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Note : There is no recommendation for pregnant women or people with pre-existing medical conditions to get special permission or written consent from their doctor or health care professional for influenza (flu) vaccination if they get vaccinated at a worksite clinic, pharmacy or other location outside their physician’s office. A common flu symptom is fever, which may be associated with neural tube defects and other adverse outcomes for a developing baby.

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Vaccination has been shown to reduce the risk of flu-associated acute respiratory infection in pregnant women by up to one-half. Flu shots have been given to millions of pregnant women over many years with a good safety record.

There is a large body of scientific studies that supports the safety of flu vaccine in pregnant women and their babies. Multiple studies have shown that women who have gotten flu shots during pregnancy have not had a higher risk for spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

One of the largest and strongest studies external icon was conducted in CDC’s Vaccine Safety Data link (VSD) project. However, the study had several limitations, including small sample size which could have led to imprecise results.

A person with severe (life-threatening) allergy to any vaccine component, including egg protein, should not get the shot, even if she is pregnant. People with egg allergies can receive any licensed, recommended age-appropriate influenza vaccine (IIT, RIV4, or LAIV4) that is otherwise appropriate.

People who have a history of severe egg allergy (those who have had any symptom other than hives after exposure to egg) should be vaccinated in a medical setting, supervised by a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic reactions. CDC and FDA conduct ongoing safety monitoring of vaccines licensed for use in the United States.

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Several studies conducted by CDC and partners support the safety of the flu vaccine for pregnant women and their babies. Review of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VEERS) (Moro et al., 2011 external icon, Moro et al., 2011 external icon, Moro et al., 2017 external icon) found no evidence to suggest a link between pregnancy complications or adverse fetal outcomes among pregnant women and flu shots.

The study found no differences between the two groups in the rates of premature delivery or small for gestational age infants. A large August 2017 study using VSD data external icon found that the babies of women who received the flu shot during their first trimester had no increased risk of having children with major birth defects.

There are many options for pregnant women to receive the flu shot, including a health care provider’s office, at work, a store, or a supermarket. All these places give flu vaccines that are licensed and approved for use in the United States.

Studies have shown the small amount of chimerical in vaccines does not cause harm. When you find out you’re pregnant, one of the best things volcano is start prenatal care -- a series of routine visits with your doctor or a certified nurse midwife to check on the health of you and your baby.

Toucan ask questions about what to expect, and you’ll get advice on how to best care for yourself. Your doctor will also look for any problems, so toucan catch and treat them as early as possible.

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During one of these routine visits, your doctor will ask if you want to check for Down syndrome. A blood test looks for what doctors call “markers,” meaning proteins, hormones, or other substances that could be a sign of Down syndrome.

Ultrasound looks at the fluid in an area of the baby’s neck called the “nuclei fold.” If the fluid level is higher than normal, it could be a sign of Down syndrome. Then, during weeks 15-22, you get another blood test called the “quad screen.” It looks for four different markers that could be signs of Down syndrome.

Toucan get this test starting at 10 weeks, but it’s mainly used for women who are more likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. These types of tests look at the baby’s chromosomes to check for Down syndrome.

Amniocentesis (“amino”) tests a sample of amniotic fluid, which surrounds your baby in the womb. Your doctor gets the sample by placing a needle through your belly.

Continued Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) tests cells from the placenta, which passes nutrients from mother to baby. Your doctor gets the cells either through your cervix or with a needle through your belly.

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It can be done at 10 to 12 weeks -- earlier than toucan get an amino -- but has a slightly higher chance of causing a miscarriage or other problems. Cordocentesis, also called “percutaneous umbilical blood sampling,” or PUBS, is done at 18 to 22 weeks.

This procedure has about a 1.4% to 1.9% chance of miscarriage, more than the other tests, so it’s only done if the others don’t give clear results. If you need help understanding the results, you might want to talk to a genetic counselor.

They’re highly trained in genetic conditions, as well as helping people talk through challenging issues. They can speak to you about risks, walk through possible results, and help you figure out which tests might make the most sense for you.

Consuming any alcoholic beverage, whether it’s beer, wine, or hard liquor, is at the top of the list of what not to dowhilepregnant. If you drink alcohol while pregnant, it can cross the placenta and affect the developing fetus.

