt Mario, but they send him flying and give Peter a chance to escape again.

Use the Rocket Nozzle and shoot up to the helipad, where Mario will grab onto the grating. Make your way to one of the exposed panels and flip up to the top to begin the battle.

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Once you've collected 5 Shines, the next time you visit Delphine Plaza, you'll be greeted to a cut scene of a huge pile of goo where the Lighthouse used to be. Head to the Northeast corner of town, and you'll engage the pile of goo by spraying it with water.

Spray him in his mouth every chance you get, and you should make quick work of this gross fiend. Enter the portal on the lighthouse that was buried underneath the last Polluted Piranha to access Gelato Beach.

At the end of Episode 2, you'll forcibly wake a napping Wiggler using a couple of reflective panels. Jump into the cannon in the northwest corner of town to head to Penna Park.

After the cutscene, a Loki, impressed by how exciting everything is, offers Mario a ride on the coaster to continue the show. On the track, you'll collect rockets that FLUID can use to shoot at Mecca Bowler.

Ride the cannon in the northwest corner of Delphine Plaza and blast to Penna Park, selecting Episode 2 this time. The park is closed due to the crazy mole in the cannon on the beach.

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When you collect the number of Shines, a mysterious rainbow appears near the Dolphin Fountain by the canal in the center of town. If Mario stands in the center of the rainbow and looks at the sun, you will be sent to Loki Bay.

Loki Bay has been poisoned thanks to Monty Mole corking the waterfall. He's positioned at the top of a cliff, shooting balls of colorful goop down the hill we need to climb.

Jump onto one end of the scale and shoot water into the jug hanging across to pull yourself up. Continue climbing up the side of the cliff, using FLUID's Hover Nozzle and some careful platforming to avoid the gaps and the incoming projectiles.

Continue to dodge the projectiles and climb, stopping at a creek of fresh water to refill FLUID's tank. Monty is stationed on top of the giant cork that is plugging up the waterfall.

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins Source: NintendoMovies @ YouTube Head to Loki Bay through the rainbow near the dolphin fountain and start episode 2.

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Start by jumping across the poison water, using FLUID to avoid the fish bouncing between platforms, and speak to the Loki fisherman, who will tell you about an ancient Loki King buried nearby. He tells Mario that spraying the magic paintings on the wall will reveal a path.

Follow the path to the end, and you'll find your old friend, Cooper Blooper. Cooper Blooper is more aggressive this time around but fights the same way it has the past two rounds.

Remove his arms, dodge the smaller bloopers, and spray his face until toucan pull the cork out of his mouth. Once you've completed Episode 4 of Penna Park, return to Delphine Plaza to be greeted by Shadow Mario holding a Joshi Egg.

Chase him down and spray him for his crimes against humanity, and then feed Joshi the fruit that he's thinking about. Now, jump on top of the building with the giant pineapple lodged in a pipe and use Joshi to clear it out.

When you enter the beach, approach the mayor at the highest point of the stage. Blast Phantasmata with water, and it will start to break into smaller mantas.

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Once the mantas have broken apart to their smallest form, they turn pink and begin attacking you directly. Take the rainbow at the dolphin statue back to Loki Bay and start episode 4.

The episode begins with a Loki telling you that his Grandpa is waiting for Mario at the top of the waterfall. Take the rope shortcut back to the cliff you climbed when you were battling Monty Mole earlier.

He'll explain that the waterfall has cleared a way into the bay and that the poison is coming from an eel underneath. Once you're underwater, you'll be greeted by four glowing lights coming from the depths of the bay.

Shoot his plaque ridden teeth with FLUID's stream of water to clean them. If you find yourself getting low, swim to the sides, and collect Gold Coins to replenish your health and oxygen.

Dodge the poisonous bubbles coming from Rely's mouth and clean every tooth until it's satisfied. Find the purple piece and ground pound it to be brought down into King Boo's lair.

Big question marks : An assortment of random enemies appear. Once you've completed the Shadow Mario episode in every world, you will be able to reach Corona Mountain, the final stage.

Navigating Corona Mountain is straightforward but littered with instant KO's, so tread carefully. Make strategic use of FLUID's Hover Nozzle and dodge the spikes on the platform.

Time your jumps to avoid the spike platforms, as they will kill you in one hit if you touch them. Use the sprinkler to replenish FLUID's water tank and break the crate nearby to net another 1-Up Mushroom.

Spray FLUID to the right to make the boat turn left and vice versa. Once you get past the pillars in the lava, ditch the boat and hop onto solid ground.

Run around the tub and rocket blast over the marks and coming crashing down with a super ground pound. Find your balance on the edge and destroy Bowler's tub to beat the game.

Defeating all the bosses in Super Mario Sunshine should be as easy as a stroll down the beach. The game is full of difficult platforming challenges, so be sure to practice your jumps and dives before heading out to collect all 120 Shines.

With higher resolutions and presented in widescreen, there's no better way to play these 3D Mario classics than on your Nintendo Switch. TV+ A new report says Aaron Edgerton will star in a new Apple TV+ series called 'In with the Devil' alongside Paul Walter Mauser.

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