The National Academy of Medicine makes recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy based on your prepregnancy body mass index (BMI): It’s recommended to limit caffeine intake to less than 300 milligrams per day, as many researchers believe that higher amounts can negatively affect the fetus and contribute to pregnancy health problems such as miscarriage and low birth weight.

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Low-to-moderate caffeine intake in pregnancy does not appear to be associated with any adverse effects, so if you find it difficult to give up coffee while pregnant, just be sure to monitor how much you ingest. Lifting heavy objects, such as furniture, moving boxes, or other bulky, hefty items, is an important entry on the list of things toucan ’t dowhilepregnant.

Pulled muscles Bleeding due to abrupt placenta Preterm labor Hernias Here are some examples of meds that you should not use during pregnancy: warfarin, ibuprofen, codeine, primaquine, chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin, and levofloxacin.

If you have a cat, designate cleaning the litter box to your partner or another person whileyou’re expecting, as dirty litter boxes can put you and your baby at risk for toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by Toxoplasma Gandhi, which are parasites found in infected cat feces and undercooked meat. Anything that involves bouncing, leaping, jumping, or suddenly changing direction is also not recommended during pregnancy.

Anything that involves bouncing, leaping, jumping, or suddenly changing direction is not recommended during pregnancy. Contact sports may cause placental abrupt ion, which is the premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.

When you steer clear of the activities and substances on this list, toucan help ensure that both you and your baby stay healthy whileyou’re expecting. High blood pressure and pregnancy isn't necessarily a dangerous combination.

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In other cases, high blood pressure develops during pregnancy. Women with gestational hypertension have high blood pressure that develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

But because high blood pressure usually doesn't have symptoms, it might be hard to determine when it began. This condition occurs in women with chronic hypertension before pregnancy who develop worsening high blood pressure and protein in the urine or other blood pressure related complications during pregnancy.

If the placenta doesn't get enough blood, your baby might receive less oxygen and fewer nutrients. Prematurity can lead to breathing problems, increased risk of infection and other complications for the baby.

Preeclampsia increases your risk of this condition in which the placenta separates from the inner wall of your uterus before delivery. Poorly controlled hypertension can result in injury to your brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other major organs.

Sometimes an early delivery is needed to prevent potentially life-threatening complications when you have high blood pressure during pregnancy. Having preeclampsia might increase your risk of future heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease.

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Your risk of future cardiovascular disease is higher if you've had preeclampsia more than once, or you've had a premature birth due to having high blood pressure during pregnancy. Monitoring your blood pressure is an important part of prenatal care.

If you have chronic hypertension, your health care provider will consider these categories for blood pressure measurements: More severe hypertension, stage 2 hypertension is a systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg or higher or a diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg or higher.

But they also occur in many normal pregnancies, so weight gain and swelling aren't considered reliable signs of preeclampsia. Some blood pressure medications are considered safe to use during pregnancy, but angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers and renin inhibitors are generally avoided during pregnancy.

High blood pressure puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke and other major complications. If you have high blood pressure, schedule a preconception appointment with the health care provider who'll handle your pregnancy.

Also meet with other members of your health care team, such as your family doctor or cardiologist. They'll evaluate how well you're managing your high blood pressure and consider treatment changes you might need to make before pregnancy.

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If you're overweight, your health care provider might recommend losing the excess pounds before you try to conceive. Your health care provider might also recommend monitoring your baby's daily movements.

Your health care provider will prescribe the safest medication at the most appropriate dose. Follow your health care provider's recommendations for physical activity.

Researchers continue to study ways to prevent preeclampsia, but so far, no clear strategies have emerged. If you had a hypertensive disorder in a prior pregnancy, your doctor might recommend a daily low-dose aspirin (81 milligrams) beginning late in your first trimester.

Your health care provider might suggest inducing labor before your due date to avoid complications. The timing of your induction is based both on how well-controlled your blood pressure is, whether you have end-stage organ damage, and whether your baby has complications, such as intrauterine growth restriction due to your hypertension.

If you have preeclampsia with severe features, you might be given medication during labor to help prevent seizures. Breast-feeding is encouraged for most women who have high blood pressure, even those who take medication.

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